Disappointment of the Year

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    No disappointing 2020 games for me yet!

    Wait, I just remembered that I bought Star Wars Squadrons. I played an hour of it, really struggled with the controls, had little interest in the story mode, and also can't even play online since I can't find any matches at all, even after letting the game on for at least an hour more and trying out at different times. This was especially disappointing since I wanted more flight combat games after Ace Combat 7... and there's like a very AC inspired flight game only on PC called Project Wingman that released last year, which I can't play yet, so the burden's all on Squadrons.

  • @bam541 It is a part of free play weekend the past few days for Xbox, and I've been pretty disappointed as well. Don't care for the story and the gameplay is needlessly overcomplicated - wish we could've just gotten something along the lines of Rogue Squadron.

  • Cyberpunk.

    Also Mafia remake. completely butcher the charm of original as well as turn into cover shooter.

  • @b-cell But I bought Mafia because you said it was one of the best games of the year. I don't think I can ever trust you again.

  • @phbz
    Should have known when the ability to shoot out lights was taken out.

  • Also, not to beat a dead horse but Cyberpunk 2077 is a pretty big disappointment.

    I wasn't excited through the roof or anything, but this game was a long time in the making and I obviously expected more from CDPR when they made one of my favourite RPG series in The Witcher. I was quite literally a 130 pound pipsqueak high schooler when the game was announced. I'm now an out of shape jaded adult haha. That's how much time passed since it's announcement and in that time CDPR hyped the shit outta this game.

    Yesterday I went back and watched two pre-release CP77 videos. One was that PowerPoint presentation that the CDPR studio head Marcin gave back in like 2012. And the other was from the Xbox E3 event in 2019. Here are the promises from the 2012 video: https://youtu.be/OAATUe9uBI8


    It's mostly subjective whether they delivered but I'd definitely say there is barely any connecting tissue to pen and paper RPG systems, let alone other common video game RPG systems for that matter. I feel like your skill checks, dialogue options, and freedom of choice are pretty limited. I can think of one or two instances in 20 hours where I even needed a skill check in dialogue and I've replayed scenes that ultimately play out the same way despite how I do things.

    I wouldn't normally hold a PowerPoint presentation against them but the hype truly did start here when you make statements like: "SET NEW STANDARD IN THE FUTURISTIC RPG GENRE [...] If you don't believe me, play our Witcher games"


    Likewise, in the E3 video, they claim stuff like (paraphrasing) "Cyberpunk 2077 will be the next generation of role playing experiences."

    Those are some pretty bold claims. It's one thing when fan expectations get blown out of proportion, but it's another when you make these claims, then give journalists a highly polished vertical slice preview build so they too report on how great everything is, then finally you release a half baked turkey.


    Ultimately, I can live with it. I've decided to put my game on pause and let the team keep cooking those sweet sweet updates, but I can't help but be a bit disappointed because I love these types of cRPG's.

  • I enjoy cyberpunk enough but it's in the same realm as fallout 4 and dragon age 3, it's just missing something/alot of things but is by no means a 76 or anthem.

    I'm a cautious optimus about most things so the only game that really dropped the ball that I was not expecting was watch dogs:legion this was the most interested I've been a ubisoft game for years and upon seeing the game at launch I quickly realised how bland it was.

    I really hope beyond good and evil 2 is at least interesting or unique that's all I want from ubi at this point.

  • Ghost of Tsushima. After Sony's May presentation, I didn't expect much from this game and was ready to skip it. Then, after release, several allies spoke very highly about it. "Maybe it's better than it was shown", - I thought and bought the game. Big mistake, it's worse. Much, much worse. In fact, there isn't a single aspect of this game that is even decent. Game design is disjointed, almost like there was no creative vision. Settlements are lifeless, NPCs are motionless. Quests, cut-scenes & environments are copy-pasted. Story is pretty forgettable and it's easily to hate most of the characters (except Mongols, you begin to root for them). Visuals aren't great even by PS4 standards (2017's Horizon Zero Dawn looked much better). And, like all Sony's games, it has insane price that was even raised up recently.

