Games That You Just Can't Like

  • So here's the deal: there's a cool looking game you're interested in playing. It just seems to tick all the right boxes for you. Then you actually start to play it, and there's just something off about it that leaves you less than satisfied. Maybe you just shrug it off, and play it again in the next few days, only to discover that the game still doesn't click with you. Eventually you just give up and do something else.

    Have any of you guys experienced something similar to this with a game that you have played?

    I can think of two examples. The first one is the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot. As a big fan of games like Uncharted, I thought I would love this game's exploration-focused spin on the action adventure formula. When I got to play it, there's just a lot of things here and there that I don't like. Anytime there's an "epic" set piece, it just ends up falling flat. I hate the torture porn-ish feel of Lara's death animations. The story and characters don't interest me at all. I also don't like how the game controls, aiming kinda feels splashy to me. I tried this game two times, the first time on PC and the second time on PS4, and I just can't care for it.

    The second one is a lesser example of this since I do at least enjoy playing it: it's Doom 2016. I really like the first few hours of the game, right until you get to Hell for the first time. After that, the formula of the game got tiresome as heck. There's just not enough variety for me in the design of the combat encounters and enemies. I also tried this game two times, on PC and PS4, and I always stop right aftet that first Hell level. The farthest I got was when I got the BFG 9000, and I only got that far since I want to at least see the BFG for myself.

  • Contact on DS. Sounded super unique and I was jacked to play it. The premise was still kind of neat but the gameplay is suuuuuper meh.

  • Rhythm Paradise.

    I appreciate everything about it. Love the style but I'm so terrible at it. I really can not make a lot of progression in this game. I want to try the other games in the series because they rely on button presses instead of the DS touch screen.

  • Mine right now is definitely Yakuza. Zero specifically. And it's kind of a unique case because usually when I don't like a game I just drop it but I tried to push myself 3 times and it's impossible. Combat is pretty bad, secondary missions are charming but from a gameplay perspective badly implemented. All main missions so far are the same, go to a place watch a 10 minute cutscene, fight a bunch of people even if it doesn't make sense, (like, they're your enemies fight, they're your friends fight), fight a boss, watch another cutscene.

    It's a shame because I do enjoy the story bits a lot but everything else belongs in a 5/10 game. Wish I could see it but I just can't.

    I'm still tempted to give Like a Dragon a chance, I think the turn base combat might be more enjoyable. But by trying to push myself so much with zero, right now, I have absolutely no desire to touch the series.

    In all honesty, from all the games I've heard people rave about this is probably the one that it's not just me not being into it but rather me considering it really bad. Even with me enjoying the story and the acting the idea of playing it for 80 hours * 8 games makes me feel physical discomfort. Not exaggerating I got to a point that just thinking about playing the game gave me very light nausea.

    (By this I mean no disrespect to those who love it. It's just a me thing.)

  • Call of Duty Series-From Modern Warfare onwards (single player console) . I really liked the old WW2 games on the PS2, but I couldn't get into the newer ones. I don't like the shooting mechanics. I always feels like I'm auto aiming shooting smudges in the distance with constantly respawning enemies until I go forward to the next 'scene'.

  • I try to find reasons to like every game and there are certainly things I like about the following game but in many ways I find it totally stripped of must-have elements of an open-world game. I'm talking about Watch Dogs: Legion. Besides the pretty awesome cyberpunk glow of a dystopian London-there's very little I find redeeming in Watch Dogs: Legion from vacuous and boring characters to a hamfisted and wholly lacklustre attempt at being charismatic-Legion just fails to make me care-it's just another one of Ubisoft's addiction-heavy open-world games where I'm playing it because Ubi has managed to hook me in even though the game is really tedious to play. I also cannot get why The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is any good whatsoever-it's really dull and forgettable and I find no substance in it at all. Man of Medan was pretty cool and interesting things happened but Little Hope has conveniently got little hope of making me care were I to replay it.

  • Banned

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
    I absolutely adored every second I spent with Origins and was hoping Odyssey would hit those same notes, but it really doesn't.
    Sure it does some neat stuff like have choices that actually effect the story in some pretty cool ways, but it just lacks a lot of the soul that Origins had, at least in my opinion.

  • From the recent memory I have 3 examples:

    AC: Odyysey

    Tried it when there were a free weekend at Uplay and it was fun until a point but I gave up at 10ish hours because game was just too full for my taste. I really can't bring myself to play a game if I know that game will take 50+ hours and with most of the same things over and over again instead of a focused strong story. Well, that's Ubisoft for you for the last 5-6 years I guess.

    Metro 2033

    I started this one 2 times and even though I was just at the beginning(like I didn't even go to the cargo mission) game just looks so dull and not interesting. I heard that series' story is good to experience but I just don't feel like I can endure. And it sucks because I really want to see the story.


    I guess part of it has to do with I am not the biggest fan of FPS games but like @bam541 above said: Opposite to the every gamer I hears who liked the game; combat is just boring and uninteresting. I am not too far into the story okay but I don't have high hopes that it will be much more enjoyable in time. I'm dragging myself to continue, we'll see.

  • @scotty Did you try Metro Redux it makes the game much more palatable. If you can't get into it try last light its more newcomer friendly. I'm a super fan and you've hurt my feelings.

  • @paulmci27

    I'm sorry for that. :( Yeah, it was the redux version.

  • I kinda like it but I’m just gonna hop in here and triple down on DOOM not being anything special.

    Played it last year and about 50% of the game is about destroying Gore Nests over and over again but in different levels. Then they introduce new enemies which is cool but you then fight the same enemies over and over again and it becomes easy and kinda boring.

    It reminds me of God of War 1 or DMC 1 but with nothing interesting to change things up. The levels are all boxy shootout rooms.

    Idk it’s okay but I don’t see how people LOVE this game.

  • I enjoyed Doom 2016 but it does get stale, at the same time there's really nothing like it so I'll take it. It was challenging and didn't drag too much. Eternal I think it's way way better and a legitimate goty contender.

  • Anything first person because of crippling motion sickness. I had no issues with Halo or CoD when I was in high school but after taking a long break from non-handheld games my brain decided it just can't track images like that anymore. There are so many games I want to love but physically can't play anymore. Such a bummer.

  • Baseball, Basketball, American football. No ones cares about these outside America really . Just get good at football or Rugby and stop being bitches. 🏉⚽😊. (I'm joking my American friends)

  • Banned

    @naltmank I had a friend who was invited to Cal-i for Counter-Strike 1.6 when he was 9 years old. Around 13 he got a motion sickness disease and now he can't play videogames at all.

  • @naltmank @El-Shmiablo Damn that sucks. This reminds me that I never finished Medal of Honor Frontlines because I felt sick and nauseated everytime I played it (despite enjoying the game), maybe it was motion sickness as well. I can't imagine what you guys described though, I'm still fortunate enough to only experience that kind of sickness in a select few games.

  • Watching Brad’s review of that cyberpunk parkour game with the katana (Ghost something), I got motion sickness and had to stop the video. Not nauseating or anything like that, but I was getting dizzy, going cross eyed, and started to get a headache on the spot.

    I could chug milk on a rollercoaster in VR, then go home and speed run Mirror’s Edge and still not get motion sickness but that game did it for me. I think it’s because there is motion blur or everything but I will definitely not be playing that one after watching the review.

  • RDR2 as I give it chance but its just so boring and chore to play despite having amazing western setting. rockstar drop the ball.

  • @el-shmiablo @bam541 Yeah mine isn't quite that bad, but it sucks. I get it in some 3rd person games, too. Something to do with the camera movement, but idk what it is.