The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2009!

  • inFamous is one of the most underrated Sony exclusives. It's much better than Protype and also really fun game to play. Too bad that Sucker Punch didn't get the recognition they deserve with this series but Ghost of Tsushima so they will continue from there instead of inFamous.

  • Loved inFamous.

    Loved getting to be super super evil.

    Such a great evolution from Sly Cooper.

  • Wow, there it is. I actually didn't expect to see it as high as this. It's an incredible game but always got overlooked due to it being a handheld title.

    358 pretty much ties with BBS as my favourite entry in the series. What I loved so much about 358 however was its complete focus on the original characters. I do love the Disney mixup but it was amazing to see how much the new cast shines on its own. The story was also incredibly emotional and heartbreaking, not bad for a lot of sitting around eating ice lollys.

    The poster still adorns my dining room.


  • I LOVE 358/2 Days. Yeah, the mission system can get repetitive, but I just have a lot of fun with the replayability of going back with new abilities to collect all the emblems or treasures. And there are a lot of cool bosses or uniquely structured missions to keep you going. Plus, as others have mentioned, the story is the real draw here. Being placed within the Organization is such a great premise, and the structure of the game allows for more deep dives into the relationships between characters and their headspaces, which I love. This game's got some of my favorite moments in the series, especially with Xion and Axel. I so wish they would've remade this for the 1.5 Collection, it deserves more recognition.

    Also, I never gave my thoughts on Pokemon Platinum since I voted for that, but Platinum is pretty close to the top of my Pokemon list. It has such a great balance between new designs, post-game, region design, etc. I also just have a lot of nostalgia for it because it was probably the height of my multiplayer Pokemon experience with my high school friends. A lot of fun times trying to build teams together, breeding, trading eggs, battling, all the stuff. Hoping the eventual Gen 4 remakes will live up to my time here in some way (and hopefully mark the moment when Pokemon games on Switch look nice).

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    #8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 19 points


    #1: 0
    #2: 2 (Hazz3r, MiserablePerson)
    #3: 2 (Brandon_Reister, Crepe)
    #4: 1 (Scotty)
    HM: 3 (Nimbat1003, DIPSET, Exist 2 Inspire)


    Release date: November 10 [US/EU]
    Developer: Infinity Ward
    Publisher: Activision
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC


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  • Arguably the peak of the Call of Duty series. An incredible campaign. A somewhat unbalanced yet amazingly fun multiplayer mode. Sits right next to the likes of Doom and Goldeneye in the hall of Great FPS.

  • I replayed the campaign last year on the remastered version, and it's certainly as bombastic as a CoD game could ever be. It definitely has some of the coolest moments in the whole franchise (the American invasion parts are pretty crazy), but overall I don't think it holds a candle to CoD4, World at War or Black Ops 1's campaign, which are my favorite ones. I never got to experience the multiplayer first-hand, which is also a big factor in making it miss my votes. I do respect the massive impact of that multiplayer. I always enjoy seeing people look back at something fun they used to have, and the MW2 multiplayer is quite prevalent in that regard.

  • Of the 14 games I've played that released in '09, Modern Warfare 2 sits at 11th.

    I got "sold" watching the Modern Warfare 3 demo during Microsoft's E3 press conference and borrowed my dad's copies of both CoD 4 and this to play them to prep for 3. For MW2, the campaign does have a couple of neat moments like the EMP going off in D.C. as the copters are falling out of the sky, and infiltrating a base in a blizzard, and there are a couple of Spec Ops missions that were fine (particularly the stealth ones), but I guess my "fling" with CoD was at its peak here. This was also around the time I met my best friend, so this is one of the first games we played together.

    After going through all three of the original Modern Warfares and the first Black Ops, I had decidedly come to the conclusion CoD is not for me. I also made the catastrophic mistake of playing multiplayer. And let's just say I had first had experience in how the franchise has earned its reputation of being a cesspit. While I got a kick of finding the hidden bear by going out of bands on a private match, when I look back at Modern Warfare 2, the only feelings I have is a couple spikes of enjoyment at the time during my first campaign playthrough, and regret for having played the series the further removed I am from it.

