Disappointment of the Year

  • Hey Allies

    It's getting to that time of the year that we will soon be celebrating the best games of 2020 that have kept us all sane in these trying times. Not all games a created equally though. Did you have any games you were personally looking forward to that let you down?

    Personally I decided not to play Cyberpunk I'll count that as a 2021 game and form my opinion then so I'll not choose that even though it probably deserves to be there. My one would be Marvels Avengers. I expected nothing and got less. Two of the most talented AAA Dev teams in gaming were reduced to making a half hearted Gas due to their corporate overlords. Worse even still I seen moments of brilliance in that game that makes it even more frustrating.

  • Watch Dogs: Legion

    1. This franchise really needs to find some sort of consistent tone, The first was dark and gritty, the second was bright and colorful, the third is like....bland, just bland.
    2. As awesome as the "play as anyone " idea sounds, it's execution is, boring, dull and repetitive and honestly they probably would have been better off just copying GTA5 and having like 3-4 characters to play as with different styles of gameplay they specialize in.
    3. London just isn't as interesting of a location as I was hoping for, like every street kinda blends in together

  • Vampire The Masquerade 2 delay and general news (or lack thereof) surrounding its production.

    I actually have a lot of faith in the game. The original is a classic in my eyes and everything discussed and shown for this sequel is working for me, but you can't be firing the lead writer and series creator without even telling him why. I don't necessarily believe him. I feel like something nefarious happened behind the scenes to be honest but I can't substantiate that.

  • My selection for this category is a game that I enjoyed enough but I found that its design made the game way more annoying than it had any right to be along with a dearth of character and a story that hides in the background and resorts to ho-hum cliches. The game I'm talking about is Ghostrunner. The slick wall-running and assassinating is really cool but everything else is underwhelming and half-baked.

  • The Last of Us Part II but everyone is sick of hearing takes about that and already know the reasons, so I'll say...
    Pixeljunk Eden 2. Even though there's some arcade fun to be had with the tweaks to 1's structure and controls, it just overall felt like way more shallow of an experience. It is the kind of game that feels like it should've been posed as a subtitle spinoff rather than a sequel.

    If we're being more broad with the concept, I still enjoyed the heck out of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, but how much they bungled the whole caravaning together aspect, among many other things, really threw a big heavy wet blanket over my enjoyment of it that I found quite hard to escape from. People already want to not like the game for various reasons, so it really didn't need all that on top of those, and the whole thing just made it impossible to recommend the game to others, even though I want more people to fall in love with that game.

    Honorable Mention Disappointments: Animal Crossing New Horizons not getting the Updates I wanted, Nintendo abandoning Super Mario Maker 2, Ubisoft (nuff said), Ghost of Tsushima (but it is fine, because Sekiro exists), Paper Mario moving even further away from the traditional Partner Based Battle System, Genshin Impact's Atrocious Gacha Rates (VS the otherwise fantastic game it is), Super Mario 3D All Stars missing Galaxy 2, everything around Halo Infinite, Age of Calamity's Framerate, Bugsnax's Story going exactly where you'd expect it to, and no Controller Revisions released for either the Joycon or the Switch Pro Controller while everyone is dealing with Drift Issues

  • @mbun

    I basically love 99% of the output of Q-Games going back to Pixel Junk Racers back when my mind was blown away that you could download video games, but Eden was always the dark horse of their catalogue for me.

    A) It came at a time when my dumb teenaged brain needed a bit more stimulation, and B) Something was always a bit "off" with the gameplay for me. I'm kinda surprised they gave it a sequel, but tbh I hadn't even heard of it until you brought it up. I might look into it just because I love Pixel Junk, but at the same time, maybe I should give the original Eden a better chance.

  • No disappointing 2020 games for me yet! It's been a great year for me gaming-wise, had a couple of games that blew away my expectations. I was only disappointed with what happened in the games industry and community: the Covid pandemic leading to every cool event being cancelled/reduced to online only, the crunch culture that is still going strong in big studios, Naughty Dog devs getting death threats during the TLOU Part II controversy, various gaming communities having so many accusations of bad stuff, Cyberpunk 2077's whole deal, etc.

