The Saga of R.F. Switch's Old PSN Account

  • Alright, strap in everyone, time for old Auntie R.F. to tell you a tale. My current PSN account is 'RFSwitchArt,' but it is my SECOND Account. My first account was based on my deadname (a deadname is the name you've chosen to discard when you transition. R.F. won't be my initials until the legal paperwork finalizes). Anyways, as you'd expect, I deleted a bunch of old accounts, mostly out of catharsis, and moved on to my new name as well as my penname and felt really good about it....

    ....Until Sony decided it was finally time to shut down the stores for the PS3. The thing is, I had a lot of PS1 JRPGs on my old account that I want to continue to have. The problem is, I don't remember the password for my old account, and I deleted the email account that was associated with that account.... And had to have my debit and credit cards changed since I was last on that account....

    And so began me trying to talk to Sony about getting my account restored, which was met with little success. I need to get a hold of my bank to see if I can get information on my old cards and ensure I give the right information to Sony to get the account back. If not, I'll have to buy those games again... I'd rather not do that. I will post updates as this happens, but I feel that I should post it in case anyone wants a good laugh or may need this information themselves someday.

  • The email on my asia region PSN account got deactivated for inactivity. However I was able to make a new email with the same name and what not, did the forgot password option and was able to log back into my asia region account.

    Basically I made a email 4-5 years ago, forgot its login info, found out the email was deactivated after finding my old password book, remade the email, forgot password, logged into Asia account.

  • @dmcmaster Unfortunately, I can't do that.... I hard deleted the email account. (not the PSN, I don't think it even gave me the option)

  • Still can't hurt to try, worst case scenario Google or yahoo says it's already in use

  • Update: I now have all the information I should need to take care of my account. I have to wait another hour for the phonelines to open, but I will keep you all posted on this madness.

    BTW, in case you also need to do this with an old PSN account, what you will need is:
    -The PSN ID Tag (your screenname)
    -The email attached (Even if it's deleted)
    -A credit card you've used to make purchases
    -The Serial Number of the Playstation you made the account on
    -Two purchases you know you have made on the account

  • ....And it was a bust, this includes talking to a supervisor (Octavio, good guy). I could not regain access to the account unless I somehow magically remember the password I used.

  • Not sure if it'll help you our if you even want to do this based on your circumstance regarding your old name, but most email providers give you a 30-90 day window to login to your deactivated email account. Basically, the deactivation only processes once that period is completed. It's because they desperately want your service and want you to log back in. Facebook does the same thing with this condescending tone of, "well, ok you can delete your account, but we're still here for 60 days if you change your mind..."

    I know it sounds obvious and you've probably already tried, but have you just tried logging back into your old email account?

  • @dipset
    They said the email has long since been deactivated, however they haven't done what I did when mine got deactivated.

  • The thing is, once you delete a Gmail account, it's gone, period. Because Google is the worst.

  • Ahhh didn't know it was Gmail, I use Yahoo.

  • Update: Since I couldn't get into my old PSN account, I said "screw it" and bought some of my PS1 classics. The first wave is: Suikoden, FF5, FF Origins, Arc the Lad, Parasite Eve, and Chrono Cross.