    With that said, It's worthwhile to play bad games once in a while, because it remind you to not take great games for granted. I've played Ghost of Tsushima right between Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 and it make me appreciate Ubisoft's and CD Project RED's creations even more.

  • @nimbat1003 From what I heard about BG&E 3 is that game is in development hell, to ambitious & directionless . Can't remember the source it came from but was directly from Ubisoft Staff working on the game stating Michael Ancel left the project in shambles just like Wild.

  • @nimbat1003 said in Disappointment of the Year:

    I enjoy cyberpunk enough but it's in the same realm as fallout 4 and dragon age 3, it's just missing something/alot of things but is by no means a 76 or anthem.

    Depends on what elements you focus on. Fallout 4 on PS4 shockingly ran without a hitch for me. Definitely wasn't my favourite RPG and definitely felt like a step down from other Bethesda games, but subjectivity aside, it functioned well enough.

    Whereas my experience with Cyberpunk 2077 on PC has given me numerous crashes, is full of bugs, missing dialogue and has unmixed dialogue, has lots of placeholder art assets everywhere, and so many other fucked up problems I've encountered (on PC).

    So for my money, CP77 is A LOT closer to Fallout 76 / Anthem than Fallout 4.

  • Immortals Phoenix Rising

    I didn't play it yet but changing the art style to something ugly and very generic comparing to announcement trailer is enough to nominate this. It looks boring and bland gameplay wise too.

  • Final Fantasy VII 1/3rd of a Remake

  • @dipset said in Disappointment of the Year:

    and so many other fucked up problems I've encountered

    Yeah it hasn't been that terrible for me, with it mostly being the standard Bethesda level bugs like npc doing weird thing clipping etc but not much crashing or quest breaking things though it is bad enough to ruin some story moments hence I've put in 60 hours and am still pretty early in act 2(waiting for that Jan patch)

    I more so ment in my comparison that 76(no npcs, the online) and anthem(basically no content) have fundemental flaws that basically tank their games though 76 was similar to worse with bugs depending on the platform.

    The console performance Personally reminds me alot of the ps3 version of fallout 3 and NV espically I remember In 3 you could look a certain direction in the the dlc and crash the game every time and NV had basically hourly crashes.

  • @nimbat1003 In 110 hours I had one crash, one major visual glitch, two quests I had to restart and a trillion small glitches or bugs.

    Almost every single story mission moment was ruined by small oddities. Near the end there's a very important fight where my enemy got stuck in a wall hanging 2 meters from the floor. One of the main characters had her boobs shaking uncontrollably for a few seconds and a ton of smaller stuff. All this happening during some of the most pivotal moments of the game. Not near as catastrophically broken as New Vegas but up there in the category of games I love and were a mess.

  • @scotty
    Not sure what you mean by changing the art style, I mean the first trailer looks a bit nicer, but it's also all CG and not actual gameplay
    Youtube Video

    Also preemptively putting this down for whatever year it comes out. Skull & Bones.
    From the moment it was announced it just wasn't the game I wanted, and neither of it's two public appearances have done anything to win me over.

    And unless that one guy on here who admitted to working on it is willing to break NDA and reveal something about that isn't just "online ship battles " then I don't see it doing well at all.

  • @dmcmaster

    It was a CGI trailer but I assume that game's look will be really similar to that because of the cartoony look and not the generic boring designs that we got.

  • Did you put this in the right place?

  • @mbun no. meant to put it in that's news. my bad.

  • I wasn't super hyped for it, but Cyberpunk 2077 is the definition of disappointing to me. I haven't played it, but I've seen a lot of footage and watched a ton of streamers play it. From what I've seen, it does nothing to push the envelope or innovate the genre. The graphics are absurdly good, and really that's its standout feature. ( Aside from the bugs hehe )

    Within the last decade+, there have been games that do every aspect of Cyberpunk 2077 better except for graphical performance. I usually plan on buying two games at full-price per year and Cyberpunk was going to be one of those games. Based on what I've seen, I'm just going to skip it completely.