  • Banned

    I generally don't play games during their release year. Only game I think I've played from 2020 has been TLOU2 and that was absolutely incredible.

    I guess Genshin and Fall Guys count. I've enjoyed both though...

  • The state Cyberpunk released. Was expecting Witcher 3 levels of jank but not a clearly unfinished game.

    Ghost of Tsushima Don't know why exactly but I just couldn't get into it. Just not what I wanted from this game I think, nothing specifically wrong with it. And I didn't hate it, just found it underwhelming.

    2020 was pretty solid

  • Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely not the worst game I finished in 2020, but this should have been an easy top 10 game for me, and a potential GOTY.

    There is so much right with it, like what Cyberpunk does with world design, story and characters. But there's so much more wrong with it. Such as crashes (I had more than 20 crashes), constant random bugs and many other performance issues. It even crashed during the final credits!

    Also this game has some of the worst AI I've seen in recent years and it needs a serious rework. The big crowds look nice but when you interact with anything, you see how broken all of the NPCs are. Even in combat the AI pretty much just waits for me to kill them.

    It's a disappointing game for sure, but with more development time and with the proper PS5 version, I hope they can find a way to fix these issues. Because like I said, it does do a lot of things right.

  • @dipset man there was so much hype around Bloodlines 2, and with all the news about it this year it does just feel like it would need a bit of miracle to come out ok.

  • Not a 2020 game but Pokémon Shield. Picked it up after that Bump of Chicken music video hit me in the nostalgia so hard I had to play Pokémon again.....and my God what the fuck happened to the franchise between Gen 3 to now. Also why the hell is the rival character so....nice also why can we not rename him Dickfartz or whatever?

  • @dipset I do recommend the first, which should be available on Steam or Playstation with the DLC bundled in now for pretty cheap. Check it out next Steam sale or whatever. Only thing you might not like about it is you can miss a jump and fall far back down to the beginning of a stage, but I like that because it adds stakes.

    @DMCMaster Honestly, the Gen 3 rivals are nice too, but yeah they've really forced the niceness over time. Least SwSh has Bede though. Check out the Gen 5 games first. BW2 actually has the most interesting rival in the entire Series in my opinion. HeartGold / SoulSilver are great Remakes too if you can get your hands on those. Gen 4 is a bit hard to go back to now, but hopefully Remakes will be soonish, and hopefully they won't suck like the Gen 3 Remakes did. I personally think Pokemon XY had alot of cool stuff and great ideas going for it, but people seem to view it pretty negatively because parts feel unfinished, and it was the start of leaning too hard into Gen 1 nostalgia pandering, but you might like those games. Ignoring ORAS since they're Remakes, Sun and Moon is where I feel the Series started to freefall in quality, that it has yet to recover from. SwSh even fixed some of the problems of Sun and Moon, believe it or not.

    Now if you still want a Pokemon fix, what I'd instead recommend is checking out the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series since you've missed all of that. Switch has a different but good Remake of the first games called Rescue Team DX that'd make a good entry point. Explorers of Sky on the DS is still thought to be the best game in the Series if you can get a copy of that. Skip the WiiWare ones and Gates to Infinity as those are missteps, but if you still have a working 3DS, I can definitely recommend Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on that, although that game is best enjoyed after all the others given it is full of references. If not PMD, there's also the upcoming New Pokemon Snap that might turn out a fun romp. There's also a wealth of interesting Main Series Romhacks out there if you're willing to dive into that world. I'd recommend the Spaceworld '97 one as a start since it features the scrapped Gen 2 beta designs, so new official Pokemon designs you might not have seen before.

    Beyond the games, I can also HIGHLY recommend the Pokemon Anime. It has only gone up in quality since Gen 3 times as the games have gone down. Even though the Dub isn't ideal, due to missing the original background Soundtrack and inferior Voice Acting, that is available on Netflix. Both Sun and Moon and the new Series called Journeys in the west have great Pokemon vibes, just with different formulas than the old Anime. The movies on the other hand have been hit or miss, mostly miss, but one newer one I'd recommend is The Power of Us.

    Hopefully something in there to scratch your itch.

  • @bam541 said in Disappointment of the Year:

    No disappointing 2020 games for me yet!

