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  • What do you make of David Cage's games Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human? I thought Heavy Rain was amazing when it came out on PS3, but back in 2010 I was 17 and I got swept up in how emotional the game was. I've only just completed the game again on PS4 and at the age of 28 and I feel it's full of idiocy with characters situations, motivations and actions being mostly awful to experience. I still really like how the game doesn't get boring and the silliness is entertaining but my opinion of Heavy Rain is vastly different than it was. Beyond Two Souls I completed and remember it being rather tepid and all over the place. I've only played a bit of Fahrenheit but I notice the traits David Cage has made signature in his other works. Detroit: Become Human is cloying in how much David Cage and Quantic Dream want you to care and be invested in what's going on and save for the interesting Hank/Connor bits, Detroit: Become Human is terrible-but like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls there's enough going on to make the game entertaining-and ultimately that's what matters most.

  • I enjoyed Indigo when it came out. Specially the first half. Heavy Rain I think it's a cool game. Beyond I played a few minutes and I just dropped it, so hard that I don't think will play one of his games again.

  • I've only played Fahrenheit,Beyond Two Souls & Heavy Rain I think they are terrible games but I enjoyed every minute of them. Schlocky nonsensical stories, ropey gameplay but I enjoyed them. Maybe I've just got low standards.

  • @paulmci27 That's how I feel about them-they are enjoyable and they are never boring but the characters, dialogues and stories are terrible and filled with plot holes and contrivances.

  • Banned

    Detroit is really the first game that delivered on all the promises Cage has been making for years.
    Like I enjoyed Heavy Rain and Beyond, but Detroit was a pretty significant step above those in terms of quality.

  • I forgot to add that I found Detroit: Become Human's attempts at getting emotional to be laughable when I played through it. Also when I did replay Heavy Rain I discovered to myself just how flat the characters and story actually are. I mean you don't really get to know the pasts of many of the characters and I find it hard to care about them because the meaningfulness isn't there. I feel Heavy Rain wants me to care for the sake of caring without giving me the depth and backbone to make caring about the characters easy. I want to know more about Jason and what he was like before the game began and the same with Shaun. Also Scott Shelby is an awful detective and certain decisions regarding him are totally dumb and stupid-I see how Heavy Rain wouldn't make for a decent film-but I guess it could give The Room a run for its money.

  • I really liked Heavy Rain when it came out and I loved the thriller noir theme, and I liked some of the really gritty and gorey Saw-like parts of the game. I also really liked the police detective parts of the game where you only uncover as much info as you seek to discover within the scene.

    However, a lot of the game is on the rails whether you realize it or not on the first playthrough. It also isn’t particularly difficult so I never had much differentiation in second and third playthroughs.

    Just like @JDINCINERATOR I replayed this a few years ago as an adult and I found the whole experience to still be mildly amusing but really friggin’ dumb.

    Other major problems for me is just how bad the voice acting is. These actors are very clearly not from Philadelphia to the extent that it’s ridiculous they’d even put the game in that city.

    Also the scale of everything in this game is fucked up. In the scene where Shelby confronts the prostitute in her hotel room, the set is sooooo wonky. The dining room table is like 3x the size of any other object in the room. The fridge is like up to Shelby’s waist. Just insane scale problems that completely take you out of the game.

  • @dipset Not to mention the relationship between Shelby and that prostitute later on goes to a very unnecessary place and Shelby himself is a goof.

  • Per Detroit Become Human, which is allegedly the best Cage game, I’ve been wanting to try it but now knowing it might be a All Lives Matter apologist narrative (based on something Tweeted out by the Quantic Dream CEO) rubs me the wrong way.

    Everything I’ve heard about the game plot leads me to believe it’s an oversimplification of slavery in the US and it has an empowering message, but I have yet to see anything from the studio that handles any topics with some sort of grace which kinda leads me to not trust the voice behind the game.