5 Years Since GameTrailers Shutdown

  • I also got to GT after it was already dead and it was through Final Bosman. I got hugely hooked on watching that backlog until I had seen them all. Kyle was what eventually brought me over to EZA and, sadly, his leaving is likely the reason I couldn't tell you the last time I watched one of their streams or videos. His breakdown on Mortal Kombat character design and name for the designer are two of my favourite memories.

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  • Joined the site in 2006 under the name "LetsGoTaco" later down the road I switched it to "FROSTFIRE" then landed on "GoTaco".

    GameTrailers was just an amazing website. I recall in my pre-PS3 days of getting hyped up to jump into next gen, I just ravenously consume any and all media on that site. I am so hyper aware of so many games from 2005-2012 (good, bad, and everything in-between) because I'd just watch everything they'd scrape from around the internet and uploaded to the site.

    The site also had so many amazing community features like blogs and user videos. I couldn't compete with the visual design photoshop compositers on there showing their art off but I made little blogs about casting hollywood actors in video game adaptation movies. I was like 12 years old in 2006 so I'm sure it was D-U-M-B.

    Old avatars and sigs I used:
    4_1613064182442_Kim avatar.jpg 3_1613064182442_Frostsig.png 2_1613064182442_Frostava.png 1_1613064182441_avatar.jpg 0_1613064182441_Armor Spider.png
    5_1613064319094_trailer park boys sig.png 4_1613064319093_Spyro ava zoom.png 3_1613064319093_ricky avatar good.png 2_1613064319093_p4-yukiko-27.jpg 1_1613064319093_OLD DEFAULT GT AVATAR.png 0_1613064319092_deaddragon.jpg
    (Edgy... I know...)

    I have some Halls of Valhalla threads saved in my bookmarks, but I've been wanting to dive into the Wayback Machine more thoroughly to find all the gems. It's a shame forums are basically a dying breed outside of Discord and ResetEra. The GT Forums were very active back in the day and it was fun. I was pretty sad when GT shut down but the writing was on the wall. They did a good job after Shane left but the whole industry was changing.


    I also have some classic comments saved such as the good ol LittleBigPlanet comment:



    Halls of Valhalla - Full List of Threads

    The magnum opus of the GT Forums... Shell Hammer!

    0_1613064429966_shell hammer.jpg

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  • I used to watch GT reviews randomly on YouTube, I just learned to recognise the voice, so Brandon is the reason why I eventually got into GT. And even that was accidental. I was going through X360 apps, saw one named GT and then I realized it was the guy with the cool voice from the reviews. Then I got really into GT content.

    The day the news of the end of GT surfaced I got genuinely sad. But as soon as the patreon became a thing I jumped right in.

    From the people that left EZA I miss Elyse the most. Loved seeing her work with Ian. Kyle I enjoy more his Final Bosman kinda stuff but in social situations he can be kind of obnoxious.

  • GT days were glory days of gaming forums. during 2010-12 it was most active gaming community.

  • I wish there's a documentary or something that details the history and GT's influence on the community. Would be cool.

  • Everyone stop the presses! The most legendary 8 minutes in GameTrailers history!
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  • Started watching GT around 2013-2014 with GT Countdown, which I found through ScrewAttack's Top 10s. Other favorite series were GT Time, The Final Bosman, Pop Fiction, & Pach Attack, then later on Level, Dumb Game Monday, and Mandatory Update Nights.

    Here's one of my favorite episodes of GT Countdown (one of the last ones they did), which is just sweet (though Omar's story does raise an eyebrow):

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  • i remember that year when the entire GT forums cracked the shits because Kirby's Epic Yarn won best Graphics at E3 instead of a PS3 or 360 game.
    good times.

  • also this will never get old.

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  • @yoshi said in 5 Years Since GameTrailers Shutdown:

    also this will never get old.

    And this:

    Youtube Video

  • I believe this was the very last thing GT released aside from the farewell stream:

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  • The wildest episode of Mandatory Update:

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  • An old GT forum user found this thread through Google and shared his webpage with me. He's collecting all of the art he can find from the famous Hammer Shell thread.

    Check it out: https://www.deviantart.com/hammershell

    I think "Crysis Mods" takes the cake.

    alt text

  • @dipset hammer shell was amazing

  • Ahh hammershell. Now that takes me back

  • I miss the forums :(

  • @longview said in 5 Years Since GameTrailers Shutdown:

    I miss the forums :(

    We'd love to have you post on this one more. :)

  • @longview said in 5 Years Since GameTrailers Shutdown:

    I miss the forums :(

    Hi longview. Long time no see. like 10 years almost decade.

    Its me Diesel/Bcell. and I have changed alot.

    also, I tried FF7 remake last year on PC and ended up liking it.