EZA GOTY Inspections and Criticisms

  • @Phbz If you think 2014 was about fanboyism, then you haven't heard the stories about how that pick came to be. It was literally a matter of nobody wanting to pick Hearthstone, but people less into it like Jones basically going "You guys have literally been playing and discussing this game every day nonstop all year," in a if that's not GOTY what is manner.

    Also, I think gatekeeping genres from major accolade status in general is a widespread problem with the gaming space. Yeah, one of the biggest digital Card Games ever maybe deserves to actually be recognized as GOTY instead of automatically disqualified for not being a graphical / technical showpiece that's likely also Action Adventure, because that's what wins GOTY 98% of the time. Even though there's so many other genres like Racing that can get snubbed every single time, even if they make the crowning achievement of their genre in a year with nothing but mediocre entries in other genres. I guess Racing games just have to figure out ways to make their player cry if they want to be GOTY huh? Fuck GOTY norms. I don't like Hearthstone, especially today, but I definitely wouldn't say 2014 Hearthstone didn't deserve to be recognized.

  • @mbun Pretty sure I've heard Ben saying he was the one pushing for it and that he kinda regrets it. Kind of irrelevant anyway, just my opinion. I love that other genres get recognition, a predatory card game not so much IN MY OPINION.

  • I definitely agree with the "GOTY norms" needing to be challenged because it is bullshit that certain types of games don't get counted as GOTY contenders because they are either of a certain genre or the publication's staff didn't sink enough time into a racing game (if any).

    I recall Ian arguing last year for the 2019 GOTY discussion that The Outer Wilds does things that haven't been done before and pushes gaming forward. I haven't played that game, but the point stands in that "pushing gaming forward" is a good qualifier for GOTY, but again, that's ultimately subjective as all hell. The 2009 GT GOTY was Modern Warfare 2 and you can definitely argue that it pushed online multiplayer forward, but you can also argue that it was a refinement of the prior entry in the series and nothing more. Tough to say.


    In regards to the GameTrailers GOTY's over the years, I think they've always done a good job of at least drawing attention to A LOT of different games before issuing a winner, but I feel like that 2009 was weird in giving Modern Warfare 2 every category (Best PC, 360, and PS3 Game) as well as GOTY.

    I think that was another case of "well you're addicted to it, so it must be GOTY, right?" but maybe not pushing boundaries or creating new systems in a way Batman or Uncharted 2 did. It was a great game, and I think GT took way too much flak for that decision, but I don't think getting addicted to COD for months necessarily means it's the best.

  • There's more I want to say about this but I can't focus my thoughts right now, so I'll just say three things:

    • I love The Last Guardian, but I think the technical issues that it had should have disqualified it from being GOTY. The framerate can be so atrocious on base PS4. Also, Uncharted 4 got snubbed! :p
    • Far Cry 4 winning best shooter of 2014 is straight up disgusting. Wolfenstein The New Order wins that easily, and I would personally put it as GOTY.
    • It's kinda hard for me to criticize MW2 winning GOTY now, because in hindsight the multiplayer is very impactful to a ton of people out there, but on the other hand everything else the game offers are not nearly as good, and there's way better games in 2009 imo.

  • @phbz said:

    Pretty sure I've heard Ben saying he was the one pushing for it

    It was the year of Bayonetta 2, so doubt that's completely accurate.

    and that he kinda regrets it.

    It was the year of Bayonetta 2, so I'm sure that's completely accurate.

    I love that other genres get recognition

    They usually don't, least not as GOTY. They'll get thrown lesser categories, which is still just as insulting, if not more so in cases of certain categories like Best Family Game.

    predatory card game

    You can label any collectible card game as this. It is easier just to say you hate Hearthstone, which is fine. I think most people today do, but restrospect is easier than making decisions at the time.

    @DIPSET It is pretty lame when one game sweeps lots of categories around GOTY as well as it, but it also feels appropriate sometimes. Then other times you have crap like TLoU Part 2 taking Best Narrative when a large portion of the fans of that game hate that aspect of Part 2 but it wins anyways just because most "dramatic".

    As far as Modern Warfare 2 goes, I think the legacy of that game has cemented how much it deserved what it won that year, even if you're not wrong about building on the games before it, but that also applies to tons of games, even new series that built upon experience the devs got from previous unrelated games you don't think about as much.

    When it comes to the addictive aspect of a game pushing it for GOTY, I think you have to lean in an analyze why it is addictive. If it is simply addictive because it is fun to play and really does what it does exceptionally well, that shouldn't be a knock against it. If it is just the kind of game you play a ton because it is easy to, but there's not much substance behind what you're doing, of course that's not as "worthy" of spotlighting.

