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    I know you guys want happy thoughts about nintendo, but can't help to think how bad they are doing and how much I dislike of their choice of gimmicks and unpowered home consoles. The N64 did me wrong. I feel like their last best console was the SENS. But for some reason I love their handhelds and what they do in that space

  • I'd be happy with a good Metroid.

  • From Nintendo, I'd love for them to keep making great games; I just went to the 3DS section of Target, and of the 32 games there, only 10 were games I didn't want to play. Like...Monsters High. And some Snoopy game, haha?

    I love that someone mentioned Custom Robo. That game was amazing; there was some 3DS game called LBX that sounded almost exactly like Custom Robo, to the point where I took out my phone and checked to make sure they didn't have the same developer.

    The Soul Blazer trilogy has to make a return at some point. It just has to.

    I also love the feeling I get from Nintendo trying out new IPs. Splatoon was awesome, especially when viewed in the context of "FPSes are pretty fun, what would Nintendo do to make the genre more 'Nintendo?'" I'd like to see another IP; maybe one that focuses on the characters and story, rather than the gameplay? What I mean is, Nintendo loves to slot in its characters into their genres; you're not exactly buying the new Zelda game, you're buying the new Nintendo action-adventure-puzzle game. Yeah, you're technically buying the new Mario game, but it's really just the new Nintendo platforming game. Getting you really invested into the goings-on of the world is something Nintendo usually leaves to third-party developers.

    Of course, they could just try to make another popular genre. A Nintendo hero brawler, or RTS, or survival horror game or something. I really just like to experience the thrill of them trying something new.

    Er, my next part got really rant-y, and kind of specifically goes against what was asked for in the OP, so I put it in spoilers, because I'd like the focus of my post to be more on what I have already written.

    From the community, however, could we please, please, please, PLEASE stop talking about how "underpowered" and "gimmicky" Nintendo consoles are? Can we please stop acting like we didn't enjoy the crap out of the SNES, despite being the underpowered console of the generation? Can we please stop acting like seeing 4 billion particles on screen is somehow inferior to seeing 6 billion particles? Can we please stop acting like Wind Waker and Kirby's Adventure don't still look great, despite being 14 and 23 year old games? Can we please stop acting like the wiimote was the only first party controller available for the Wii? Can we please stop acting like the Dpad-two stick-four face buttons-four shoulder buttons controller is the absolute pinnacle of controller design? Can we just have fun with a Nintendo console for once without bringing our 20-year-old baggage into the equation?

    We've reached a point in our society where the public opinion of a console creates a positive feedback loop on how well the console sells; how many times have you heard someone say, "I couldn't decide whether to get the PS4 or Xbox One version, so I just got the one my friends had?" I sure feel like it's been years since the last time I heard someone mention the word "Wii" without the word "Underpowered" following close behind.

    We get it.
    The chips are worse.
    The numbers are lower.
    That doesn't, in any way, mean that an enjoyable game can't be made on the platform.



  • @thenerdtheword said in Nintendo Hopes & Dreams:

    I'd love a new long form, large scale Mario game. The Galaxy games were great and 3D Land/World were also fun but I want to feel like I am jumping and running around the mushroom kingdom again like in Mario 64 or how the unique design of Isle Delfino played into the actual levels of Mario Sunshine. The recent Mario games have felt like strings of loosely connected levels. I just want to explore the weird and wonderful worlds the Mario IP can create.

    It could go open world but I'd prefer the world to be made up of several tightly packed hubs with connected levels coming off them. Think Rare N64-era platformer style world design.

    I agree, basically give the next Mario the same ambition they're giving Breath of the Wild. Of course, a by-the-book Super Mario Galaxy 3, in all its 1080p glory, would already be amazing, but it would be great if they would push boundaries again.

    @Inflorescence It's not exactly a Nintendo game, it's a Platinum game, but have you tried The Wonderful 101? It's as close as I think you can get to a "Nintendo hero brawler", and it's so charming. And I agree with you, I'm also tired of the negativity around Nintendo, sure they keep messing up every now and then, but they also deliver magic more often than not (ok maybe except this past year). So I fully trust them to make NX an amazing console with an amazing library of games.

