The EZA Community Top 20 Best of 2009!

  • The point spread will be interesting to see since almost everyone who voted for dragon age gave it a 1st or 2nd place and I don't doubt that the next 2 are more popular.
    I'm curious to see how the upcoming compare on first place votes though I imanigne uncharted 2 especially will be number 1 for many people.

  • I downloaded DA: Origins last year during a Steam sale along with Inquisition so I intend on playing it some time soon.

    Can’t really speak to it because I wasn’t gonna play an isometrics dungeon crawler in 2009 when I was so used to Oblivion and 3D first person games. Now, I don’t care. I wanna try it.

  • #1 and #2 better be Wii Sports Resort and 'Splosion Man!

  • @jdincinerator feel like this should be spoiler tagged

  • Gettin reeeeeeeal worried about my number 1 pick here...

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Sorry I wasn't aware or considerate to the anticipation you guys are having towards the top 2.

  • @ffff0 Damn I'm sorry dude I shouldn't have said anything.

  • @Capnbobamous I thought you might not have voted in this 2009 thread because I didn’t see your vote under AC2 but now I just say you HM’d DA:O.

    Are you not a massive Assassin’s Creed fan?

    Just curious cause AC2 is a classic to most.

  • I didn't vote, but in my heart DA:O is my number one, thanks for voting for it everybody!

  • @dipset I love Assassin's Creed, but of the ones that I've beaten, AC2 is the one that I remember the least. I definitely need to replay it, and I remember enjoying it, but it just didn't grab me like a lot of the others have. I think that might be because I played it immediately after 1 and I was feeling a bit fatigued. I'm probably doing it a disservice here though because like I said I certainly remember enjoying it, it just hasn't stuck with me.

    Also 2009 was a pretty stacked year for me, though unfortunately it seems like a lot of my games didn't make it in.

  • @jdincinerator no need to get salty. Just every time we have one of these, people jump in at the top 5 and spoil it. Not a huge deal if the list was released all at once but since it’s a game per day, anticipation is the reason people return to the thread. And I get wanting to say you knew it ahead of time but some people don’t want to know so if you put just a spoiler tag, that fixes it.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm not getting salty I'm just genuinely sorry that I may have ruined the anticipation. But if I'm really honest I think that firstly I was making a prediction about the games to come-I might be wrong about those entries entirely. Secondly it's well known what those top 2 games could be and with a spoiler you have no idea what's to come. I still maintain my apology but I think I was making educated guesses-at least in the future something will be put in place so this sort of mistake doesn't arise again.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum

    #2. Batman: Arkham Asylum - 64 points


    #1: 5 (JDINCINERATOR, Axel, paulmci27, robert7lee, MXAGhost)
    #2: 2 (Brandon_Reister, Capnbobamous)
    #3: 4 (Nimbus, Scotty, bard91, naltmank)
    #4: 7 (Brannox, HappyGaming, Crepe, Hazz3r, E_Zed_Eh_Intern, Sentinel Beach, Exist 2 Inspire)
    HM: 5 (ffff0, Nimbat1003, DIPSET, El Shmiablo, bam541)


    Release date: August 25 [US], August 28 [EU]
    Developer: Rocksteady Studios
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC


    GT Review

  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    #1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - 80 points


    #1: 9 (Brannox, HappyGaming, Nimbus, Jamicov, Scotty, Sentinel Beach, DIPSET, bam541, Capnbobamous)
    #2: 6 (JDINCINERATOR, ffff0, Crepe, DemonPirate, naltmank, robert7lee)
    #3: 2 (E_Zed_Eh_Intern, Exist 2 Inspire)
    #4: 1 (El Shmiablo)
    HM: 3 (Axel, NeoCweeny, paulmci27)


    Release date: October 13 [US], October 16 [EU]
    Developer: Naughty Dog
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3


    GT Review

  • Oh, wow, I’ve voted for both of these games. Well…

    Batman: Arkham Asylum is my #5. I’m not a big Batman fan, so Batman: Arkham Asylum was just another 3rd-person action adventure for me. I think I even played its demo, got bored, and dismissed it. Then I’ve bought both it and Batman Arkham City dirt-cheap in 2012. It was OK, but one moment was exceptional (spoilers):

    when I thought I’ve lost all my progress due to a glitch I’ve immediately powered down my PC to avoid rewriting auto-save. Considering that even horror games, like Outlast, usually fail to scary me, I can say only one thing: well done, Scarecrow.

