Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PC/PS4/PS5)

  • Good that they're not pushing it out when it's not ready. Saying that September's when game releases start heating up. I'm sure it'll be fine due to its budget price and charm.

  • Yeah, September's much busier. At least I don't have to choose between this and the GoT DLC next month, lol.

  • The game looks very, very pretty, but it's the audio world with the music that really takes the cake. What a beautiful score! And those plushy little Rot creatures. They're too lovable! :] Their numbers grow little by little and they just keep following you, they even come swimming along. And you get to collect dumb, funny hats and put them on the little guys, hehee. The gameplay itself plays pretty safe, but now I got the bow which feels really good. Quick and tight, easy to aim and all.

  • I've heard from some that it's aesthetically pleasing but doesn't go beyond that. Not sure if the lengthy 40-50 hour runtime will be justified or not.

  • @jdincinerator You've mixed something up or been misinformed. The game lasts around 10 hrs, maybe even less. The shortness has even been a topic on some sites.

  • @sentinel-beach Wow I read something about the game being 40-50 hours damn.

  • They announced a physical release with goodies coming in November so I'll probably just wait until then to play this. So excited for it tho, it seems to be very much like I expected.

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  • Unfortunately I still have Eastward to finish and this captures my attention more than that. Still, I don't want to leave Eastward unfinished or I doubt I will going back after a while, so Kena has to wait but I hope it will be worth it.

  • Got around to finishing this and I loved it. I think "tasteful" is the best word to describe it. There's nothing really original in this game, from the game mechanics to the culture of the world, but the way it combines all of its influences to one cohesive package is admirable. I'm particularly happy about how well they used the Balinese influences here, especially the music. The combat also surprised me, it can get quite intense at times and the enemy variety is pretty solid. Definitely a strong GOTY contender for me.