It's not you, it's me

  • Hey Allies

    Any games you're totally useless at but you know they're absolute masterpieces & wish you could be good at.

    My main ones would be Dark Souls 3. I got to the massive tree ballsack boss he kept kicking my ass I gave up in shame.

    Ikaruga. I've tried so many times I love shmups but this one keeps kicking my ass. Played for years never seem to get any better at it. I've a much easier time with bullethell games.

  • Cities Skylines. I just don't have the patience and concentration to properly manage all the stuff in the cities.

    Tekken 7. I suck at all fighting games (except maybe the latest Samurai Shodown), but sucking at Tekken has been a lifelong tradition at this point. I'm gonna give the game another shot since they updated the netcode.

    Nioh 2. The fact that the game is so hard is the main thing that makes it so interesting to me compared to other Souls-esque games.

    FF Tactics: The War of the Lions. There's just something about the isometric view and the deep-ness of the combat system that truly troubles me.

  • Bloodborne has to be the one for me. I see how Bloodborne sets itself apart from the Souls' series but I can't "git gud" at these games because I have so many other games hankering for my attention.

  • Don’t worry about Dark Souls 3, I swear the design of that game relies on your pre-existing fandom and doesn’t do much to give you to latch on as a new player. DS2-3 are like the Treyarch COD games of the Souls series—in that the games are fun in the sense that on a fundamental level pointing in shooting in COD is fun, and attacking and dodging is fun in Souls. Other than that, I wouldn’t bother losing your mind over it if you aren’t already attached.

    For me it’s probably GTA V. I know it’s an amazing game and the biggest step up the franchise has done, but at the same time, I found it to be more of the same and what was the same, was different enough for me to like the earlier games more.

    I just can’t get attached to the floaty GTA V physics. It doesn’t feel satisfying in any way for me. I wish the cars had more weight, I wish bodies had more weight, and I wish the camera and scale of the city was a bit more intimate.

  • Banned

    @paulmci27 If you play on PS4 hit me up for some coop. That boss is indeed a bitch, but made much easier with a bro.

  • @el-shmiablo Thanks for the offer. I bought it on xbox I've got my library on split on both ps4 & xbox. I'm probably gonna start on Bloodbourne if it gets the 60 fps patch.

  • Character action games for me. It's something about the speed of combat that makes me feel I'm never getting as good as I think the game wants me to be.

  • most traditional fighting games.
    can't fucked learning let alone remembering all of the different button combos

  • Banned

    @dipset Wow, okay, no.
    Dark Souls 2 is the red headed stepchild of the series. Soulless, annoying, and ends up making you question if you actually even like Souls games in the first place.
    Dark Souls 3 is like a greatest hits album. Sure, other entries feel more complete and cohesive, and you can't sync it up to the Wizard of Oz like you can with that other game they are really famous for, but it's still really good.

    Don't you ever talk bad about Dark Souls 3 around me again.

  • @dipset I think you got sick of the Rockstar formula one game before I did. I hard quit GTA IV because I felt it was too grounded. Then GTA V brought back the craziness without going full on Saints Row. Red Dead 2 though, I quickly started to actually feel just how many hours I have spent following yellow lines to yellow circles over the past 20 years and was officially done with it.

  • Tried the Crash Team Racing remake when the full game was available for like five days. I don't have the desire to torture my hands becoming good at that game while the AI randomly ruins races without any fault of my own.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Sorry, I like DkS3, I just don't think it's very ambitious or really does much to reel in new fans.

    It's nowhere close to Dark Souls II which came off like an essay essay that was started at 2am the night before it's due and handed it in at 10am.


    Actually, when GTA V first released, I was super excited about the return to zaniness, lot's of cheat codes and all that. But it wore thin over time. I still played the game for like 100+ hours in 2013-2014 on PS3, but it just wore out on me because I just didn't latch onto the characters, city, and especially the physics.

    I was really into GTA III and Vice City when I was even younger, and not even San Andreas did it for me as much as those other games did because the vibe was a bit off for me. Again, I still am very fond of San Andreas but something about that Mafia vibe in GTAIII, the crazy coked out 80s vibe of Vice City, and the mean streets of New York in GTA IV just connected with me a lot more than San Andreas or GTA V, but by the time GTA V was out, I just didn't have much desire to play it for years like I did with the prior games.