EZA's 2020 GOTY Awards

  • The awards video has just premiered, and I have a guess that all of you have (or will have) some things to say about the whole thing, so I made this thread to focus on the 2020's GOTYs specifically, and also to make it clear to people who haven't watched the awards and don't want to be spoiled to avoid this thread. Share your thoughts!

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    The video itself is wonderfully edited, and the script is great as well, hats off to allies for putting great work into it.

    Please be aware of spoiling those who view the main page of this forums, so it would be great if you can start your post with a short distraction.

  • I have only watched the deliberations right until they started discussing best narrative, so I can't say too much about the process, but I have to say, I'm very impressed by the discussions so far. I really like that the allies keep praising their own picks for each category instead of unnecessarily bringing another game down. It makes the whole discussion feel very productive and fun to listen to. Also, they did a great job describing their own picks and reasonings, and even as someone that haven't played many of the games they talked about, I feel like I understand why they love it so much. I want to play HL Alyx so bad! Blood kinda sold me on The Last Campfire, and this whole thing reminds me that, as a self-proclaimed roguelike fan, it would be sinful for me if I don't play Hades soon. Also, I have got to try 13 Sentinels myself at some point.

    As for the awards winners as a whole, there's some that I didn't expect, like the GOTY winner, but I think they made good picks overall.

    Ghost of Tsushima not getting best soundtrack nominee is probably my biggest disagreement, I have been obsessed with the OST ever since it came out and I can't get enough of how impactful it is. Also, the Sakai Katana should have won! The Lethal difficulty setting makes me appreciate that katana so much more, and the reverence that many of the characters have for it is truly earned.

    I'm one of those people that think TLOU Part II is one of the greatest games ever, but that not winning any awards here doesn't surprise me at all. I will come to 13 Sentinels with high expectations, if I ever get to play it.

  • I don't want to feel like this afterwards and I blame my expectations, but I can't help but get real salty when I watched their GOTY Awards this year. So much attention was paid to the expected mainstream inclusions and there were some snubs that I found difficult to take-hence the expectation problem. I'd like to play Half Life: Alyx but the biggest problem with that is I'll need to by a decent PC and a VR headset-which is far too much money to spend for just one game. Damn all this saltiness is raising my blood pressure to alarming levels. On the plus side it was great to see some of the winners and of course a brilliant array of games were recognised.

  • @jdincinerator damn that sounds rough, lol. After you have chilled out for a bit, I would love to know what you expected exactly.

  • @bam541 I'm alright really I just can't help but be salty sometimes-again my expectations I think turn me this way-happened with last year's GOTYs too. I would've like Huntdown and Wintermoor Tactics Club to gain some recognition as well as Creaks among other games that made an impression this year that didn't get nominated for anything. They have an award for best game to play in one night, but what about the best game you probably didn't play or best overlooked game or hidden gem game? Besides I do get the sense that certain nominations had a particular ally written all over it like Ben would've pulled mightily hard for 13 Sentinels and influenced Yakuza: Like Dragon's award wins, and I get the feeling he was instrumental in getting Alyx to be GOTY. I want to conclude by saying it's not that I don't like the awards, they're great and they made wonderfully-but my mind and my expectations just invade coherent thought and turn positivity into negativity.

  • @jdincinerator I feel like the Best Seven category kinda fills in the overlooked/hidden gem void a bit, but yeah, I get that. I was personally hurt when The Pathless got swept away so fast, lol. I would love it if they add another category for this next year. I feel like these days there's just so many lesser known stuff that deserves more spotlight, especially since there's so many big games each year that doesn't disappoint, and it's so easy for many games to be overshadowed by them.

  • @bam541 The Best Seven category consisted of games that EZA reviewed and didn't even include Bugsnax as a nominee!

  • @jdincinerator Well, they did talk about Bugsnax a bit in the deliberations... I get the feeling that those who played it didn't like it enough, and Ian was particularly disappointed about the direction/vibes of the game (he only watched Omar playing it though).

  • @bam541 I guess that's forgivable but I loved Bugsnax and for Ian to watch and not play Bugsnax is weak.

  • @jdincinerator yeah I kinda agree, although Ian's more concerned with how depressing and sad the game is, which is visible without needing to play it. It's not a game for everyone, I guess.

