Reboot/Remake/Remaster or Original?

  • More and more these days we are inundated with remakes, reboots and remasters and results vary wildly as to their quality. For instance I think the RE2 Remake is just about on par with the original RE2 and I believe wholeheartedly that the original GRID is better than the 2019 GRID reboot. What are some of your examples of the original beating the reboot/remake/remaster and vice-versa?

  • This might come off as a hot take, but some of the charm in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is lost while some new charm is gained.

    On one hand, I fucking love the remaster / remake (whatever you want to call it). I'm super happy it exists and it's another option to play a series I dearly love. I've always prefered Spyro 2 the most, but Spyro 3 has the best gameplay variety and Spyro 1 has that simple yet intricate level design, and the Reignited Trilogy amplifies Spyro 1 & 3 much higher for me because they aren't games that I really want to go back to. I also love some of the updated flame FX. Burning sheep and other enemies and objects is just a simple yet endlessly fun thing to do. Check this out:
    alt text


    But on the other hand, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage is one of my all time favourite games, and some of the newer designs and wider range of colour just doesn't nail the charm of Spyro 2 for me.

    I remember Michael Damiani said somewhere on an EZA Podcast that he liked playing the Spyro trilogy for the first time, but Spyro 2 was his dark horse and he didn't care much for the comedic cutscenes. I found that to be a shame, but I have to agree that these little skits in and out of levels just don't work as well with the increased fidelity. I've recently replayed Spyro 2 on PS1 (maybe in like 2015) and everything was still working for me on a vibes level, but Spyro 2 in the Reignited Trilogy just doesn't feel as charming to me.

    I know it seems crazy, but I actually prefer the blocky low polygon models here:
    1_1615318032111_Spyro Professor.png 0_1615318032110_Spyro Hunter.png

    Than these new high fidelity models in the remaster:
    1_1615318059531_Spyro Reignited Professor.png 0_1615318059531_Spyro Reignited Hunter.png

    Something about the new art design just feels more like a dime-a-dozen Toys R Us figurine than it resembles Spyro 2 (to me).


    Likewise, I prefer the original audio mix. I know you have that option in the Re-ignited Trilogy but the Dynamic Score by default just didn't do much for me.

  • I think the best example of the original game being better that comes to mind right now is the 2016 Ratchet and Clank game. Gameplay wise it's great, but the story and its presentation is far less charming compared to the original. I found out that it uses cutscenes from the movie (or maybe it's vice versa) that was released around the same time, and it's no surprise to me that people didn't like that movie, since those cutscenes lack the charm and personality that is very visible in the original.

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  • The one example I have of the original game being better is that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is much worse than the original games. It's not as bad as THPS5, but that's not saying much.

  • @shoulderguy

    Oomph... How could I forget that steaming pile of shit?!

    That was a "Remake" but it somehow looked worse, played worse, and had broken mechanics that weren't even present in the original. This dude has a pretty thorough video review of this steaming pile of shit.

    Youtube Video

    I never played it long enough to discover some of these major errors. I was pretty much ready to put it down when I discovered they used the OG controls instead of the significantly improved PS2 controls. Then on top of that, the physics were all fucked up. SquareEyedJack mentions that the "Big Drop" mechanic (which was kinda cool in 1999) is just so broken in this version that you can't even physically get through certain downhill levels without bailing.

    Thank god I never bought this. A floormate in my first year residence had the game on PS3, we played it for 20 mins and I was pretty shocked and never touched it again.

  • The Flashback Remake was a real Turkey. The original is a classic if you can stomach the controls.

  • Metroid Samus Returns was everything one of these should be. It was far enough removed from the original to show noticeable technical improvements AND gameplay improvements not possible in the original version. The idea of remaking a game that is only 1 generation old, while usually justified economically, is not something I generally get on board with. Resident Evil 2, as many have said, is another great example and I assume Link's Awakening is too but I haven't caught that on a good enough sale yet to try it.