Ranking the Resident Evil Games

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    Another anniversary! This month it's the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil (Biohazard) releasing in Japan on March 22, 1996 and a week later in North America.

    After 25 years of Resident Evil games. Which do you consider the best? And what are some of your favorite memories of the series?

  • My list:

    1. 2 (remake)
    2. 7
    3. 5
    4. 4
    5. Code: Veronica
    6. 3 (remake)
    7. Revelations 2
    8. Revelations
    9. 6
    10. Operation Raccoon City

    My first RE game was Code: Veronica on Dreamcast and it scared the hell out of me. I vividly remember going up the steps after leaving the prison cell in the beginning, and having no idea what horrors were waiting for me outside. I didn't finish the game until years later but those first few hours left a huge impression on me.

  • I've been holding off jumping into these ranking threads in light of not having much to contribute, but for this one, I thought I would put a fun (to me) spin on it in that Resident Evil is the one franchise I've watched, but never played. As such, the following is how I would rank them as a viewer, instead of a player. I'm in the middle of Brad's 0 playthrough right now, so it's spot could be adjusted. Anywho...

    1.) 2 Remake
    2.) VII: Biohazard
    3.) 3 Remake
    4.) OG 2
    5.) OG 3
    6.) 4
    7.) 0
    8.) REmake
    9.) 5

    I'm anticipating VIl.l.AGE to be in the top half, but we'll see.

  • Couldn't rank my favourite ones in order, but I will put them in A, B, C,D Tier list of the ones I've played.

    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 4
    Resident Evil 7
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Resident Evil Code Veronica
    Resident Evil Remake

    Resident Evil
    Resident Evil 3
    Resident Evil 5
    Resident Evil Revelations 2
    Resident Evil 0
    Resident Evil 3 Remake

    Resident Evil Revelations
    Resident Evil Outbreak

    Resident Evil 6
    Resident Evil Operation Racoon City

  • Fun story - might've shared it here before:

    When I was like 8ish years old around 2002 or whenever RE Remake released, I went to Blockbuster and somehow convinced my step dad to let me rent the game. Some 5th Grader on the playground told me Nintendo is for kids and the only good game is Resident Evil so I was probably trying to be brave or something. I was only even aware of Resident Evil from my Tips & Tricks Magazine. That's it.

    So I go home, pop it into the GC. Start'r up. Immediately try to leave the Spencer Mansion in which the dogs cutscene triggers. The dogs then maul me. I curl up into a ball completely panicked and scared to my core. I manage to pull the plug from the system. I return to the store and they let me swap it out with Super Mario Sunshine. Yes; I went from Resident Evil right to the most wholesome sunny good vibes game that is totally meant for kids my age.

    I get home and realize the disc has been chewed up as through a dog ate it. Little bite marks all over it. I'm then completely rattled again. Return back to the store and they give me a normal copy of the game.

    Didn't touch Resident Evil again until 2016 or 2017 as an adult. Hunters and Crimson Heads were the ones that scared the tits off of me as an adult, but thankfully I didn't curl up into a ball.


    It's so hard to say which is my favourite because I'm relatively new to the series. I started playing with my roommate on Resident Evil Remake and we had a blast and just went through the series from there. I still have more to finish, but I love them all in their own right. Each plays differently and each one is special.

    1. Resident Evil 2 Remake
    2. Resident Evil 7
    3. Resident Evil 4
    4. Resident Evil 2
    5. Resident Evil Remake
    6. Resident Evil 5
    7. Resident Evil Code Veronica

    Haven't played:

    • Resident Evil 3
    • Resident Evil 6 (I miiiiight never play it)
    • RE Revelations 1 & 2
    • Resident Evil 0 (I tried it once but only for a moment)
    • Resident Evil 3 Remake
    • Resident Evil Director's Cut (likely won't ever play it)


    I have a mixed relationship with RE5. I'm having fun with it, but it irks me that it quite literally just rehashes the ideas from RE4 and ham-fistedly shovels it into a co-op game. But the game is borderline unplayable without a friend because the AI is too dumb. Then even with a buddy, there are these hinderances that just annoy me. Like swapping ammo and making space in the inventory for shit I need can be needlessly annoying. Then on top of everything, it's full of trends of the time (and that goes without mentioning co-op itself): turret sections, cover shooter mechanics, QTE's, maybe a few more I'm forgetting.

