Favourite/Least-Favourite Videogame Children

  • Children mean many things to many people-to some they are sweet innocent cherubs and to other they're just something to rest your coffee on in place of a coaster. Whatever you think of children though which videogame kids do you love/loathe the most? There are many that gamers at large would fall in love with like Clementine from The Walking Dead, Ellie from The Last of Us or Atreus from God of War-but none of these are my personal favourite. My favourite videogame child is Oliver from Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for many reasons. I find Oliver to have such a lovely and sweet nature, he behaves like an unsure child but he's kind, polite and honestly he acts in a way I wish all children would. I think most importantly of all Oliver is believable-ok that's quite at odds with where the story of the game takes you, but he is the most convincing videogame child I've seen. On the flip-side the worst videogame children look like ghouls that don't shower properly or just aren't written well enough for you to care about. I think Shaun and Jason from Heavy Rain might be ok if they didn't look like robots and had flat personalities-but again this is the result of poor writing imo.

  • Rule of Rose. They are evil little Bastards.

  • I can't think of a least favorite, at least for now. My favorite is definitely

    Cassie from Uncharted 4's epilogue.

  • There's that kid in Wind Waker with the giant snot trail coming out of his nose. I'm not sure if he's anybody's favorite.

    Your "friends" at the start of Secret of Mana ditch you and help get you banished from your hometown. Practically speaking, they've got to be some of the worst.

    Personally, I don't think there's an abundance of good "interesting" examples like Oliver, because children in games usually have small roles and they have a narrow range of narrative development/plot involvement. Or if they are the main characters, then they occupy very straightforward protagonist roles.

    Rydia from FF4 is one good one, probably the one of the most compelling child protagonists in an RPG. She starts out being profoundly affected by her mother's death and an associated fear of fire, and throughout the story she grows up and turns around to be the one to save Cecil from his biggest enemy. A very elegantly told character arc given how it use gameplay mechanics and plot related events to tell her story, rather than just dump a bunch of text and loyalty missions on you.

    One child character that I'm fond of is 'Teddy' from Actraiser. Despite being a small boy (I think), he tries to solve the mystery of the blood red lake on his own. As God, your charming role in this sequence is to accept his worried mother's loaf of bread, and then leave the bread for Teddy to find so that he might get homesick and return home. Teddy is also involved in being one of the unfortunate townspeople randomly chosen to be sacrificed to the region's monster (before you intervene, of course). In the Japanese version, you learn much later during the credits that Teddy had rigged the random selection so he would get one of the short straws. Quintet is the master of small vignettes, and this one echoes the importance of home and being eager to take on responsibility for your family/tribe.

  • @paulmci27 This game needs a remake in so many ways. Great premise and great atmosphere that would benefit greatly from a massive amount of polishing.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Haven't played it in years just a very unique unsettling game

  • I forgot about Baby Bowser. No one likes Baby Bowser.

  • @chocobop i do.
    he's way better than bowser jr.

  • @Yoshi I think you just caught me mixing them up.

  • I feel like I have been annoyed by many video game children but I can't think of a "worst". Even well acted children like Sunny Suljic's performance as Atreus in God of War (2018) had it's moments where I just didn't want to deal with his rebellious shit. We get it, you're mad at Daddy.

    Daniel from Life Is Strange 2 is both sweet and a little punk. I kinda raised him to become a menace but he still sort of pissed me off regardless of me intentionally making him a maniac.


    I think I have to give the Favourite nod to any creepy / gross horror kids in games.

    This abomination from Luigi's Mansion
    alt text

    Giant Nazi Fetus aka Khole Kardashian's abortion in South Park
    alt text

    This fucking "Botchling" from The Witcher 3
    alt text

    And who can forget "Sink Baby" from P.T.
    alt text


    Video games really like to lean into the creepy kid / aborted fetus trope but I'll take it.

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  • @paulmci27 Youtube Video

    Holy shit we Hubered

  • @e_zed_eh_intern That's amazing. Hope it happens. More people need to experience that weird game. Those boss fights though are brutal hope they get a tweak. My next wish is for ShadowsHearts remaster/remake, spiritual successor. I even settle for a re-release.