  • @jipostus That's what the topic is about.

    @Acidtrip-69 As much as I respect you, I still feel like the first part of your comment is out of place here. Also, I find it strange that you felt wronged by the N64 when that's probably the Nintendo system I can name the most rad games from. Maybe it's just cause I rented lots during that era and found tons of gems, but N64 has a really great library. It's before third parties abandoned Nintendo, and there's still legendary games from the system that would cause me to freak out if they got sequels on modern Nintendo consoles today. I can't even explain how much fun I had with friends with my N64.

    @Inflorescence Pikmin is basically Nintendo's RTS. Thanks for the spoiler tagging btw.

    Although, I have to admit that no, we can't stop talking about "underpowered" and "gimmicky", because face it that determines largely what we get from a system. Sometimes it works out like Super Mario Maker, but most of the time it's just a hindrance for developers who would otherwise want to put their games on the system, but it's just difficult to develop for cause of a gimmick or not enough power. Not every developer can do the Nintendo magic of making an underpowered game look just as nice as one that would be on another console. Also, yes others controllers existed for the Wii, but lots of games straight up require you to use the Wiimote. It's actually annoying having to use the Wiimote to go back and play Super Mario Galaxy games, because waggle isn't as responsive as you want it to be for some of the tougher challenges and pointing the Wiimote as the sensor bar doesn't always work so well depending on your home entertainment setup.

    True, enjoyable games can be and are made, but imagine the games we'd have if the systems didn't suffer from always being behind on tech and if it had third parties behind it like the old days. Also, simply imagine how much better the enjoyable games we already have would be.

  • Rhythm Heaven,Pikmin, Splatoon and Animal Crossing are the only Nintendo games I really care about anymore beyond that I really like Endless Ocean (which isnt really Nintendo) so I guess I would like sequels to all of those but I would also love some new stuff like Splatoon.

    Edit : I will throw Advance Wars in here too.

  • @Vexchaneu said in Nintendo Hopes & Dreams:

    Edit : I will throw Advance Wars in here too.

    Yes! It is such a shame they have not really done anything of note with the Advance Wars franchise in a long, long time.

  • Nintendo should ditch all their franchises and make only new IPs.

  • Metroid back to its roots. They still make top down Zelda games. Let's see a 2D or 2.5D Metroid game.

  • A new 2D Metroid, and a new Prime
    A new F-Zero
    A new Custom Robo
    A new Splatoon (which ill bet is a guaranteed at this time)
    Some more Dynasty Warriors spin-offs (Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, and Advance Wars come to mind)
    A third person action adventure Smash Bros spin off, developed by Platinum
    A real Pokemon game for console, although im almost certain that the 3rd game to Sun and Moon will be it (Eclipse?)
    Some third party exclusive deals (Bayonetta 3, Megaman Legends 3, things like that)

  • A next gen metroidvania Metroid Prime. It could be set primarily on one planet as long as it's lore and imagery are varied enough. Still, I don't want it to be a step back from Corruption: Samus should be able to use her ship to fly to other planets and space stations. That and the visuals are what'll make or break how "next gen" it is (i.e.: how well it sells).

  • @DMCMaster said in Nintendo Hopes & Dreams:

    A third person action adventure Smash Bros spin off, developed by Platinum

    Wow, yes, imagine that. Something as good as Bayonetta, but with multiple playable characters taken from several Nintendo franchises. Or even something closer to The Wonderful 101, where you'd have a party of heroes, but are able to switch between them on the fly and beat up hordes of enemies. Very unlikely, but it would be amazing!

    Some third party exclusive deals (Bayonetta 3, Megaman Legends 3, things like that)

    Actually, seeing as Capcom isn't doing anything with Mega Man, it would be so cool if Nintendo could license the character and give it to one of their own studios. Imagine a Mega Man X game made with the production values of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

  • ok, classify this as a "dream" as I expect it will never happen. Digital Nintendo Accounts for the eShop. Buy the game once and download on any compatible Nintendo console registered with your account.

    Not an original idea, but it's the one thing I hate about Nintendo the most.