  • I don't know if I agree with any of the ones I played out of those. Bloodborne I can see an argument for. Maybe.

  • @mbun It's possible that you're right regarding Ben. But it's irrelevant, I said the game was picked out of fanboyism and insanity because 1) many of the allies are Blizzard fans 2) because in my opinion that's a silly pick for goty. I just don't see it. That's kind of the point of this thread...

    But I have to say, I despise Blizzard for how exploitative their game design philosophy is, so I'm very biased. I don't think there's a single developer I have such low consideration as I do for Blizzard.

  • @phbz said:

    1. many of the allies are Blizzard fans

    Looking back at that list, most of the allies are also From Software, Nintendo, Rockstar, Sony Santa Monica, Team Ico, etc. fans, so I don't think pointing that out means much unless you're going to leverage the same argument against ALL their GOTYs.

    1. because in my opinion that's a silly pick for goty. I just don't see it.

    No matter what wins GOTY every year, people are going to come out the woodwork wishing it was another game they're more attached to (the Uncharted 4 salt is eternal) and disagreeing with the one that won, even if they have no experience with that game and don't even know how it stacks up to their favorite. That's just GOTYs. Nobody plays everything, and everyone ends up with different affinities for and levels of attachment to different games.

  • @mbun If the allies picked Resident Evil - The card game (TM) I would say the exact same thing. Probably picked out of fanboyism and insanity.

  • 2020- TLOU2 was bad.
    Shouldve been something else.

  • Banned

    How the hell did Last Guardian win over Doom? I mean, don't get me wrong, I loved TLG, but fucking Doom.

    Also, it is downright despicable that Control didn't win 2019. I'm about 13 hours deep in the game and it has mindfucked it's way into my top 10 games of all time. Unless there is some monumental dropoff in quality near the end, I don't see my opinion changing.

    @mbun I think you are mistaking a vocal minority of disgruntled chuds for "a large portion" of fans. Literally no other game came even remotely close to presenting as compelling and complex a narrative as TLOU2 did.

  • @shoulderguy This was a top 10 Game of the Year games not awards as such.

  • TLG >>>>>>> DOOM

  • @dipset I haven't played TLG and I still agree.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    I think you are mistaking a vocal minority of disgruntled chuds for "a large portion" of fans.

    No, you're definitely waving away criticism because of the controversy before launch, but plenty of people who went through the game also weren't happy with the direction of the narrative.

    Literally no other game came even remotely close to presenting as compelling and complex a narrative as TLOU2 did.

    I know you didn't play much else in 2020, so I'm just going to hard disagree instead of saying more.

  • This post is deleted!

  • By the way as we discuss goty, and TLoU2 both in critics and people's choice impressive numbers.


    Award Totals

    The Last of Us Part II - 261
    Media Outlets: 170 | Readers' Choice: 91

    Hades - 53
    Media Outlets: 50 | Readers' Choice: 3

    Ghost of Tsushima - 50
    Media Outlets: 39 | Readers' Choice: 11

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 25
    Media Outlets: 24 | Readers' Choice: 1

    Cyberpunk 2077 - 25
    Media Outlets: 10 | Readers' Choice: 15

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - 20
    Media Outlets: 19 | Readers' Choice: 1

    Doom Eternal - 12
    Media Outlets: 12 | Readers' Choice: 0

    Half Life: Alyx - 9
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla - 4

    Microsoft Flight Simulator - 4
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps - 4
    Yakuza: Like a Dragon - 4
    Immortals Fenyx Rising - 2
    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - 1
    Demon's Souls - 1
    Dreams - 1
    Kentucky Route Zero - 1
    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 1
    Persona 5 Royal - 1
    Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin - 1
    Spiritfarer - 1
    Tell Me Why - 1
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 - 1


  • @scotty

    Man effing spoilers!!!

  • @scotty Dude some of us haven't watched the entire EZA GOTY stream-I know this sort of thing slips out but I think we treat EZA GOTYs like films or videogames and don't want them spoiled.


    I thought it was okay because others talked about it in the thread but sorry to offend you guys. If I knew it was a problem I definitely wouldn't do it since I hate spoilers.

    @bam541 said in EZA GOTY Inspections and Criticisms:

    Also, Uncharted 4 got snubbed! :p

    To this day, I still get sad when I remember Overwatch won over Uncharted 4 or in this case The Last Guardian.