Favourite Bully Characters and Clique

  • Who are your favourite characters from Bully/Scholarship Edition? I really like Gary as a villain but he should've been more prominent in the story. Edna the lunch-lady was a laugh not because of her grossly unhygienic appearance and practices but because she's quite hilarious at times. Mr Galloway is great but I do find it odd how we spend Bully doing stuff for him when he's an alcoholic who really could've been fired. Although I don't like the character Mr Burton does show the best of R* at their most M rated. Mr Burton is one of the most horrendous characters in Bully because of his sleazy antics and his preference for bullying as a way to build character, yet he's so detestable that he's brilliant at showing the slimy and sinister side of Bullworth Academy. As for favourite clique it's difficult but the Nerds intrigue me quite a bit because although they're mostly good, they're so sneaky and untrustworthy that it's difficult to be completely on their side-besides they provide some of the game's biggest laughs.

  • It has been so long so I don't remember the names but the Grease guy was fun to interact.