PlayStation 2020 Wrap-Up

  • Sony is jumping on the wrap-up bandwagon now! You can check out personalized stats for your PlayStation account at Let's share our stats here! Here's mine.








    I have to say that I'm very, very ashamed of myself for playing Genshin Impact that much. It's not a bad game at all, but man, I just got really into the whole gacha system and progression. I should have spent most of that time doing something else, lol.

    I don't know how I managed to play that many hours, but if they count the times I let YouTube run at the background while I study, then that makes sense. 0 hours for VR is sad though, wish I had one. Also, Saturday is the best day.

  • @bam541 I like how you've been playing Ghost of Tsushima for 69 hours.

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    Gotta say I thought Tony Hawk would be number 1 as my most played game, swear I put more time into that then either of my top 3.

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  • I feel like I BARELY touched my PS4 in 2020, but apparently I played a bit. I lived with my old roommate from January to April so that explains the COD Modern Warfare which I don't even own on PS4.

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    EDIT - How could I forget! Pre-pandemic 2020, EB Games had a $7 for 7 PS3 Games deal. I wish I bought more games TBH because I mainly bought "Dumb Games" that I heard of dating back to like 2006 on GameTrailers, but I obviously never played. Most of those were FPS Games which explains why FPS is my top genre. In case you were wondering, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is absolute dog shit (but I still kinda had fun cause it's so bad).

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    I'm pretty shocked by my Sunday Evenings stat considering Sunday evenings from September to January are exclusively dominated by watching every single NFL game from 1pm to basically 10pm so I have no idea when I was playing games during that time. Maybe it was when I played The Last of Us Part II over a few weekends. The solo Platinum was TLOU:R cleanup run that I left lingering since like 2014-2015.

    Definitely more of a PC year for me. Especially because I don't want to invest more into PS4 when I plan on getting a PS5 as soon as I can get one.

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    I loved every second of Origins but honestly can't force myself to keep going with Odyssey.
    Crazy that I put almost as much time into TLOU2 as I did those other games and it was a predominantly linear experience. Loved the whole thing.

    Funny how my taste in games has changed in just a few short years. Time was I would spend most of my time online playing Overwatch and Seige but now I couldn't give less of a fuck and much prefer a good singleplayer experience.

    If they do this again for 2021, I can see Control being at the top of my list. Going to do another playthru on PS5 when I get one.

  • PS4
    Number of games played in 2020: 46

    My top games:

    1. The Last of Us Part II: 77 hours
    2. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy: 73 hours
    3. Days Gone: 65 hours

    Top genre: Action-Adventure, 684 hours

    Total hours of gameplay in 2020: 1784
    Days played in 2020: 248
    Top day of the week: Afternoons on Wednesday

    Total number of trophies earned in 2020: 1208 (24 / 132 / 268 / 784)

    Top PS5 game: Assassin's Creed Valhalla, 150 hours
    Total PS5 gameplay hours: 207
    Total PS5 trophies: 160

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    Yakuza 4 is probably 4th.


    3 hours of Fall Guys then!


    What's wrong with Tuesdays? No idea.

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    Good number, considering I don't have my personal console.



    I played almost all of the content in Spider-Man and DLCs, wonder why don't I have platin trophy for that. I started over Part II 2-3 times even though I just finished it one time. For the GoW: That's what you get when you combine obsession with completionist spirit(maybe they both related to each other 🤷)


    1 for Fall Guys and 3 for Uncharted 4 probably. I don't like playing online so much(duh).


    My off-day was usually friday during 2020, so makes sense.

    I would like to see these datas again but for PS5 and hopefully increased in value.

  • I feel like it might have include streaming hours. It said I played 190 of Borderlands 3, 90 of Hitman 2 and 50 of Far Cry 5. So that’s 330. Then it says my total hours was over 1100, which would mean I played any number of games for no more than 50 hours each to make up 770 hours. That’s a minimum of 15 games at 50+ hours each and I don’t think I even played 15 games total on ps4. If it showed games 4-6 I’m pretty sure they would have been Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and the Wiggles.

  • Blood, Jones, Damiani and Huber also shared their wrapup on the latest EZA podcast, it's pretty fun.

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