The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2009!

  • AC II is the most memorable of the "OG ACs". Maybe even out of all of them? Such a high point of the series, loved it so much.

  • Catching up...

    Demon's Souls

    My #2 - again, the Top 4 can all interchange. I love my whole Top 8 list and I've played them all for many many hours so #4 vs #1, all semantics.

    I fell in love with Demon's Souls. Shortened down from an earlier thread, but this game had me playing in ways that I hadn't experienced before. In many ways this new type of game has tainted my love for other types of action games. If the level design isn't on par with Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, or Bloodborne, then it should be.

    I think back in 2009 this would've been lower down the list but it clicked with me over the course of a few years and I played it steady until Dark Souls in 2011 so the game is etched in fond memories bringing it higher by today.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time

    More proof that 2009 was STACKED—I love this game and it didn't make my list. I think the series magnum opus is Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction where they had Pixar level animation in cutscenes, with in-engine gameplay not too far off that mark. At the time, that game was mind blowing. A Crack In Time is more of the same in my eyes, but that doesn't mean it isn't great because it is. I just think if we're leveling the games out against each other, this one is the most refined in the series but probably not adding too much.

    Assassin's Creed II

    Again, my Top 4 is semantics, they are all GOTY's. ACII was a back n forth for GOTY in 2009. I think I ended up beating this game twice and then I did a speedrun cleanup for the platinum. I'm a hipster who thinks the original Assassin's Creed is amazing and I respect the "vision" put forth in that game, so that made this sequel very highly anticipated.

    Think back to 2008/2009 and you'll recall that 50% of the game marketing in demos at E3 was Patrice saying "we're fixing everything" and it's true! I don't know how Ubisoft does feedback, but it worked here. 90% of the annoying things in the first game were fixed here.

    There is just something amazing about running around Florence and Venice. I actually went to Monteriggioni in 2015 on a vacation to Italy. If I have one or two memories from ACII etched in my mind this game it would be:

    1. Fighting the pope (and jumping the shark), and

    2. Cleanup platinum run, tracking down feather while the incredible score played 10/10 music

    Youtube Video

  • I consider ACII one of the best sequels of all time. A better one also released this year.

  • Dragon Age: Origins

    #3. Dragon Age: Origins - 47 points


    #1: 6 (Shoulderguy, Brandon_Reister, ffff0, Crepe, Nimbat1003, bard91)
    #2: 4 (Nimbus, bam541, paulmci27, Exist 2 Inspire)
    #3: 0
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (Capnbobamous)


    Release date: November 3 [US], November 6 [EU]
    Developer: Bioware
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC



  • Wow, I expected this to be number 2 at least. It's been sooo long since I played this game, but I still have vivid recollections of me staying up all night, tucked in my blankets, pushing my fatigued body and my laptop's fans to the edge. I think I finished this in like 2 weeks, played it every night while ignoring all my homework because this game is just so good! The premise of the story is solid, but the real star here for me are the scenarios they put you in. They're so engaging and interesting in their own ways. My favorite one has to be the Mage Tower section, love me some wicked hallucinations. The cast of characters are memorable and well written, and some the interactions between them are just too entertaining (Morrigan and Alistair comes to mind). Also, the combat is pretty tough. I played a not-up-to-date version that has some rough difficulty spikes, and boy I sure had lots of headaches during my playthrough. This is the game that introduced me to CRPGs, and to this day it's still one of my favorite RPGs ever (my 2nd favorite, to be exact). This is easily Bioware's finest work for me. I miss this Bioware so much.

  • Dragon Age series have many aspects of great RPGs, like interesting characters, compelling world and intriguing stories. However, this series is very special for me, because of how dark and punishing it is. In all 3 games I’ve managed to romance the most involved in main storyline companion and each time it didn’t end well to say the least. In Dragon Age: Origins, spoilers by the way,

    I’ve romanced Alistair. When Morrigan offered to perform the Ritual with him, I’ve rejected her, because he was my man, not hers, and because Riordan, whom I didn’t care about, had volunteered to perform the killing blow. Then Riordan died. Then either me or Alistair had to perform the killing blow. And at that moment I was so shocked that my selfishness and overconfidence had led me to this, that I wasn’t able to make any decision. So, Alistair did it and died. Then I was praised as a Hero of Ferelden, but all I felt was that I’m a coward and that my love has died because of the choices I’ve made.

    I’ve played Dragon Age: Origins 4 times, the last one was before Dragon Age: Inquisition. And when I’ve played it in 2014, I’ve noticed that it’s too slow, and that many levels drag for too long. So, by no means this is a perfect game. But no other 2009 game had left such emotional impact on me, so of course it’s my #1.

  • Dragon Age is not my preferred Bioware series, though I do respect how much of a dedicated fandom it has garnered. And please correct me if I'm wrong, but as an outsider I feel as if this game is the one that's adored the most of the franchise with DA II having an infamous development and Inquisition, while accumulating some GOTYs, is a bit mixed among fans.

    Either way, with no hands experience, I must sign off my comment with my hope Bioware gets the coming game right. With massive disappointment that was Mass Effect: Andromeda and the outright failure of Anthem (which we should here about it's fate any day now I think?), this feels like a "three strikes and it's over" kind of situation for the studio. So long as EA goes hands-off (HA!) and senior level devs stop leaving the studio, there's a chance Dragon Age 4 (or whatever its official title will be) can be good. But I'm concerned (And no, I of the strong stance Bioware should NOT have made an official teaser for the next ME before DA 4 is out the door).

    Also, tomorrow's final top 2 reveal is very expected, but I'm highly curious which way it'll break....

  • Love origins honestly one of my favorite rpgs, the fantasy vane works for me so much better than something like mass effect, I've been wanting to revisit it for years.

    It has some amazing characters like morrigan and Alistair and the story has some pretty significant weight being a pretty dark world.

    I also like how the world itself feels quite unique with elves being treated like slaves , how magic is so dangerous and a curse to most.

    Currently playing dragon age 3 since the mass effect trilogy has givin me that bioware itch and I never quite beat it at launch, as I felt kinda let down by it. In returning to it I'm really enjoying it more than I expect and it does alot right

    Also great dragons.

  • I had no recollection that this'd be the one game I was trying to figure out. To be in the top 3. Maybe I'll try out the next DA in the far future then, I've never played them.

    But cheers to the deserving top 2!

  • I have no idea what games could be #1 and #2. This is exciting!

  • @ffff0 Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are most likely those two games.

  • @jdincinerator Well, now it's no longer exciting. Too bad I've started this conversation.

  • lol that ended quickly. You didn't have to spoil it like that, man! Unless...

  • The point spread will be interesting to see since almost everyone who voted for dragon age gave it a 1st or 2nd place and I don't doubt that the next 2 are more popular.
    I'm curious to see how the upcoming compare on first place votes though I imanigne uncharted 2 especially will be number 1 for many people.

  • I downloaded DA: Origins last year during a Steam sale along with Inquisition so I intend on playing it some time soon.

    Can’t really speak to it because I wasn’t gonna play an isometrics dungeon crawler in 2009 when I was so used to Oblivion and 3D first person games. Now, I don’t care. I wanna try it.

  • #1 and #2 better be Wii Sports Resort and 'Splosion Man!

  • @jdincinerator feel like this should be spoiler tagged

  • Gettin reeeeeeeal worried about my number 1 pick here...

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Sorry I wasn't aware or considerate to the anticipation you guys are having towards the top 2.

  • @ffff0 Damn I'm sorry dude I shouldn't have said anything.