    But at the same time, in theory, it should be right there with RE4. It's basically the same game but with no horror and in Africa instead of a castle. Like, I enjoyed the enemies in RE4 and they basically just copy n paste them here. Cloaked shield guys in RE4 are now Zulu zombie shield guys in RE5. So when it's working, it's working and it's fun. But there is some much dumb shit about it too where I'm kinda pulled away.

    All this to say, depending on my mood, RE5 is either near the top or near the bottom for me.

    1. Remake 1
    2. 4
    3. Remake 2
    4. 2
    5. 3
    6. Remake 3
    7. 1
    8. Revelations
    9. Code: Veronica
    10. 5
    11. Zero

    6, 7 and Revelations 2 I haven't played yet.

  • 1.RE4- I have played this game so, so damn much that I think I know it better then the back of my hand. Not to mention it's damn near perfect pacing.

    1. REmake- I still remember getting this, RE0 and Eternal Darkness from a B2G1 sale at gamestop, after some convincing of my dad (I think I was in 5th or 6th grade) still remember playing it late at night with my little 12in CRT, hooked up to the oversized for my bedroom stereo, playing at 10 or 11 PM with headphones on, and just being terrified, like frozen terrified at after the first Crimson Head, not knowing about them before hand.

    2. RE2make- while there a few things missing from the original it's a damn good update on RE2 finding this perfect union between old RE and modern RE.

    3. RE 7 or RE5 (if coop)- First split on the list. RE7 is just a breath of fresh air after RE6, scaling things back down to a smaller environment and story, also I just loved how each member of the Baker family was a different horror trope (Slasher, Body horror, torture porn Saw thing) also there's a Evil Dead reference so that's a automatic plus in my book. RE5 on the other hand while a absolute chore to play alone, it's absolutely amazing to play in coop, and I can't remember how much me and my brother yelled at each other over ammo, gold or trying to some of the traps on the bosses. Not to mention how over the top the cutscenes can get. Also I loved that the Lost in Nightmares DLC showed that with a bit of work the classic RE formula can work with coop.

    4. Umbrella Chronicles/ Darkseide Chronicles- Probably the one no one expects, I love the sort of roller coaster approach both games have to the entire series up to that point, minus 4 and 5. But they are quick fun romps thru familiar environments

    (Will add rest later)

    1. REmake
      [ This is a perfect game, this is Resident Evil ( and don't need the original ). The pacing, the atmosphere, the vibes, the cast. Nothing I would change in it. Throw in a very hard mode where item boxes aren't connected and automatically being in hard difficulity and invisible mode for people who have memories everything not to mention an enemy who you have to avoid in a new run since you die if you attack it. I rest my case]

    2. *RE2
      [ How that one bastard gets what they deserve is so graphic]

    3. REmake 2
      [2nd run is the only reason why this is lower than the original ( and doesn't replace it like REmake does for 1). Less interactions between main characters and no cause/consequences like in the original. Claire's 2nd run weapon is chef's kiss. Mr. X is what we hoped Nemesis would have been in Remake 3]

    4. RE3: Nemesis
      [ Nemesis always being in the back of your mind makes this game such an awesome experience and optional decisions elevated it. Also object aiming was cool. Also trilogy is beautiful raising the stakes from mansion to the city to the fall of it]
      5: RE Outbreak File #2
      [Move while aiming, optional routes in each scenarios, people coming together without being able to chat (antique) except with predetermined commands and working your ways through scenario. This game was so good (except when you got disconnected and do a very hard play alone)

    5. RE Outbreak
      [ I have never played it online since EU didn't get one (truly a game that was ahead of its time) but the story about the whole outbreak was really interesting. Loved expanding the lore]

