Your Pop-Tarts & Toaster Strudels for Q2 2021

  • Pop Tart: Kena: Bridge of Spirits

    I feel like this game doesn't receive enough spotlight. Awesome and Pixar quality graphics, Avatar(The Last Airbender) vibe with soundtrack and those little fluffy black creatures which are super cute. My only worry is combat which looks bland but I hope they don't show how it will upgrade over time with skills etc.

    Toaster Strudel: Resident Evil: VIIIage

    This one will be a very solid action-adventure, survival horror game I'm sure. Capcom is doing great with the series since REVII. My main reason for putting this in into the category is purely lore. I can't think of a way to include vampires and get away with it without being forced or ridiculous explanations in a world with logical explanations for virus etc.

  • Pop Tart-Deathloop is my pick for now because it's about time we had a shooter that was far-out and stylish because there are too many dreary and predictable shooters out there.

    Toaster Strudel-Considering the rules say April-June and this pick lands today on Game Pass-it's Outriders. I've stated this before but shooters with health bars and numbers makes me so weary-I want Outriders to be great but I feel it could be left in the dust.

  • @scotty Kena is slated for August so it's not Q2.

    • My Pop-Tart: Resident Evil Village (May 7th)

    Youtube Video

    Not like it needs any more promotion, but I can't think of another game I'm anticipating more this quarter. I loved Resident Evil VII, the first-person shift makes the horror and exploration aspects so much more intimate and immersive. All signs point to this sequel being bigger and better than VII, I can't wait for it!

    • My Toaster Strudel: Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (June 22nd)

    Youtube Video

    On paper, this should be a day-one buy for me. I love the Forgotten Realms, I love the Drizzt gang even more, so a dumb fun hack-n-slash featuring them is kind of a dream game for me. But every single trailer so far has been full of red flags, with early last-gen visuals, stiff animations, a tone that's all over the place, terrible writing, the most predictable plot and enemies... It screams low-budget jank, my expectations are as low as they could be.

    But if it somehow gets anything above a 65 on Opencritic, I might get it on sale still.

  • @axel

    Yeah, sorry. Didn't notice.

  • @axel I'm gonna be real lazy. What you said. That's mine too.

  • Pop Tart: Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection.
    Even though the stylish action genre is one I don't stick to very well, NG1 has a great reputation, so I want to try it and you should too.

    Toaster Strudel: Deathloop
    I like the original definition of "Toaster Strudel" which was simply like "a game you want to lower the status of". Deathloop went from interesting to eh for me, even though I know most people are legitimately excited. That's a toaster strudel.

  • Well neither my Q1 Pop-Tart (Returnal) or Toaster Strudel (Riders Republic) even released, let's see if I can actually pick some games releasing this time around.

    New Pokémon Snap - I have faith they wouldn't go through with making this if they weren't going to do it right - and it doesn't take much. The original follows a pretty simple formula; animate fun situations, puzzle mechanics, and secrets. The setting and world take care of a lot of the rest, and I don't think the length will be an issue.

    Toaster Strudel
    Mario Golf: Super Rush - Having recently completed Mario Tennis Aces, I have little faith a similar attempt at golf will break par. The first console Mario Golf game in 18 years looks woefully uninspired; from the Mii "story" mode to the Super Rush mode, there is little ambition on display. I will likely play this a ton, but I'm disappointed by how its shaping up.

  • Pop Tart: Resident Evil Village
    I have little doubt that this game is going to just be a treat to play through... when I get a PS5. There's nothing like sitting down and enjoying a new Resident Evil game for the first time. Even if it doesn't capture the same vibes as VII, I think that it will absolutely create it's own memorable moments that will make it stand apart.

    Toaster Strudel: Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
    It's extremely worrying to me that this game is a couple months out and we still haven't seen a video of gameplay and are still basing our whole knowledge on people who have seen it behind the scenes and a couple screenshots.

  • we don't have pop tarts in Australia...

  • Poptart: Returnal
    Housemarque are awesome and this game looks great, stupid name notwithstanding. 3D roguelite shmup with psychological horror elements? Yeeeaaah boooiiiiiiii!

    Toaster Strudel: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
    Reheating a turd just makes it dry and crusty.

  • Poptart: Resident Evil Village

    No doubt in my mind that this will be a fantastic game. It isn't like they really needed to re-write the book after making RE7, RE2, and RE3 (but I assume RE8 was in development simultaneous with the remakes), but they have enough to study to see what worked well and what didn't.

    Personally, RE7 did a fantastic job of replicating the tone of those slasher flicks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so I have a feeling RE Village will lean into some genre horror too. Throw in the hinted at RE4 action combat and we have a classic on our hands.

    Toaster Strudel: Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Pump the breaks on this remaster. On one hand, I actually look forward to this because I recently replayed the series and despite the graphics still holding up relatively well, there are plenty of low res textures and some juttery camera cutting that would benefit from being smoothed out.

    However, A LOT of people haven't replayed ME1 or ME2 since 2007/2010 and I think we are all about to be enlightened on how ME2 doesn't hold up fantastic with bland boxy level design and extremely short missions with little character development, or we're about to go the opposite direction and celebrate how simple, bite-sized, and influential the mission design of ME2 is.

