• Which GT/EZA GOTY is the best and most agreeable of the bunch? The best of the bunch for me is probably GTA IV though I imagine Breath of the Wild would be the popular pick. Here are the GOTY winners from 2007 right up to 2020 just to remind you:
    2007-Super Mario Galaxy
    2008-GTA IV
    2009-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    2010-Mass Effect 2
    2011-Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
    2012-X-COM: Enemy Unknown
    2013-The Last of Us
    2016-The Last Guardian
    2017-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    2018-God of War
    2019-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    2020-Half Life: Alyx

  • Yeah I would go with BotW

  • I'll go Mass Effect 2

  • This kind of feels like the opposite of that other thread. Even Breath of the Wild had people complaining about weapon durability or who just plain didn't like it. I don't remember hearing any criticism for God of War, so probably that? Super Mario Galaxy probably next in line after it.

  • Bloodborne baybeee

  • I'm personally rooting for Uncharted 3, but I will cast my vote for TLOU.

  • @bam541 I love Uncharted 3 and yet it gets a bad rap from the general audience.

  • @jdincinerator I feel like it's mostly because Uncharted 2 set everyone's expectations too high. It's just hard to make another sequel like that since it improved so many things from the first game, and Uncharted 1 certainly had a very big room for improvement. The thing I like so much about Uncharted 3 is that there's cool scenarios that haven't been replicated in future games (like the hallucinations). I feel like Naughty Dog already made better versions of pretty much all scenarios found in Uncharted 2.

  • Banned

    Bloodborne or God of War for me.
    I love Greek Mythology and I love Lovecraftian Horror.
    Maybe that's why I like Blood of the Gods on Netflix so much.

  • I get the feeling 2012 and 2014 were pretty terrible years in videogames or they were made better by the open field where there was no clear GOTY favourite. I've not played Hearthstone so I've no idea how great the game is but it would seem like a weak gaming year if a card game was the best of the best that year. I know that's not fair to rag on a card game but this GOTY is easily the most obscure and strangest GOTY that GT gave.

  • Banned

    @jdincinerator They actually addressed that during GOTY deliberations.
    They also wanted to disqualify it for being "just a card game" but when they actually thought about how much enjoyment they got from the game and how much time they all spent playing it, they had to give it to Hearthstone.

  • @bam541

    I second that. TLoU is a bit above the Unc3 but Unc3 is very underrated unfortunately.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles