Recommend me a Let's Play youtube channel/video

  • I just finished up watching Christopher Odd play the new Demon Soul's for the PS5. Really enjoyed his thorough play style along with lack of offensive language and general humor.
    What other Let's Play channels or youtubers you would recommend?

  • Chip & Ironicus




  • Missclick Gaming is probably my favourite twitch streamer and youtuber. She mostly plays Nintendo and Playstation stuff and reacts to announcements too.

  • Banned

    I place high value on entertainment and comedy with Let's Players, so OneyNG is pretty much the top of that list.

  • I've watched many a Lets Play by "Brickroad" and recommend him. He has amassed a big catalog over the years, although much more retro and indie than Christopher Odd. He does fit the inoffensive humor you are seeking quite well though. I've also made several LPs myself which I'm proud of and I recommend people check out (again, older games).

    The funny thing is, I've enjoyed quite a number of LPers for at least 1 game that they've done, but it's hard to really give them a blanket recommendation, you know? I've also never really clicked with channels that LP games soon after they come out, which may be what you are looking for.