Games That You Just Can't Like

  • @paulmci27

    I'm sorry for that. :( Yeah, it was the redux version.

  • I kinda like it but I’m just gonna hop in here and triple down on DOOM not being anything special.

    Played it last year and about 50% of the game is about destroying Gore Nests over and over again but in different levels. Then they introduce new enemies which is cool but you then fight the same enemies over and over again and it becomes easy and kinda boring.

    It reminds me of God of War 1 or DMC 1 but with nothing interesting to change things up. The levels are all boxy shootout rooms.

    Idk it’s okay but I don’t see how people LOVE this game.

  • I enjoyed Doom 2016 but it does get stale, at the same time there's really nothing like it so I'll take it. It was challenging and didn't drag too much. Eternal I think it's way way better and a legitimate goty contender.

  • Anything first person because of crippling motion sickness. I had no issues with Halo or CoD when I was in high school but after taking a long break from non-handheld games my brain decided it just can't track images like that anymore. There are so many games I want to love but physically can't play anymore. Such a bummer.

  • Baseball, Basketball, American football. No ones cares about these outside America really . Just get good at football or Rugby and stop being bitches. 🏉⚽😊. (I'm joking my American friends)

  • @naltmank I had a friend who was invited to Cal-i for Counter-Strike 1.6 when he was 9 years old. Around 13 he got a motion sickness disease and now he can't play videogames at all.

  • @naltmank @El-Shmiablo Damn that sucks. This reminds me that I never finished Medal of Honor Frontlines because I felt sick and nauseated everytime I played it (despite enjoying the game), maybe it was motion sickness as well. I can't imagine what you guys described though, I'm still fortunate enough to only experience that kind of sickness in a select few games.

  • Watching Brad’s review of that cyberpunk parkour game with the katana (Ghost something), I got motion sickness and had to stop the video. Not nauseating or anything like that, but I was getting dizzy, going cross eyed, and started to get a headache on the spot.

    I could chug milk on a rollercoaster in VR, then go home and speed run Mirror’s Edge and still not get motion sickness but that game did it for me. I think it’s because there is motion blur or everything but I will definitely not be playing that one after watching the review.

  • RDR2 as I give it chance but its just so boring and chore to play despite having amazing western setting. rockstar drop the ball.

  • @el-shmiablo @bam541 Yeah mine isn't quite that bad, but it sucks. I get it in some 3rd person games, too. Something to do with the camera movement, but idk what it is.