    6. REmake 3
      [ Best combat in the series! That dodge roll is simply magnificent along with things you can unlock. While everything was an improvement to the original (except that one cutscene), it was way too short when 2-3 scenarios people hoped from original wasn't in it (also that iconic line is ruined)]

    7. RE Code: Veronica X
      [ I liked the more deep inspection that made my cousin be stuck in the game because of a suitcase but the major issue was you could soft lock yourself from finishing the game at least 2 times because of a bad save with poorly being equipped which makes this one of the hardest in the series]

    8. RE
      [ I finished original after REmake and respect what it was at the time it came out]

    9. RE 0
      [I actually enjoyed dropping stuffs and exchanging with your partner. And leech guys too once you found their weakness. In other words this game is good on 2nd playthrough once you know when and where to use key items excluding some bad boss fights]

    10. RE5
      [ Wesker. Also you can strafe and co-op is fun. A.I. partner was really bad even if you could command them]

    11. RE6
      [ Really enjoyed the action and some sick movements you can do in this game and A.I. partner isn't killing themselves like in 5. Sadly enemies react poorly, the campaign (4 different ones!!!) was way too long. (Chris/Piers, Sherry/Jake, Leon/Helena, Ada/+random dude) Simmons is the worst and No Hope difficulity added later was unnecessary.]

    12. RE4
      [ It was cool at the time but also was low stakes with new environment and Island part sucked hard and ramped up action way too high(also Ashley and yet Mikami complained about Rebecca when she at least helped way more and even saved you)]

    13. RE Umbrella Chronicles
      [ Replaying scenes with light gun was so cool and I usually don't like playing in 1st person (and why I skipped 7)]

    14. RE Revelations HD remaster
      [ Finland HYPE (although we don't have mountains here), for originally being a 3DS game it was pretty good]

    Didn't finish:
    RE Revelations 2
    [just fell of with no one to co-op with]
    RE Darkside Chronicles
    [camera/screen movement was really horrible when previous one did it good]

  • I've seen every mainline game thanks to Huber (except the original Resident Evil, maybe?), but these are how I'd rank what I've actually played.

    1. Resident Evil 2 (2019)
    2. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard
    3. Resident Evil 3 (2020)
    4. Resident Evil 5
    5. Resident Evil 0
    6. Resident Evil (2002)

    1. Resident Evil 2- Still remember renting this from Blockbuster for my N64. Much like RE4, 2 has this perfect pacing for the old school style games. Slowly building up your arsenal. Kinda going the Alien to Aliens route of sequel pacing but not quite going full on action route.
    2. RE3- Speaking of the Transition from Alien to Aliens RE3 is is the "Aliens " of Resident Evil 3 in my eyes. Action is ramped up about as much as the old school design can handle only being beat by Dino Crisis 2 and Onimusha. Not to mention Nemesis is a constant threat when and adds this constant unease and dread to exploring Raccoon City, until you're carrying a arsenal fit for a small nation.
    3. RE3Make - RE3make is one of the best playing modern RE games, the dodge (or punch) command give a small glimpse into how the RE4make could play to some degree, but with the missing content and downplaying of the games best feature, that being Nemesis. It's hard to rank it over the original.
    4. REvelations 1- Little bite sized RE adventure, and a great evolution of Mercanaries mode in the form of Raid mode. I do wish we had gotten whatever the original plot was (allegedly with HUNK impersonating Chris)
    5. Resident Evil 6 - This one has kinda grown on me over the years, maybe it's just the absolute excess of content spilling out in every direction, maybe its the plot basicly revolving around a giant RE reunion (albeit with two big omissions), or maybe it's Jake and Sherry Killing a giant monster with the power of friendship or some shit, but RE6 has certainly grown on me as time goes on. Not to mention it's actually playable in single player unlike RE5.

  • Youtube Video

    The Allies ranked the Resident Evil games during this months Tiermaker stream.

  • @shoulderguy half of the games on S tier are on Hall of Greats already, I wonder when the other ones will follow suit...

  • 7 is best by far. follow by RE2 remake.

    Didnot liked rest of them. although waiting for Village and it will took best spot. First person is best thing happened to RE franchise.