Favourite Thing About GTA: San Andreas

  • GTA: San Andreas is one of the best GTA games and PS2/Xbox/PC games. So many memorable and unforgettable moments and characters that have left an indelible mark since it came out over sixteen years ago. I remember playing San Andreas religiously and it was remarkable just how big of a game it was back then-it set a benchmark for open world games and to this day I love sitting down and playing it because I feel it hasn't lost much of its brilliance all these years later. As for best moment I have to say Big Smoke's food order still stands as the most humorous moment-the fact that a lot of Big Smoke's words have ended up as memes say a lot about how significant the character in San Andreas. The Truth was always a cool and chill dude no matter what calamity was going on-I particularly liked the drive with him to San Fierro even if he was blowing smoke all up in CJ's face.

  • Jetpack with double Uzis.

  • I really like going to the gym and lifting weights. Not in real life, but in the game!

  • At the time, the biggest thing by far was you could finally swim so no more dying trying to board a boat.

    The weapon skill upgrades (yes, @Mbun, jetpack and double uzis).

    The unlockable skills and items were awesome and worth the effort. Hydra on the roof. Hydra in general.

    The jumbo jet in the hangar at the airport.

    The massive map.

    Stealth knife attack and sniping people in their cars.

    I love this game.

  • Hot Coffee

    Riding motorcycles and doing cop missions with a police motorcycle.