Nintendo Hopes & Dreams

  • @DMCMaster said in Nintendo Hopes & Dreams:

    A third person action adventure Smash Bros spin off, developed by Platinum

    Wow, yes, imagine that. Something as good as Bayonetta, but with multiple playable characters taken from several Nintendo franchises. Or even something closer to The Wonderful 101, where you'd have a party of heroes, but are able to switch between them on the fly and beat up hordes of enemies. Very unlikely, but it would be amazing!

    Some third party exclusive deals (Bayonetta 3, Megaman Legends 3, things like that)

    Actually, seeing as Capcom isn't doing anything with Mega Man, it would be so cool if Nintendo could license the character and give it to one of their own studios. Imagine a Mega Man X game made with the production values of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

  • ok, classify this as a "dream" as I expect it will never happen. Digital Nintendo Accounts for the eShop. Buy the game once and download on any compatible Nintendo console registered with your account.

    Not an original idea, but it's the one thing I hate about Nintendo the most.