L.A Noire

  • What do you guys think of L.A Noire? I find it to be so stellar in so many ways and little of my love for the game has to do with the facial capture technology-though that certainly helps as far as making the interrogations work as brilliantly as they do. L.A Noire is a case study in what I believe R* does so amazingly well-making rich, deep and amazingly detailed worlds. Cole is a likeable and agreeable protagonist though some of his lines during interrogations are extremely and strangely ruthless. Pacing is often very well managed, where you feel like you do enough of an activity and then the game moves you on to something new at the right time. It's a tad odd to maneuver objects around in your hand and using Cole's finger to tap on a certain place on a piece of evidence, but compiling the evidence probably feels like the standard procedure of the police-and within that is plenty of juicy depths and details that again backup why I personally believe L.A Noire is so rich and deep. The soundtrack is some of the best I've ever heard in any game too because the jazz and snare drum usage combine the themes of noir and the gumshoe with detective and wartime duty. What do you think of L.A Noire-is it among Rockstar's finest work to you or is it not as great as others and I say it is?

  • I loved it back when I played it near launch. The 40s America setting is very exciting and unique to me, as someone not too familiar with American history and pop culture. I also really like a lot of the scenarios they put you in: I still remember chasing the bad guy on that Egyptian (?) movie studio set, and the story arc in the homicide cases is so good (the homicide cop partner is also a great character). I don't care too much about the overall main story arc regarding Cole, but I think everything else the game does is good enough to make me tolerate it. My opinion of the game right now is slightly down compared to before, because somewhat recently I bought the Switch remaster version and I couldn't get into it at all. I feel like I would need a replay it on my PS4 to have a more solid opinion of it.

  • Loved it back when it came out, and loved it enough to get it on PS4 and Switch.

    That said it's technically not a Rockstar game, it's from the now defunct Team Bondi

  • I liked L.A. Noire for it's great authentic 1940's style and atmosphere. I also really enjoyed the investigation and interrogation gameplay. And the voice acting and use of motion capture was cool for the time. I would definitely be down to play a sequel.

  • I liked it too. The was a bit of disappointment do to misguided expectations regarding the open world but the overall result was great. I wish we had more of it, maybe in another time frame or in another place like Paris.

  • @phbz Are you suggesting a Breathless based sequel to L.A Noire?

  • @jdincinerator I'm in!

  • @phbz
    We almost got a sequel, look up "Whore of the Orient "

  • @dmcmaster Most depressing thing is that from the title to the setting, the conversation around this game would be nauseating. But it is a shame that's cancelled.

  • @phbz
    Only video I can find has a large blinding watermark
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  • @dmcmaster man I would have devoured this game and loved it if it actually came out. I got a somewhat similar vibe from that new younger Sherlock Holmes game, but it's a different kind of game from the likes of this.

  • This is rather out of character for Cole:
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