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is my #2. At that time, I was very impressed with its trailers – marketing a game as a blockbuster movie was completely new for me. And I was equally impressed with game’s set-pieces, particularly the train sequence. It’s a quality entertainment from start to finish. Most likely it will not impress me in 2021, but a decade ago there weren’t anything better.

  • And this is my list:

    1. Dragon Age: Origins
    2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    3. Brütal Legend
    4. Flower
    5. Batman: Arkham Asylum
    6. Assassin's Creed II
    7. Trine
    8. Borderlands

    The only game that didn’t make into top 20 is Trine. Can’t say much about it, and I haven’t returned to the series after 2, but I remember liking it.

  • Damn, look at that jump in points! With 2021 hindsight, I should have expected these two to completely wipe the floor with the votes since both of these games are not only so influential in modern games, but also would lead their respective franchises to great success. ND's formula in the Uncharted games are still going strong, and Uncharted 2 was pretty much the game that really showed what these kind of games can achieve. Meanwhile, many would say that the Batman Arkham games are the best superhero games around, and even if you don't agree (like me), you can at least respect these games for being the frontrunners of the genre. In a way, it's great for both of these games to release in a year where they'll get all the spotlight.

    My first Uncharted game was Uncharted 3, and I only played 1 and 2 after that, so I have a somewhat different experience compared to many of you who played it chronologically. The huge jump in quality from 1 to 2 is so obvious and appreciated, but there's just things that 3 did that 2 did in lesser degrees, and I can't like U2 more than I do because of it. I still love this game though. Although I vastly prefer ND games that doesn't try to be spotless or airtight in it's structure (TLOU Part II and Uncharted 4), I have to respect Uncharted 2's unwavering commitment in maintaining a tight blockbuster-esque story pace. There's also parts like the mountain village and the ice cave traversal that still stucks out to me as very unique moments in the whole franchise.

    I'll be honest: I never finished Arkham Asylum. I played it when I was too young to be brave enough for it's Scarecrow sections, and even when I got through them, I got stuck at Killer Croc's place. I do miss the unfiltered creepy-ness of this game. I also never got to see the final boss that everyone hates, so there's that.

    Here's my full list of games:

    1. Uncharted 2
    2. Dragon Age Origins
    3. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
    4. Gran Turismo PSP
    5. Batman Arkham Asylum
    6. InFAMOUS
    7. Ghostbusters: The Video Game
    8. The Sims 3

    It still bums me out that none of my PSP games got in. GTA Chinatown Wars is one of the most distinct games in the franchise, and it's cool as heck. I love Gran Turismo for successfully cramming a almost full console GT experience to a handheld form, and I really like the dynamic of playing on different days to check out what new cars are available to buy, it really accentuates that handheld experience.

    Based on my hazy memories, Ghostbusters is one of the most underrated licensed-games ever. I played this after watching the two movies, and I remember thinking that everything in this games just fits neatly like a third movie (and that was the intention!). There's some actual creepy moments in the game too, which caught me off guard back in the day, because I never found the movies to be creepy, they're just a good ol' fun time to me (and this game has a lot of those kind of scenarios as well).

    The Sims 3 is still the best game in the franchise. Having access to a living town-sized space that isn't barred by loading screens every time you move to another location is just too good. Also, they added some weird things to the Sims formula in TS4 that I don't quite like.

    Thanks to @Axel for setting this up as always, and thanks to everyone who participated. Once again, y'all have good taste!

