Destruction All Stars - PS5 - Lucid Games

  • Destruction All Stars released today!

    I'm excited to get stuck in after work, but just wanted to make a thread to grab peoples first impressions if they try it out.

    Destruction All Stars was part of the initial PS5 line up, it's a multiplayer focussed automobile destruction game, with accompanying on-foot gameplay. Think cross between Twisted Metal, Titanfall, and Monday Night Combat, and you have something that resembles destruction All Stars.

    When prices were announced, it was listed as being a full price game. Some backlash came and it was delayed to February, and announced it would be a Playstation Plus title at launch. There has been no word yet on what the price will be when the game eventually leaves PS Plus, as the game is currently not available outside of the PS Plus programme, despite offering a single player mode.

    The game features micro-transactions in the form of virtual currency. There are two virtual currencies, one which is earned, and one which is bought. the bought virtual currency will be able to be earned later in the year. The only limitations of the currency I'm currently aware of is that the game features 'Street Fighter Arcade Model' style story modes for various characters, offering a light story context to the world of Destruction All Stars. These modes are bought seperately for each character and must be bought using the paid for virtual currency.

    Youtube Video

  • The most destructive game since Wreckfest-looks like a treat.

  • If they will going to sell it and still lock the content behind pay-wall it is going to be messy.

  • Currently watching the group stream, and I think the game looks really fun. The cars seem to control well, and the feedback from hitting other things is pretty solid. I previously thought that it could be too visually chaotic to understand what's going on, but that's not the case at all. I still worry about the announcer and character lines getting repetitive at some point, but other than that it looks great to me.

    Also, I lost all my werehogs betting on the allies winning one of the matches. They tanked the goddamn stock!

  • Hearing mixed things but I just need it to score 70% for my Fantasy Critic. Honestly, I think it looks fun but the apparent weird vibes of the game can be a buzzkill.

    I’ll play it when I get a damn PS5.

  • As far as I saw, the fundamentals are mechanically strong, but their skin / victory celebration game and such is weak, which added with connectivity problems might be enough to kill it in spite of being a good concept done well. Hell, Onrush was fucking amazing and died a horrible death, so I think car combat games today got a real uphill battle no matter how good they are.

  • @mbun Barely anyone bought Onrush though... I feel like DSA being included with PS Plus guarantees that it will at least have a decent following. Now it's just a matter of keeping it well supported.

  • @bam541 Onrush was also a PS Plus game near the end.

  • @mbun Yeah... 6 months after it came out. That's not enough to turn back the tides at that point, I remember seeing that many of the Onrush staff was laid off by Codemasters like a month after launch.

  • @dipset said in Destruction All Stars - PS5 - Lucid Games:

    I’ll play it when I get a damn PS5.

    I've been saying this for 2 months about some games and it's becoming annoying. :DDD

  • Banned

    @mbun Oh man. OnRush. I still mourn for that game.
    Like dude, how ya just gonna make the most fun, original and unique racing game in forever and have it die like that?

    It honestly rustles the hell out of my jimmies that unless your game is a simlite or open world arcade racer, shit is doomed to failure these days regardless of quality.

  • Yeah, I don't see it. But with online games we never know. Kind of random what dictates success.