    Likewise, I am super curious how the Mass Effect 1 art will be changed in this Remaster, but I haven't liked what I've seen so far in ME1. I'm in the camp of people who likes Mass Effect as-is for what it is, and I'd like the Remaster to just plus up the graphics a bit but not meddle in anything else.

    It's unclear what we're actually going to get and I'm not holding my breath that we're all going to be reminded about how much we love/loved this series.

  • Poptart: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    This and Kingdom Hearts are my favorite two long running series of my life. But with all of that, Rift Apart has continually impressed me with its showings. I do love the haptic feedback talk they've done and the utilization of the weapons and ammo. The introduction of the new Lombax seems definitely intriguing! I'm very excited about playing a new Insomniac Ratchet & Clank game!

    Toaster Strudel: New Pokemon Snap
    Literally just for the price tag of $60. I haven't been convinced myself, it's worth that much yet. It looks beautiful and a great evolution of the first game, but looks like a game I'll finish in a week and not touch it in a few years.

  • Poptart: Nier Replicant Ver 1.not typing out that number

    Having never played the original, it's great that they're remaking it. I don't have much else to say about it, but I loved Automata and Replicant looks great so far.

    Toaster Strudel: RE Village

    Pretty sure it's going to be great and won't disappoint. This isn't a real toaster strudel, but I'm not hyped enough for anything to be disappointed this quarter. I'm only putting this here because I feel saturated with Lady Booba memes.

  • Not that this is a make or break by any means for the vast majority of people, but the news is in: ME Legendary Edition IS changing the Mako

    “This legendary vehicle from the first Mass Effect has been ‘calibrated’ to perform better than ever,” Ingram explained. “In the original game, the physics tuning for the Mako made it feel too light and bouncy, even at times becoming uncontrollable, but it’s now a much smoother ride while still being ‘loveable’ like before. (Yes, you can still drive off cliffs to your heart’s content).”

    Combat is getting the biggest overhaul in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, with many of the adjustments made with an emphasis on balancing the RPG-style experience in the first Mass Effect with the more gunplay-focused sequels.

    Other changes to the rest of the trilogy include an overhaul of the karma system in Mass Effect 2 as well as rebalancing for Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy at War mode now that the multiplayer and mobile aspects no longer exist.

    Yeah idk. I'm one of those hipsters that thinks Mass Effect is the best in the trilogy (I haven't fully finished ME3), and I love how otherworldly and alien the game felt. The Mako was a huge part of that for me. I loved the bouncy physics. It was a lot more fun that the weird Roomba hovercraft from some levels in ME2. I also liked the RPG spacey weird infinite ammo combat in the original too.

    Again, I know these things are extremely subjective, but that alien sci-fi foreign planet feeling that Mass Effect achieved was lightening in a bottle to me and I really hope they don't tamper with it too much in this remaster.

  • @brunojoey said:

    Toaster Strudel: New Pokemon Snap
    Literally just for the price tag of $60. I haven't been convinced myself, it's worth that much yet. It looks beautiful and a great evolution of the first game, but looks like a game I'll finish in a week and not touch it in a few years.

    Yeah, but you want them to keep making them, don't you?

  • @mbun I don't think he or anyone is saying they want less games, just that they would like appropriate valuation for the product instead of the gross price gouging Nintendo are becoming increasingly infamous for.

  • @el-shmiablo Except there's no price gouging going on here. The game is already confirmed to have over 200 Pokemon with lots of custom animations. The experience might be short, but it is a dense experience. Weren't you guys asking for shorter games before anyways?

    the gross price gouging Nintendo are becoming increasingly infamous for

    Relax your console wars boner already. Nintendo is only co-publishing this game. It is a Bandai Namco joint planned by The Pokémon Company. Even if Nintendo was making lots of decisions, I don't think your accusation really holds true at all, outside of maybe enhanced ports and rare atrocities like 3D All Stars. I don't think there's many new games from them you could point to and claim are overpriced.

  • @mbun

    Just to be devils advocate here, I got Pokémon Snap when I was a little kid (5-6 years old) and it cost my parents full price like 59.99 at the time. I played it, didn’t understand what was even happening and then I think I beat it in an hour or so and just didn’t understand wtf I was playing.

    Pokémon is literally made for kids, and as a kid, I understood every other Pokémon game at the time, yet, Snap confused the shit outta me and I was done in like 2 seconds. Thank god back then you could march on back to the store and return it.

    It wasn’t worth full price in 1999-2000 and it definitely isn’t worth full price in 2021, even with more animations.

    Likewise, Nintendo porting Wii U games at full price and never dropping it is also really dumb and an obvious double dip to recoup lost costs.

  • @mbun Why would you think that somebody rightly calling out a company on their horrible practices to be "console war" related?
    I'm sorry if, for whatever ridiculous reason, you think I hate all things Nintendo, but coddling them and excusing them of all misdeeds isn't going to help either.

    Regardless of who is making the game, Nintendo commissioned it and it determining the price of it. But boo fuckity hoo stop bullying poor Nintendo I guess.