The Matter of Spoilers

  • Before I go on, there are no spoilers here just a discussion about spoilers themselves and how much of a big deal they really are or not. I think spoilers are aerodynamic additions to cars but of course that's not what I'm talking about here. In my opinion spoilers for videogames can be ignored simply by not engaging on the internet, especially not in the forums where most spoilers are revealed. I can understand people's frustrations with having their games/films/TV shows spoiled out of nowhere, but with the way negative emotions are-you're mad for a bit then you move on. I don't condone spoilers but I do think people should change their attitudes towards them a bit for their benefit. Some will say spoilers ruin the experience of the story for those victimised, but that's not the case because you can still watch the experience for yourself with your own eyes and you might garner something new from doing so. Written spoilers can only go so far to jeopardize your experience-so try focusing on the positives of being spoiled as ridiculous as that might sounds. The internet creates negativity and madness but you don't need to be sucked in by it.

  • It really comes down to empathy. Trying to be careful is not that difficult. Just put warning without writing something that may be important for some people. You are not sure about it? Just put it anyway, you won't lose anything but maybe you will avoid from making someone's joy decreased.

  • Empathy and common sense too. If it's something that just happened just don't put it out there. I'm not watching WandaVision but it's my understanding that the show premiered really early in the day and Twitter was out of control with spoilers. I think not going online shouldn't be the solution, decent social behaviour should be enough. I feel people do get way too affected by spoilers. I get more pissed at the disrespect than the spoiler it self.

    This is the old guy in me talking now, I do feel modern media confuses good writing with gotcha moments and relies too heavily on twists and pivotal moments. Series like The Wire, Angels in America or Chernobyl are so consistently well written that it would be impossible to feel like a spoiler would ruin them because they aren't a desert of nothing with that one thing.

    Going back to WandaVision, for the last weeks I've been seeing people complaining that it wasn't that great. Now all of a sudden I have that same people on my timeline claiming it's the best thing ever because that one thing happen on the last episode. Apparently because it connects with something in another movie or whatever, like if connecting things through fiction is a great thing in itself when by something being fiction means you can literally connect whatever you feel like. I don't know seems more like they are trying to upsell stuff with my burger.

    Anyway I digress. Spoilers suck, people should be careful and respectful.

  • @phbz said in The Matter of Spoilers:

    I feel people do get way too affected by spoilers. I get more pissed at the disrespect than the spoiler it self.

    Giving spoilers is just downright disrespectful and selfish. ''You had to see it, not my problem'' what a bunch of morons!

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    @phbz As a self professed comic book nerd who absolutely loved House of M and the subsequent 14 year story arc that followed it leading into the climax of Avengers vs X-Men, the revelation from last night's episode of Wandavision was more than just a neat "gotcha" or "hey look it's connected!".
    It goes a lot deeper than that and is intertwined with the overall lore of Marvel and it's multitude of universes across many different forms of media.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I wonder if they just did it because of ''recast'' joke or that they will acknowledge Fox's X-Men while we are going to multiverse road.

  • I’m so desensitised to spoilers nowadays. I got spoiled on the end of Half Blood Prince when I was young and nothings ever going to be worse than that. I’ve learned to just appreciate that the spoiler isn’t where the experience is.

    I try and avoid them obviously. But it’s something I’m glad I’ve gotten used to in the era of pop culture and social media.

  • @el-shmiablo I'm sure the board of creative directors made it in a way that makes sense to the franchise. I just not a big fan of this over reliance on plot twists.

    I understand that makes commercial sense in the context of social media and hype culture, I'm personally just not a fan of the approach.

  • @hazz3r Exactly, it's your experience that counts not somebody writing about the details. Your experiences inform your opinions and emotions to what happens-and they are much stronger than any spoiler can give.