EZA's 2020 GOTY Awards

  • @dipset I haven't played it yet, so I can't speak to this with informed intelligence, but maybe it is a casualty of people tending to prefer a new concept to an old concept done exceptionally well. I guess Hades sort of pushes back against that, but Hades also definitely pushed the genre forward with how it could handle directly tying story and character progression to the loop as well as just having massive amounts of dialogue and characters to dig into.

  • @mbun

    I definitely don’t think Ori 2 is pushing the genre too far forward like Hades did for Rogue’s but it’s at least adding something by having top tier maneuverability. Not saying it should necessarily be showered with praise during GOTY discussions, but I legitimately think this is one of the best 2D Metroidvania games I’ve ever played.

    One thing I wish more people brought up with Ori 2 is how dramatically superior it is to the original. It’s exactly what a sequel should be—learned from its mistakes, looked around the room (mainly at Hollow Knight), and stepped it up in every single way. I think a lot of people didn’t play Ori 1 and assumed that was good and Ori 2 is more of the same, but I don’t think the original is very good yet I think this sequel is amazing.

    Another takeaway from GOTY deliberations...

    American’s say the word been as either ”bin” or ”Ben” to the point that I can’t ignore it every time they say it.

  • @dipset said:

    American’s say the word been as either ”bin” or ”Ben” to the point that I can’t ignore it every time they say it.

    Yes, this is correct. Get your "bean" out of here.

    People overhyped Ori 1 for me before I played it and their hype actually payed off for once, so given all the hype Ori 2 has been getting, I think I'll have a great time whenever I get around to it.

  • @dipset Wait a sec, you never say "bin"? Like if you are speaking quickly or something? "You've been late for work 5 times this week." You would stretch it out to "been" there? I know I would say "bin" and I'm pretty sure everybody I know would... but you now have me doubting myself. BUT, the "ben" thing I will agree I have never heard elsewhere. I was so confused the time on the podcast when Kyle said the word was said the same as Ben's name.

    I also don't get how Jones says "multiplayer" but I think that's just unique to him.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    BEAN and AH-BOU-T 10 times out of 10.

  • Another huge snub that was left out of the entire GOTY Awards and personal picks was DiRT 5-I wonder why Blood didn't include it or review it.

  • @jdincinerator

    Dirt 5 isn't GOTY material. It's pretty mediocre in the grand scheme of things and critics weren't harsh enough on it imo.

  • @dipset I disagree about it being mediocre, it has lots of visual appeal and feels as slick as DiRT 3.

  • @jdincinerator

    I watched this at launch and I think it's definitely lacking compared to 99% of the market competition. Lacking wheel support is just like... what? No photo mode or even replays. Just seems so barebones to have no choice of circuit, types of vehicle, race type, and especially invisible walls in a world where FH4 exists. Lots of bugs and glitches too which I also experienced in F1 2020 so I think Codemasters is just pumping out games lately. They also published F&F Crossroads and then sold their company this year so that wouldn't surprise me.

    Not saying it's bad, but definitely not in the GOTY discussion.

    Youtube Video

  • @dipset I care about the gameplay and I think Codies succeeds where many racing games have faltered. Looking at it I see that it makes a great effort to be memorable, but also I like how gritty the races feel. The video does make a good point about drifting because it's more awkward than it used to be in prior games, but I found plenty about the game I enjoyed generally. I get it's not a game-changer but it has satisfied me plentifully and I've been waiting for a racing game like this for a while-and this is so much better than DiRT 4 imo.