  • likely the top of the franchise for me along with maybe world at war, never touched the online(no internet at the time) but played the campaign and did mutiplayer 1v1's with my brother alot.

  • I only played MW2 through the 2020 remaster and it was a fun time, I imagine it was much more impactful back then.

    Definitely some cool set-pieces and some original missions (No Russian even though I felt like I had already played it, that blizzard infiltration although it just made me wish for a new Splinter Cell, the one in the city with diners and stuff, forgot the name).

    The "America, fuck yeah!" tone is a big turnoff, but I guess it comes with the territory.

    COD is like the perfect PS+ game series for me, I'd never buy any of them, but as a free 6-8h campaign once in a while, why not!

  • Aw shit, can't believe I forgot about MW2. I'm the farthest person from the demographic that CoD games appeal to, but this one was really special.

  • This is one of the rare instances where a series peaks and jumps the shark all at the exact same time. I mean, I think there have been better COD games, but this is where we max out in terms of innovations.

    The multiplayer was the most maximized MP game ever. More guns, more ways to play, more attachments, more kill streaks. Options were endless. Also the most unbalanced, unfair, and frustrating multiplayer I’ve ever played. Nothing more annoying that I-frames in a MP game so I guy can knife you a football field away. Or your Harrier kill streak gets you and additional 7 kills so you call a Chopper Gunner and get another 15 kills so you call in another air strike and just bombard the map with chaos.

    Never been more frustrated with multiplayer in my life but the chaos made it fun. Definitely had a good time playing with friends, trying new load outs and all that.

    Single player Campaign is absolute nonsense and one of the dumbest things I’ve ever played. The story jumps the shark like 4 times in 7 hours and if somebody can explain to me why Captain Price launches a nuke at himself, be my guest. Most missions are just pop a shot Lite Gun type gameplay with a few deviations but I’d never pay $30 or whatever for this remastered campaign.

    MW2 made my list for the memories but this is a flawed Apex Mountain in the history of COD.

  • I was prepared for Modern Warfare 2 to crack the top 5 but the fact it hasn't here is interesting. Modern Warfare 2 is remembered for me personally as the COD with that awesome snow level and the one where you mercilessly hose down civilians. The campaign remaster that came out last year helped me to appreciate MW2 more than I initially did but although it was GTs GOTY for 2009, there were far better games than it so maybe 8th position is right where it deserves to be-so well done community.

  • Resident Evil 5

    #7. Resident Evil 5 - 19 points


    #1: 1 (El Shmiablo)
    #2: 0
    #3: 4 (Axel, paulmci27, robert7lee, MiserablePerson)
    #4: 0
    HM: 2 (Shoulderguy, Nimbat1003)


    Release date: March 13 [US/EU]
    Developer: Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Genre: Third-person shooter
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC


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  • I have many great memories of playing Resident Evil 5 multiple times solo, and with my friends and family. Myself and others would always have a fun time taking down the infected together.

    I know RE5 gets a bad rap for being more of an action shooter, but it has more horror elements then people give it credit for. The environments are very atmospheric, the enemy designs are disturbing, and the game is full of tense situations. Those elements combined with the refined controls from RE4, create a satisfying experience overall. Resident Evil 5 is #7 of 22 on my 2009 list of games.

  • Resident Evil 5 is the only game from 2009 that I've seen in it's entirety, but never played, thanks to the Mike & Mike stream about a year and a half ago. So I understand my thoughts need to be taken with a mountain of salt, but I'm confident enough about to speak about it to some degree. I got inspired to watch the stream as the Mikes (primarily Huber with RE VII) have given me an interest in the franchise SOLELY as a viewer (I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to play these games). And because of this, I would love to experience Dead Space 1 & 2 for the first time via an Ally playthough (I DID catch Ben's stream last year, but I was hoping he would keep with it. Ah well.)