  • They actually shoutout-ed a lot of games in the Personal Picks video, really glad to see that. After seeing that video, I feel so satisfied with this year's awards, this year's definitely my favorite one in terms of how they presented it and how they discussed each category during the deliberations.

  • @bam541 The only part of the whole thing that sat wrong with me was Jones cutting in to let us know Among Us is taking Best Multiplayer due to Fortnite being disqualified, when the vote previous to this had come down to Fortnite versus Animal Crossing. They even specifically said "Among Us is out. " before cutting to Jones announcing it won. I guess the time between the sessions gave people time to change their votes, but it was jarring as fuck and just felt like something got messed up between the chaos Fortnite caused.

  • It's really crazy thatbthey are putting this video which takes many hours to watch every year. I yet to ginish any of these GOTY discussions but still it's good to see.

    You know what, I'm not surprised about the GOTY that much I think. I was thinking about the possibility of something like this happen.

  • I honestly can't watch 8 hours of deliberations, but I played an hour or so in the background while I cleaned my house and made dinner. I find this whole thing weird because it's like filming an internal meeting and the audience takes things they say and scrutinizes them when in reality, the only true thing they are putting forward as the formal collective Easy Allies are the official nominees and the winners. To me, everything else is off the record.


    In regards to the GOTY Awards official video, I thought it was fantastic and their best presented awards video since 2016. I can tell they put a lot of thought into properly explaining why every game was nominated for its category, especially for the GOTY nominees and particularly the GOTY Winner got a really great piece.

    I think that's where GT / EZA has always stood above the rest. Their explanations for every game feels authentically like one-unified and well articulated voice. I don't watch their GOTY pick and wonder how they came to that conclusion.

  • It started to bug me at some point how Ben seemed to get his will pretty much every time and how his say had more weight than some of the others. Mainly because he just kept talking and insisting on his points.

  • Spoilers for GOTY winner------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------

    I'll probably never play Half-Life: Alyx because I get motion sick easily and I don't have any VR equipment. But from everything I heard during the deliberations it sounds awesome and worthy of GOTY. Also nice to hear Ori and the Will of the Wisps get some praise from the Allies.

  • @sentinel-beach

    To be fair, he articulates himself the best.

  • @sentinel-beach I definitely see your point & somewhat agree, but all the other allies had their chance to speak up. Damiani & Brad didn't say too much. Ian was the only one to challenge Ben in any meaningful way even he backed down most of the time.

  • Also, I feel like Ben plays the most games out of everyone this year, so the others put a lot of trust in him.

  • @dipset said:

    I find this whole thing weird because it's like filming an internal meeting and the audience takes things they say and scrutinizes them when in reality, the only true thing they are putting forward as the formal collective Easy Allies are the official nominees and the winners. To me, everything else is off the record.

    I feel like showing us their deliberations and saying that's how they came to choose their pics is an act of transparency. Should we maybe cut them some slack for anything said during over a day's worth of casual deliberating? Of course. I don't think you should count it as "off the record" though, when the whole point of being transparent with it is opposite of that.


    I liken it to you can watch a review from someone you like and trust that their tastes will match up with your own. Not all of the allies got to play everything last year, so often they would be leaning on Ben's word for a game they didn't have time to finish, knowing they can trust his taste in games and would probably be agreeing with him had they had the time to play it themselves. I don't really agree with "kept talking and insisting on his points", because there was always plenty of room for other allies to talk and question him, which they did.

    The only exception to this was when Jones was rambling off about trailers and everyone else was just silent pretty much the whole time or to a lesser degree Blood presenting the soundtrack category and Huber presenting the weapon category. Even all that felt fine to me though, since there remained an air of if somebody wanted to speak up during or become a bigger part of it beforehand, they had room to. No point during GOTYs did it feel like it devolved into a shouting match or anything. Honestly, the most pushy the debates became was probably around FF7R for Best Soundtrack, which was clearly just people being very passionate and having arguments ready to fire for why it deserved that category. If anything, the deliberations felt almost too tame this year, with many cases of people not wanting to bother arguing for something over something else, because the perceived winner already felt like a lock, or it felt like a losing battle to them.

    I don't know if I'd call this getting their argument "shut down" but there was the part with Huber basically commenting the problems he had with Alyx, getting sick and technical problems from using a worse VR machine, then nobody really knowing how to respond since he was the only one who experienced those problems. I think that's where it helped to have most of the allies have played Alyx, so they knew Huber's experience was more an outlier than the typical one.