The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2009!

  • I've already forgot which games came out in 2009 and what I've voted for. This will be exciting!

  • I'm the worst at playing the SMB series. I've hardly put any time into the games past Super Mario World, but I've played bits of a lot of them.

  • Besides the co-op chaos that NSMB Wii introduced, it's not very memorable to me. It's one of my least favorite Super Mario games but I still had a decent time playing it with friends. New Super Mario Bros Wii is #15 of 22 on my list for 2009.

  • @axel Objection!

    I didn't vote for it.

  • @phbz Oh yes, you did! Russian's hackers made sure of it.

  • I never owned a Wii, so the very few times I played anything on it was on my cousin's. NSMB Wii wasn't one of the games we played, so the only closest connection I have to it is playing its predecessor on the DS. Looks jolly enough, but after a while, you can only do so much with the Mario side-scrolling formula before it gets old and repetitive.

  • @phbz Shit I completely messed up. I'll change it up when I have some time, Mario didn't make it y'all, my bad!

  • @axel This is a rigged election! Massive fraud!

  • So I figured out what happened, but not how it happened. I distinctly remember noticing two different lines in my Excel for Mario, each had 3 points, and I thought oh weird, let me merge them.

    Now checking @Phbz votes again, it looks like I didn't register his Cursed Mountain vote anywhere. Same for @Sheria. So that's what the extra 3 points were. Somehow the line for Cursed Mountain got renamed to Mario in my file, and when I saw that I merged the two Mario lines.

    Long story short, Mario only earned 3 points and doesn't belong here. I'll post the real #20 tomorrow, I have to sleep now. Sorry for the false start!

  • It's all good @Axel, don't sweat it. Still got to say a line or two about Mario, but now I'm even more curious as to what's first!

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    Can't wait to see the results of this! whoop whoop!

  • @axel It's ok, this helps extend the shorter list a bit :D

  • Banned

    Before Axel attempts to fix his colossal fuckup, I just want to say that New Super Mario is a completely soulless cash-in on the Mario franchise and exemplifies some of the very worst of modern Nintendo next to Pokemon and the various other stupid decisions they make.

  • I was a high schooler in 2009, so technically a kid, and I had no desire to play this new Super Mario Bros. I don't know who they were appealing to tbh. The aesthetic was still Mario, but oddly glossy, the animations were kinda weird. My little brother (probably 8 years old in 2009) definitely liked playing LittleBigPlanet and LEGO Batman / Star Wars around that time, but he didn't even bat an eye at this era of Mario. So again, IDK who Nintendo was catering to with this type of game.

  • Banned

    @dipset I think they were pandering to the crowd of boomers who unironically say shit like "Oh man, remember when we used to play the Marios on our original Nintendo Playstation? Those were the days.".

    It is literally the blandest, most unoffensive, uncreative trash you could possibly think of. Nothing about it sparks the imagination. It is completely void of soul.

  • @el-shmiablo So you’re saying is it was perfect for the millions of adults that had bought it for Wii Sports and Mario Olympics?

  • I feel the same about New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I think it's the only 2D Mario I've never played, and I have absolutely no desire to do so. It really strikes me as having no personality, no "theme", indeed no soul.

    I'm sure it's still extremely competent as a platformer, but it just feels... skippable.

  • Go go Cursed Mountain!

    Mario on Wii is great though. Not sure why that gets a hard time when stuff like Mega Man 9 and 10 gets praised. Nothing wrong with falling back on a tried and tested formula, especially one so highly rated.