Double dipping on videogames

  • One thing i've noticed this gen, i find myself double dipping on 3rd Party Games so much more now than ever before. in fact i don't think i really ever double dipped on 3rd party games at all until the Nintendo Switch came out. i used to play my xbox for Halo and 3rd Party games and my Wii for just Nintendo exclusives.

    ever since the Switch has come out though i find myself wanting to buy the same game twice on different systems. i think it started with the Crash N-Sane and Spyro Trilogies as well as Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, i used to love those games on my PS1 so i got them when they first came out on my PS4 and then again when the Switch versions came out so i could take those awesome games from my childhood on the go with me.

    but then i now find myself doing it with other games like Doom 2016 & Doom Eternal, Crash Bandicoot 4 it's about time on PS4 and also pre-ordered the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy collections on both my PS5 and also on my Switch.

    i think part of me wants to play the best graphically pleasing console version which is why i get them on my PS5 but i also just want to play them when i'm out and about and having them all on the one system being my Nintendo Switch is just so God Damn despite it being graphically inferior to my PS5 versions.

    Does anyone else find themselves doing this at all?

  • I thought I would double dip a lot when I first bought my Switch, but I've been using it mostly for the Nintendo exclusives and indie games that are not yet available on the PS4. I think it's partly because I like having my Switch feel distinct compared to the PS4, usually I only play my Switch when I'm not in the mood to boot up my PS4 and it helps to prevent me feeling burnt out on games. I feel like double dipping would hurt that feel for me. Also, I just like to buy something else since I'm interested in a ton of games and there's always something cool that I haven't checked out.

  • @bam541 said in Double dipping on videogames:

    usually I only play my Switch when I'm not in the mood to boot up my PS4 and it helps to prevent me feeling burnt out on games. I feel like double dipping would hurt that feel for me

    Crash Bandicoot was actually the first videogame i ever owned so nah i never get burnt out playing it. i just love the convenience of being able to play it whenever i want however i want with my 2 copies.

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    Having a family and other responsibilities I don't really have a ton of money for Vidya these days, so I generally just buy for whatever platform I think will play the game best, which usually ends up being Playstation or PC.

    I double dip in the sense that I buy games that I owned a long time ago. Just bought Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and Onimusha Warlords the other day because for 15 BUX why not?

  • I usually don't do this at all but with getting a PS5 and the comfort of laying down while playing games got me thinking about it. I recently bought Tomb Raider(2013) even though I have it on Steam; just wanted to play it casually instead of sitting in front of computer screen. Also I'll buy TW3: Wild Hunt's GOTY edition and wait for the next gen update which I also have it on Steam even though it's vanilla version and not the GOTY.

    I'm slowly getting the hang of double dipping and looks like I may do it from time to time for the titles I haven't been finished yet but already have on PC.

  • If I double dip it's usally on a different platform or when it goes on sale, or some combination of the two

  • I quintuple-dipped for Streets of Rage 4. I bought digital copies for Nintendo switch and ps4. I have two PS4 physical copies and one switch copy. Two of them from the limited run games. And the third copy which is also from limited runs, I bought for my older brother. I also double dipped on Ninja Saviors.

  • @brawlman

    What are you expectations from recently announced TMNT arcade beat 'em up?

  • @scotty
    Expectations high.

  • @brawlman
    I don't want to think of how many times I've bought Ocarina of Time or Resident Evil 4 (at least once per platform)

    Speaking of LRG bought Scott Pilgrim, NMH Collectors Set, add in the Shantae games too.

    I've also double dipped on games I've bought digitally once the price on a physical copy drops, like RE2make when it was $15 around black Friday for instance.

  • I don't think I double dip unless its a port or remaster on a new system years later.

    Already intending on double dipping on Battlefield 6 though. PC for my main friends and PS5 for one console-only friend plus ray tracing & 3D audio.

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    @scotty It's made by the guys who did Streets of Rage 4. Expectations are exceptionally high.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Monstrously High

  • @dmcmaster I've only bought RE4 a total of 3 times. I only paid full price once. The original Gamecube copy. The Wii and PS4 version I bought used. I have to remind myself to get the the Switch versions of NMH. I still have m y Wii copies.

  • @brawlman
    Switch ports of NMH are great, solid 1080P/60FPS, although both games are missing a single song due to licensing stuff. This one to be precise, which I think played in the clothing store in NMH1
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster That does not surprise me as the same thing happened in the PS3 port. This is why I am glad I kept my original copies. Genki Rockets made that song and its first appearance was in Lumines II on the PSP.

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