  • Only 4 of my 8 votes made it this time. My 2009 ranked list of games:

    1. Dragon Age: Origins
    2. Assassin's Creed II
    3. Empire: Total War
    4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
    5. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
    6. Blood Bowl
    7. Resident Evil 5
    8. Demon's Souls
    9. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    10. Batman: Arkham Asylum
    11. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
    12. Borderlands
    13. Left 4 Dead 2
    14. Halo 3: ODST
    15. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    16. Guitar Hero 5
    17. The Beatles: Rock Band
    18. Guitar Hero: Metallica
    19. Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
    20. Pokémon Platinum
    21. Risen
    22. The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

    My list on GGApp

    Batman: Arkham Asylum almost made my top 8. I played all of the Arkham games for the first time back-to-back a few years ago. Arkham Asylum is a fine game but I much preferred the follow up Rocksteady Batman games more. Although those sequels wouldn't exist without the gameplay fundamentals created in Asylum, so shout out!

    Uncharted 2 also just missed getting one of my votes. It follows the same formula as Uncharted 1 but with greater presentation, while also making improvements in practically every way. It's everything a great sequel should be. Uncharted 4 is easily my favorite in the series but all of the Uncharted games are fun action game thrill rides. All well deserving of the recognition they've received over the years.

    I learned about Blood Bowl from watching internet personality/Youtuber TotalBiscuit. It combines two things I enjoy, football and turn-based strategy games. And while it took me some time to understand all the rules, once I did, I found Blood Bowl to be a very deep and rewarding gameplay experience. Blood Bowl 2 improved on the U.I and presentation of the first game so if anyone was curious about playing Blood Bowl, I would recommend playing the sequel.

    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars wasn't the GTA experience I expected but I enjoyed it just as much. Rockstar was very smart about which elements of GTA to carry over to portable systems and it resulted in one of the best Nintendo DS games I've played. Now, all I need is a sequel for the Switch.

    I haven't played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 in a long time so I can't say how it holds up, but it is one of my most played games of 2009 and 2010. This was my mindless fun, listen to music, wind down after work game. I played through the game multiple times solo with all the different Marvel characters, and MUA2 was my favorite co-op game from 2009.

    Empire: Total War was a welcome departure from all the medieval and classical Total War games I enjoyed from previous years. The 18th century combat is different from the other titles, but it still has the same deep strategic campaign I've come to expect from this series. Empire is one of my favorites of the series and I would love to see Creative Assembly tackle this era again in a new Total War game.

    I've played through Dragon Age Origins multiple times, played through all of it's different origins stories and had a great time doing it. It's full of so many amazing moments that left me excited and speechless. Along with Mass Effect 2, this is Bioware's finest work. It's one of my top 10 games of all-time, it's my GOTY.

    Thanks again to @Axel for putting this together and I'm looking forward to the 2020 GOTY elections.

  • I've lost count how many times I've played Uncharted 2 through the years. It's simply a classic. I won't go into details about why this time around in this post, but I'm giving a huuuge shout-out to Greg Edmonson's score which is an integral part of the series. And the title screen of UC2 together with that music is one of the most memorable ones in my whole gaming history. What a time that was, oh man. :')

  • So the kinda expected 1-2 punch but.

    Arkham- enjoy this game quite a bit but arkham City was the one that really got me, think I've only ever played it the one time around launch though I do have it on pc now... Thanks epic

    Uncharted 2- honestly I've always had issues with the gameplay of the modern naughty dog games and while I did enjoy U2 the most out of the uncharted games it didn't quite make the cut, for that reason I enjoy the last of us more because I think the heaver stealth focus lessens some of my gameplay problems(the last of us 2 especially) also from memory this was the peak of "room with waist high walls" type design.

    And yeah while uncharted was not a surprise win its interesting that arkham and dragon age had a similar amount of 1 and 2 votes, arkham just cleaned up on the lower places.