Nintendo Direct discussion thread: it's Happening Edition

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    i fucking love how we the players directly affected splatoon 3's story. the inkling was in the World of Chaos at the beginning of the trailer because team chaos won in the chaos vs order final splatfest of 2019.

    makes me even more hyped for splatoon 3. we the players specifically asked for this story haha

  • @axel More games is always cool, but with this type of events there's always the expectation for something big and meaningful.

    I don't know, from a marketing perspective the whole point of generating hype, getting all media eyes on you and gathering millions of fans around an event, should be to drop something big and then collect the dividends as positive reactions reverberate across social media. If you completely fail to meet any expectations, disappointment is what's going to be echoed. Specially this being the first proper Direct in a while that seemed like a waste.

    Then on top of that there's, I think, a lack of understanding from Nintendo of who's their main target in such an event. Switch has a huge % of cross ownership, being a complementary system to many. I imagine there's a huge amount of people just like me that won't touch the system unless there's some main 1st party title coming but will lose their shit at a glimpse of a Botw2 or Metroid Prime. I'll buy Zelda because I haven't played it but my reaction to it is just "well, that looks like shit but I'll buy it".

    But no doubt, there's a lot of cool stuff there and I can see things from the other side too. As someone who plays mainly on Xbox, when everyone is giving them shit for their "Directs", I'm usually OK with them because as my main system they are just showing me cool stuff that's coming and "yes please Stalker 2 day one on Gamepass!", while someone watching it from a hype POV will feel disappointed, no doubt. But I also criticise MS for their lack of understanding in how to harvest consumer goodwill from such events. At the very least make sure to kill all hype beforehand.

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    Handling a man's Squirtle!!!! >:(

  • @yoshi Why does that matter even slightly?
    I gave my opinion about the Direct, which is what this thread is for, and for some ridiculous reason you got incredibly butthurt started attacking me, and bringing up Playstation because for some reason you seem to think I care.

    Why are you the way that you are?

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    @el-shmiablo said in Nintendo Direct discussion thread: it's Happening Edition:

    for some ridiculous reason you got incredibly butthurt started attacking me

    if you think Pyra sipping her tea is attacking you, you really are a sensitive little snowflake.

  • @mbun said in Nintendo Direct discussion thread: it's Happening Edition:

    @neocweeny Seemed like they're not doing much honestly, beyond option nonmotion controls, 60 FPS, and HD, which are admittedly pretty big changes.

    I'm hoping it runs well at a super stable framerate, or it has more quality of life additions. I think this is the only time I would happily pay the Nintendo Tax, as the allies say, but I'm worried that there's gonna be something wrong with the port.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    Pyra/Mythra are a waste of a slot. Literally would have been more excited for another FE rep.

    I know people will always have this chip on their shoulder and just dislike Pyra / Mythra for their appearances alone, which is kind of petty in my opinion but fine, to each their own.

    Beyond that though, even as a big fan of XBC 2, I'm not hyped for this Fighter. It feels like the first time Sakurai has screwed up a character from their source material. The entire point of XBC 2 is the relationship between a Driver and a Blade, so even though I get the Rex hate, in separating Pyra / Mythra out by themselves, (except the Final Smash and Taunts) they have kind of ruined the point of the characters, and it just feels more like another XBC 1 rep instead.

    Now if they didn't want to use Rex, because again, who the fuck really loves Rex? I tolerate him and think he's fine, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly fond of him. What they should've instead done was use Adam from the Torna Expansion, or they could've have them be Echo Fighters with Pyra having Rex in the background like Pokemon Trainer and Mythra having Adam. This whole situation though is why I wanted Tora and Poppi over Rex / Pyra / Mythra. Tora's main weapon is also a Shield, which is better than ANOTHER anime swordsman, (well woman) plus he's a Nopon, which is a less conventional appearance. Poppi has multiple forms Sakurai could've taken advantage of, and the DLC added the Poppibuster, which could've been an awesome Final Smash. Alternatively, Sakurai could've done Lora and Jin, as Lora also has a very unique fighting style, and those two fight in a manner of swapping places, which also could've been interesting for Smash. That said, since Sephiroth just got added, it definitely wouldn't have been the best time to add another design so close to Sephiroth, so maybe not those two.

    @Axel Don't Skip SaGa.

    @Yoshi They call those the Splatlands, and the city is called Splatsville. They're both located in a proclaimed chaotic region. It is hard to pinpoint whether an apocalypse has happened recently or the game will lead into one, but they've mentioned many squids moving out to those boonies from Inkopolis as of late.

    @Phbz I really think the problem wasn't that they didn't have meaningful things to show, just that those things got lost in the sea of trash and ports it was presented alongside.

    @bam541 I've never played Skyward Sword, so I'm waiting to hear from fans whether the Joycon Motion Controls actually are better than the original Wiimotion Plus ones or not. That feels like a really tall claim, when we know Wiimotion Plus normally works better of the two.

  • @mbun Appearance has little to do with it. I enjoy animes and games that feature much more sexualized characters.
    They are both just really tired and lazy anime tropes and barely there as characters. They're the kind of party members I would expect in a lesser Tales games or something from Idea Factory, not something baring the Xeno name.
    Their inclusion is cheap waifubait pandering at best.

  • I thought this might be a fun way of showing how much the Direct actually meant to you. Just cross out the things relevant to announcements that didn't resonate with you, even if you like the involved games otherwise. Template is here.
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    @El-Shmiablo @Yoshi Why are you two always at each others throat? Stop baiting each other, last time I'm gonna say it.

  • @lotias but can't people just ignore what they post?

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    5 / 31 Games that I care about, 16%

  • Zelda and Mario Golf, 6%

  • I also want to add that despite the fact I'm super down with Square Enix making an awesome looking old school tactics game, that trailer was hilariously bullshit. At least until they showed gameplay.

  • Don't know if anyone listens to the What's Good Games podcast, they were making fun of this direct and I had tears rolling from laughing so much.

  • I'd post my version of the template but I don't want anybody getting offended and stalking me and my family's social media accounts out of retaliation.

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  • Just learned via the Playstation store that Legend of Mana is $30, which seems a bit much honestly. I mean hell even FF8 was like $20

  • @dmcmaster I'm sure it'll go on sale and before only $15 (half off) before long, but yeah that does seem like a bit much for those who'd want it at launch. Game pricing is so wildly inconsistent these days.

  • @el-shmiablo Skyward Sword gets such a bad rep for no reason. It's honestly an amazing game.