Twits and Crits

  • So Funhaus has a new DnD show, with Elyse Willems (of GameTrailers and Tabletop Adventures) as one of the adventurers.

    And she's roleplaying (more or less) as Spervince. She even accidentally refers to her character as Spervince at one point. It's great.

    Her new character:

    The other Funhaus guys are great too, but I've been needing some good Sperv in my life.

    The catch is that the full sessions are for "First members" only right now, which is like $5/month (or less), but there will be edited-down versions for YouTube and there is also a 1-month free trial available.

    Full Session

    YouTube Version

  • While I am an RT Sponsor and I LOVE what the Funhaus crew have been doing I feel that their content is best when edited. So I'd suggest watching the Youtube versions. I remember watching a full stream of theirs and while it was funny, watching the edited version ironically added so much more to the video. They have great editors!

    That said I loved this DnD episode. Elyse knows how to bring the funny! ^

  • Yaknow, I never even bothered watching the YouTube version, but now that I're absolutely right. It's not heavily edited like most of their content, but there's some moments that are cut out to make the funnies more dense. It's good. And I'm glad the YouTube version is sufficient so nobody really needs the sponsorship :D