    And as an experience, this is one of my least favorite playthroughs I've watched

    (as a reference, I would rate them as follows:

    • RE 2 Remake
    • VII
    • 3 Remake
    • 4
    • 2 [I just watched this for the first time within the last couple of weeks!]
    • REmake
    • 3 [I just watch this for the first time last week too!]
    • then 5

    I won't go back and watch the 6 full playthrough because of its reputation).

    Overall, there's just something about the way this looks that doesn't look good. I can't put my finger on it, besides the environments aren't all that interesting, and there are certain segments that don't look fun (the turret segment against the giant and one of the bosses that gave them massive trouble, can't remember its name). There are other things at the time I remember thinking "that doesn't look fun," but as you can tell, it didn't leave a positive impression. While I wouldn't mind rewatching the playthroughs of the top half of the above list, this didn't really do it for me (again, as a viewer) to ever re-watch it.

    And despite that, I would still have it 12th on my list of 14 games. Yes, there are two games I played I would rank lower than RE 5 (And I don't foresee them showing up). Regardless, I'm very excited to watch VIl.l.AGE, and the Maiden demo was neat to watch. I guess it's Huber's love and passion for the franchise is why I enjoy the playthroughs so much. It also comes out a week before my birthday, and my younger self never would've believed I would be celebrating a birthday watching a survival horror playthrough.

  • Uhhhh I didn't think this was a 2009 game, but I haven't ever finished it. Just gonna copy n paste what I wrote this morning in another thread, but keep in mind I thought this was a 2008 game:

    Started Resident Evil 5 coop yesterday morning with my friend. RE5, RE6, RE3 Remake, and Code Veronica are the mainline RE games I haven't played or finished. I played what I assume is maybe 50% of the game waaaaaay back when. I recall it feeling a lot more intense in 2008 than it currently does. On one hand, I'm way more experienced with Resident Evil, but also, this game just doesn't scare me as an adult. It's just the thrill of a zombie nearly getting you but you run away just right on time.

    Low expectations but having fun so far. It's funny how every co-op game in that era played the exact same: pre-mission inventory screen, hold circle to throw your friend up a ladder, run through bite sized levels. The only difference between RE5 and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand are the shooting mechanics. 2008 was a glorious yet weird time in gaming.


    I just wanna amend that by saying this game is D U M B but like... that's kinda what makes it awesome. Also, elephant in the room but this game is racist as shit. I'm a pretty massive Herzog fan where some of his best movies are like white dude among Indigenous people running amuck, so I'm not the best person to pass judgement, but sometimes you gotta call it what it is. The game is racist. RE4 isn't much better but this game is filled with an unignorable amount of "ooooh Africa S-C-A-R-Y".

    Also playing through RE4 at the same time as RE5 and it kinda shows that this game wasn't looking to re-write the book. It's kinda just RE4 amplified. And it's great for that. I still love the laser beam pop-a-shot gameplay, but I'm also kinda glad Resident Evil graduated to something else and this type of game has been continued in The Evil Within.

  • Resident Evil 5 is a pretty great action game but a pretty terrible Resident Evil one. Sheva always hogging the supplies is quite the necessity but there are a handful of memorable moments that keep RE5 buoyant. Oh yeah and the Results theme is wonderful. Just grab a buddy and this RE is pretty damn entertaining-it's entertaining in single-player too so that's good. Personally I'd probably have RE5 down between 15-20 in my personal top 20 but that wouldn't make it any less decent of course.

  • I'm legit surprised that RE 5 is so high up on the list. After RE 4, I felt like RE 5 was such a huge disappointment.

    Playing through this with my friend was not a great experience. However, I feel like my experience was a bit of an outlier. Other than that I don't really know what could be said about RE5 that hasn't already been said.

  • Banned

    My personal favorite RE to this day. I've played it through countless times across like 2 generations and 3 different platforms with a dozen different people.
    Some people say it casualized the systems from 4 but I think it more streamlined them. 6 took that streamlining a bit far and killed a lot of the customizability, but that is honestly the least of 6's problems.
    Hell, I think I might play it again just because of this thread.