    Wait, I just remembered that I bought Star Wars Squadrons. I played an hour of it, really struggled with the controls, had little interest in the story mode, and also can't even play online since I can't find any matches at all, even after letting the game on for at least an hour more and trying out at different times. This was especially disappointing since I wanted more flight combat games after Ace Combat 7... and there's like a very AC inspired flight game only on PC called Project Wingman that released last year, which I can't play yet, so the burden's all on Squadrons.

  • @bam541 It is a part of free play weekend the past few days for Xbox, and I've been pretty disappointed as well. Don't care for the story and the gameplay is needlessly overcomplicated - wish we could've just gotten something along the lines of Rogue Squadron.

  • Cyberpunk.

    Also Mafia remake. completely butcher the charm of original as well as turn into cover shooter.

  • @b-cell But I bought Mafia because you said it was one of the best games of the year. I don't think I can ever trust you again.

  • @phbz
    Should have known when the ability to shoot out lights was taken out.

  • Also, not to beat a dead horse but Cyberpunk 2077 is a pretty big disappointment.

    I wasn't excited through the roof or anything, but this game was a long time in the making and I obviously expected more from CDPR when they made one of my favourite RPG series in The Witcher. I was quite literally a 130 pound pipsqueak high schooler when the game was announced. I'm now an out of shape jaded adult haha. That's how much time passed since it's announcement and in that time CDPR hyped the shit outta this game.

    Yesterday I went back and watched two pre-release CP77 videos. One was that PowerPoint presentation that the CDPR studio head Marcin gave back in like 2012. And the other was from the Xbox E3 event in 2019. Here are the promises from the 2012 video: https://youtu.be/OAATUe9uBI8


    It's mostly subjective whether they delivered but I'd definitely say there is barely any connecting tissue to pen and paper RPG systems, let alone other common video game RPG systems for that matter. I feel like your skill checks, dialogue options, and freedom of choice are pretty limited. I can think of one or two instances in 20 hours where I even needed a skill check in dialogue and I've replayed scenes that ultimately play out the same way despite how I do things.

    I wouldn't normally hold a PowerPoint presentation against them but the hype truly did start here when you make statements like: "SET NEW STANDARD IN THE FUTURISTIC RPG GENRE [...] If you don't believe me, play our Witcher games"


    Likewise, in the E3 video, they claim stuff like (paraphrasing) "Cyberpunk 2077 will be the next generation of role playing experiences."

    Those are some pretty bold claims. It's one thing when fan expectations get blown out of proportion, but it's another when you make these claims, then give journalists a highly polished vertical slice preview build so they too report on how great everything is, then finally you release a half baked turkey.


    Ultimately, I can live with it. I've decided to put my game on pause and let the team keep cooking those sweet sweet updates, but I can't help but be a bit disappointed because I love these types of cRPG's.

  • I enjoy cyberpunk enough but it's in the same realm as fallout 4 and dragon age 3, it's just missing something/alot of things but is by no means a 76 or anthem.

    I'm a cautious optimus about most things so the only game that really dropped the ball that I was not expecting was watch dogs:legion this was the most interested I've been a ubisoft game for years and upon seeing the game at launch I quickly realised how bland it was.

    I really hope beyond good and evil 2 is at least interesting or unique that's all I want from ubi at this point.

  • Ghost of Tsushima. After Sony's May presentation, I didn't expect much from this game and was ready to skip it. Then, after release, several allies spoke very highly about it. "Maybe it's better than it was shown", - I thought and bought the game. Big mistake, it's worse. Much, much worse. In fact, there isn't a single aspect of this game that is even decent. Game design is disjointed, almost like there was no creative vision. Settlements are lifeless, NPCs are motionless. Quests, cut-scenes & environments are copy-pasted. Story is pretty forgettable and it's easily to hate most of the characters (except Mongols, you begin to root for them). Visuals aren't great even by PS4 standards (2017's Horizon Zero Dawn looked much better). And, like all Sony's games, it has insane price that was even raised up recently.

    With that said, It's worthwhile to play bad games once in a while, because it remind you to not take great games for granted. I've played Ghost of Tsushima right between Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 and it make me appreciate Ubisoft's and CD Project RED's creations even more.