Nintendo Direct discussion thread: it's Happening Edition

  • Aside from some pretty bad trailers (wtf was that EA ball throwing game) I think this was a pretty okay Direct.... All I care about is Skyward Sword HD!!! It's like one of the top 3 Nintendo games I always wanted to play. Now I'm gonna try to finish BOTW before that comes out. I can't fucking wait.

  • Splatoon 3 fuck yeah!!!!

  • Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY! Octopath Traveler but with Fire Emblem/FF Tactics combat, yeah I'll play that. I just wish it was this year.

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  • Project Triangle Strategy is hype. World's End Club looks really fun. Can't wait to play Skyward Sword.

  • I think Project Triangle Strategy is to Final Fantasy Tactics what Octopath (and Bravely Default, FF4Heroes of Light before it) were to FFI & III. Really excited to see more from it!

  • Looking back I'm a bit more excited for Legend of Mana then I thought. Honestly I hope Square gets to porting or remastering more forgotten titles (Brave Fencer Mushai When?)

  • Having watched the Direct twice now, I realize the Direct wasn't as bad as it originally seemed, because it was so bogged down by trash between all the good nuggets. If you just remove that stuff, it is actually a pretty great Direct.

    More Splatoon 3 information explained on this Twitter thread below that sheds light and confirms lots of the game changers they're adding, and I feel like I saw even more from studying the trailer that could be massive shakeups.

    Sure, it isn't until (probably Summer) 2022, but CHAOS REIGNS, and that is looking to be a pretty major shakeup for Splatoon 3, given some people complained 2 felt too much like 1 at launch. If ORDER had won the Final Splatfest Splatpocalypse, we would've gotten a wildly different game, and that's pretty awesome letting your playerbase decide the direction the series goes like that, which they also did between 1 and 2 to a much lesser degree.

    Also, for those who don't know Splatoon lore, remember that little buddy they introduced with you at the beginning? Their race are the harbingers of the apocalypse, well the recent or possibly even coming soon one. Their larger variants could very well be an added playable race by the end of 3, the way Octolings went from the primary enemy of 1 to friends by the end of 2. Currently however, they were the star antagonists of Splatoon 2's Horde Mode, Salmon Run, and we've been mass harvesting their unhatched children because a very shady talking wooden bear sculpture was paying us to.

    Here's some other tidbits worth mentioning. They did away with gender (the game used to call it style) limitations between hair and pants options. Everyone gets to choose from the whole pool now. Choosing your Respawn Points is the hypest shit to me, because it feels like a needed solution for spawncamping, which has been a bit of a problem since the original. They also added new base movement options everyone gets that one of the tweets in the chain above talks about. You can vertically launch yourself up inked walls much faster now, as well as do some kind of spiral sling forward, which should drastically change gameplay and makes me wonder if the Dualie weapon type will get changed since a fast Dodge Roll used to be their central gimmick. A big focus of trying to set Splatoon 2 apart from the original was scrapping every single Special from 1 and creating all new ones for Splatoon 2, but this time around they seem to be taking the route of combining new Specials with a mix of modified old Specials, as they demonstrated a more chaotic version of the ever popular Tenta Missiles from Splatoon 2.

    I know the allies didn't exactly go wild for the Splatoon 3 announcement, and people like Ian thought it still looked like basically the same game, but no they're actually changing alot, and that was just our first look. I'm sure they also have new Modes to announce, as well as campaign details and such, that we'll be getting a bit closer to launch.

  • It's Woomy Time! <3

  • As a recent Zelda fan, now they only need to bring Twilight Princess and Ocarina Of Time remake and I'm good to go.(Maybe Majora's Mask too while you are at it)

    Where the hell is new DK Country game!? I love that series.

    And is Bayonetta 3 dead at this point? They didn't even say "We'll share more infirmation this year"

  • @scotty said in Nintendo Direct discussion thread: it's Happening Edition:

    As a recent Zelda fan, now they only need to bring Twilight Princess and Ocarina Of Time remake and I'm good to go

    just play them on 3DS, Wii U, Wii , Gamecube or N64

    they've never released Skyward Sword on anything other than Wii but Ocarina of Time and TP have had craploads of re-release's

  • @yoshi

    Nope, I want to be able to play them on Switch and have all of them in one console. I'm also sure OoT can justify one more remake with modern take.

  • @scotty said:

    Where the hell is new DK Country game!? I love that series.

    Retro is busy with Metroid Prime 4 now. If they were working on one before that, it either got scrapped or delayed. It seemed from hints though that they were working on some other game starring a robot before that is either still being worked on or got scrapped.

  • @mbun

    Can't they pass the project to other avaliable studios?

  • @scotty Retro has made the modern ones, and Rare is no longer with Nintendo. Maybe there's someone else who could make one, but I don't think it'd hit the same level of quality as the Retro ones have achieved.

  • Skyward Sword without motion controls sounds great to me :D

    All the other Zelda rereleases on 3DS and WiiU had a lot of small improvements to them. I'm curious to see what they'll do with this one. There is a lot of room for improvement.

  • @neocweeny Seemed like they're not doing much honestly, beyond option nonmotion controls, 60 FPS, and HD, which are admittedly pretty big changes.

  • @mbun Could be that are still some changes. The other remasters also had some small changes that they didn't talk about pre-release. Quality of life changes and stuff like that.

    I wish they would cut down on some of the Fi and other interruptions as well as some of the padding.

  • Skyward Sword is one of the worst 3D Zelda's by far. Absolute horseshit.

    That Octopath Tactics game looks lit af

    Pyra/Mythra are a waste of a slot. Literally would have been more excited for another FE rep.

    Everything else ranged from bad to meh.

  • @yoshi Sorry I'm not as impressed by mediocrity and bad decisions as you, I guess?