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  • I know it's really hard to pick one R* game to claim has your absolute favourite-maybe such questions are impossible to answer-but what is the best R* game in your opinion? If I had to choose one then I think I'll take Vice City because it's superb and the step up from GTA 3 was brilliant. Whereas GTA 3 was dank, straightforward and rather plain, Vice City dresses GTA up in all shades of colours and styles-adorned with brilliant characters, funny as heck radio stations, a permeating inspiration of 80s films and TV shows, improved gameplay with more activities, a speaking protagonist and much more. In the span of a single year R* transformed GTA-yes the character models are still ugly as sin, the aiming is still tacky and some of the missions are very annoying- but the amount of effort in making Vice City unforgettable is truly an astonishing feat. I can remember all the characters in Vice City when compared to GTA V when I can only tell you the names of about 5-7 characters.

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    I know it's really hard to pick one R* game to claim has your absolute favourite

    not for me baybeee, it's easily RDR2. Despite being a showcase of how stubborn and aged Rockstar's mindset can be, with the clunky controls, ordinary mission structures and somewhat bloated story, Rockstar still comes so far ahead in so many things compared to their contemporaries. A cast full of great characters keeps me engaged all the way through it's story, and when you're just exploring the world, there's just so much to find, see, hear, and do. RDR2's world is not only a visual showpiece, but also filled with fun stuff and details to discover, and it's definitely Rockstar's finest open world yet (and also up there as one of the best in games). I still remember being creeped out when I found some random abandoned house filled with witchcraft-esque markings nearing the end of my playthrough, there's just so many things in that game that I haven't even experienced yet. Not to mention, I thought the survival game-esque mechanics they added here (taking care of your weapons, keeping hunger in check, etc) made me feel more in tune with the wild west itself, and it never got to a point where it annoyed me, so I got even more immersed while I was in that world.

    If we're talking only GTA games then I would be a bit more conflicted. For me, deciding which GTA game I like the most is purely on preferences, because I love all the GTA games that I have played, but some of them are clearly more in my wheelhouse than others. Purely from a tone/vibe perspective, Vice City's iconic Miami setting and IV's pessimistic urban perspective are my favorite ones, but in terms of having a wide range of meaningful and fun activities, GTA V trumps all of them for me, and it also has the benefit of having the best feeling controls in the series yet (although I still like IV's driving controls the most). At the end, it comes down to GTA V to me, closely followed by IV.

  • Bully by a long shot. There isn't anything like that in the genre unfortunately. I would love to see it again much more than seeing another GTA. Rockstar stopped going for variety unfortunately and I'm getting annoyed by it.


    Nothing will ever beat the sense of awe i felt when i played this for the first time. Objectively it's not the best game of course but there is just so much nostalgia and great memories that i can't chose any other game.

  • RDR2 for the mind-blowing world and GTA IV for the oppressive atmosphere. They are all good games, with lots of flaws and also lots of industry leading stuff.

  • Bully.
    GTA is terrible.

  • Red Dead 1 will always be my favorite, but it's possible I've got nostalgia goggles on a little bit. I just love the streamlined structure of it as opposed to that of 2 (which I still adore), and it just makes me feel like a cowboy more than RDR2. RDR2 takes place so much in the east that the old west feeling unfortunately suffers, whereas New Austin just screams Fistful of Dollars and Butch Cassidy.

  • Your right it is hard to pick just one, I've enjoyed most of Rockstar's games since GTA 2. All the GTA's, Red Dead Redemption, Bully, The Warriors, Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire. I'll say it's between GTA San Andreas and RDR 2 for me. I recognize that RDR 2 is the superior game now but I have lots of great memories of playing GTA San Andreas.

  • @phbz
    One of the little things I loved in GTA4 was the fisheye lens that would happen when looking up into the sky, definitely helps give the feeling that your surrounded on all sides by monolithic buildings.

  • @dmcmaster That's actually a really cool detail. Never noticed it.

  • @phbz
    And if I remember correctly that fisheye effect is only for GTA4, the two DLC have it missing. Could a technical thing or maybe a slight bit of character development.

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    @dmcmaster It's because Niko is a foreigner and not used to tall buildings surrounding him.
    The other two characters are Liberty City natives and used to it.

  • @el-shmiablo
    That's why I said it could be a slight bit of character development, however I suspect it's also technical because I remember the framerate on the PS3 version of 4 taking a pretty bad dip when the fisheye effect happens (granted the PS3 version ran like crap to begin with.)

  • One of the best parts about Bully is when Jimmy plays tonsil hockey with Eunice for the first time.

  • @jdincinerator

    Bully 2, Bully remake, Bully spin-off. Something has to happen to this franchise. It has a great potential and very unique game. Leave the big boys alone for some time and do this.

  • Max Payne 3 by far. it was first and last time rockstar game is mechanically perfect and its so good that show thier talent they wasted on open world games.
    didnot liked any GTA game. tried GTA5 too and it sucked, stopped playing it in mid way. RDR1 was thier best open world game but RDR2 is snoozefest, it might have best graphics ever, incredibly detailed world but gameplay is incredibly dull and slow and missions that offer absolutely no freedom at all plus automatic horse riding when following a gang over and over made it booring.

  • @b-cell lol I forgot MP3 was a Rockstar game! I think that takes the cake away from RDR2 for me.

  • Three-way tie between Vice City, San Andreas and Bully. All are some of my favorite games ever.