The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2009!

  • Banned

    Borderlands is neat, but I find the gunplay to be very stale and lacking impact, though I haven't played 3 so they might have changed that a bit.
    Knowing that Borderlands is also directly responsible for Aliens Colonial Marines being a huge trash fire also sullied my opinion of the game, so yeah.

  • Don't mind borderlands but one in particular is very forgetful for me and not to mention that God awful ending, really like 2 if mostly for handsome Jack.

  • $60+ tax was a lot for a teenager and Borderlands was an instant regret. For starters, I don't think you could just plug n play with split screen. So you either needed to do the campaign fully split screen or fully single player. On top of that, when I tried playing with my friend online, he was too far ahead of me so I couldn't play with him unless I caught up to his level so we'd essentially have to play the game co-op and stay within the same level.

    I know some of that stuff is common for these types of games, and MMO's but playing this with a friend was the only bearable way of doing things and the game made it a massive pain in the ass. Plus a ton of lag and all that jazz.

    Honestly, it just isn't very fun. I was kinda perplexed by how the gameplay is just shoot shoot shoot. Every gun felt samey, every quest was a fetch quest, the level design was bad and flat. I don't get Borderlands at all.

  • I step away for one day...

    Left 4 Dead 2 was something I probably spent more time playing multi-player than anything else I've ever played, including MMOs (I would solo a lot catching up to my clan from update to update). Over 250 hours of repeated playthroughs, trying the harder skill levels and seeing how fast we could get through maps. Loved playing that game.

    Borderlands is my favorite unfinished game. So much of that title feels weirdly empty, the pacing is a mess, and as much as I liked the multiplayer, it could have been implemented better, like @DIPSET said. It just felt good riding up against the difficulty ceiling. As long as the enemies were at a decent enough level, there was a lot of fun to be had running around like a maniac to keep yourself alive and rezzing teammates.

    F that second area car boss fight, though. Still hate that one.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

    #12. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City - 12 points


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    Release date: October 29 [US/EU]
    Developer: Rockstar North
    Publisher: Rockstar Games
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC



  • As someone who isn't into GTA, it will never NOT surprise me to periodically discover/find out there's a GTA I've either never heard of, or maybe once or twice in passing.

    As such, it shouldn't surprise me Rockstar bundled these two DLC together. I'm of the mindset Rockstar could make something completely different than they've done before, slap GTA on the cover, and continue to print the mega millions of dollars they'll always bring in.

  • I don't remember much of Episodes from Liberty City, but the best thing about this expansion for me is the APC they included in The Ballad of Gay Tony. I love messing around with tanks in GTA games, but GTA IV didn't have one, and the APC is more than good enough.

  • Although I enjoyed both GTA IV expansions, I never considered them as their own game. So they didn't make my list for this year but they will be a big factor in my ranking of GTA IV for 2008.

  • The Ballad of Gay Tony is what GTA IV should've been all along-a remarkably explosive and enjoyable dlc romp.

  • Yo! Episodes from LC was eligible to vote for? Well this is something I missed. :[

  • I played these as DLC, which is the reason I voted for it. Lost and the Damned especially was absolutely wonderful. It used GTA IV as a base and added on these really cool mechanics that fit into the setting. Cruising along with the rest of your Biker Gang in formation was one of the coolest things going.

  • My Top 4 are all bangers that I dearly love so this #3 placement may as well be #1, it doesn't matter.

    I can take or leave The Lost and the Dammed but The Ballad of Gay Tony sealed the deal on the universe of GTA IV, and helped solidify GTA IV as my favourite GTA by far. This package is a 2010 game for me because that's when it released on PS3. I needed the disc version because I couldn't be able to download files this large back then. So I got to play both games back to back and, again, what a treat. I just adore the updated next-gen Liberty City so I would play these story DLCs endlessly if they kept releasing them Yakuza-style.

    GTA IV's story and especially greater atmosphere really connected with me. I appreciated the angle that you play as an immigrant who's expectations of America were a facade and he has to adapt to the dirty underbelly of the city. The whole game had this dirty grimey vibe that just clicked with me. As a city person, I get it. The city is nasty when it rains, shadowy and cold around skyscrapers, but then you get those glimpses of beauty if you know where to look and get in at the right time of day. So I was already in on the vibes of GTA IV, the city, and the eccentric characters.

    BUT in comes Luis Lopez and Gay Tony and their ridiculous relationship was funny, crazy, and totally fun. The characters felt less dark, less depressing, and again, it was reflected in the city itself. This game is brighter, less grimey and dirty. I just think it's so cool that we got to see Liberty City in three different lights: Niko's dark depressing psychopathic spiral, Johnny's hectic life keeping the gang from spiraling, and then to round it out, Lopez's whimsical escapades as a body guard for a crazy flaming high society socialite.

    Plus good club music...

    Youtube Video

  • @dipset compelling argument


  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    DO IT! I pop it in at least once a year to parachute around and use the APC tank. I know GTA V has that and more, but GTA V doesn't have Liberty City and those sweet heavy GTA IV physics.

  • @dipset Yeah it's ordered. $8.50 all in! I went back to IV a while back and got a good way through getting all the collectibles but stopped for whatever reason. I did like it a lot more than when I played it on release and never finished it. Maybe I will go back to that first. Thanks!

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I find the third act of GTA IV to be a bit of a slog so I don't blame you.

  • Brütal Legend

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    Release date: October 13 [US], October 16 [EU]
    Developer: Double Fine Productions
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Action-adventure, Real-time strategy
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC


    GT Review

  • Man, I love this game a lot. So much personality.

  • I don't know much about Brutal Legend beyond the boilerplate stuff:

    It was a game some initially thought would be some form of third person action adventure all about heavy metal and hell with Jack Black and many icons of music, but EA went out of their way to keep quiet it was an RTS for as long as possible (despite Tim Schafer wanting to tell people). And for as much as I'm a fan of Schafer the person, I can never really get too excited for his games. That said, I'm actually excited to see how Psychonauts 2 fares. With how long development has taken, and Double Fine now being Xbox first party, I'm fascinated to see if it can stick the landing.

    Rock on though Brutal Legend. I DO believe gaming is better for having you exist.

  • I was sold on this game after playing a demo (remember demos?). It’s fun, its funny and it also introduced me to music I wasn’t aware of. Maybe as a game it’s nothing special, but you can feel developer’s love and passion, and this alone makes it a joyful experience.