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  • What games do you think shamelessly rip off another established franchise either thanks to a trend that was happening at the time or games that just do their utmost to claw everything unique about the game it's attempting to ape and doing nothing noteworthy to stand apart? The games that come to mind first are the Layers of Fear games, which try to pull an Amnesia but seem to forget about or do away with what made those games tick. What about when certain games do things that ape another but actually has a refreshing twist and take on an already established game like how Little Nightmares and its sequel mimic several aspects of Playdead's Limbo and Inside, but the Burtonesque horror elements along with its own inspired sense of grimness makes them way more appealing than they could have been.

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    @jdincinerator I feel like Layers of Fear games go for a different vibe than Amnesia. I find LoF to me more of a surrealist puzzler as opposed to straight horror.

    One game that is clearly a rip-off, but I think had transcended it's roots as a rip-off and become the better series, is Streets of Rage. I'm greatful to Final Fight for popularizing the high quality beatemup, but SoR has since skyrocketed past it in terms of overall quality.

  • Remember when Medal of Honor decided to rip off the modern CoDs and made two suboptimal games that has nothing special going for it? I remember. I still have a copy of the 2010 MoH game that I want to check out again some day.

    Also, I wish I can point out a series that rips off Vanquish beat for beat, I don't care if it's the exact same game, I just want more of that.

  • I think the spirit of your question is like literal knock offs like Dante’s Inferno or clone games like Disney Skate Adventure (which is actually pretty fun FYI), but like @bam541 mentioned, the remnants of all the shameless Call of Duty copying in 2007-2013.

    Medal of Honor, a series made by future COD staff went full circle and had an absolutely terrible multiplayer played like a modded Battlefield on small maps and all recoil was removed from guns. Like, you had to play it to believe it but look it up if you haven’t. It’s quite literally a BF3 mod to resemble COD. It’s so shameless.

    Then a game I loved was Resistance Fall of Man with its wonderful 40 player area multiplayer with weapon pickups (a la Halo or Unreal Tournament). Skip ahead to 2008 and Resistance 2 loses its weapon wheel in place for 2 weapons only, and in the multiplayer ever gun uses ADS and ‘+10 XP’ is everywhere on the screen. No more weapons pickups but you make class load outs. UGH!

    The list goes on and on and on and on. So many FPS games were born in this era and so many of them completely sucked or had absolutely no originality outside of copying COD. That’s why I respect Killzone 2 now and especially back then; it was the only FPS game that wasn’t copying COD but kinda doing its own thing.

    The COD multiplayer XP grind has completely plagued the industry for worse in my opinion. MP ranks in games I loved like SOCOM or Halo 3 were based on Wins aka skill, but since COD and it’s clones appeared, every single MP game had ranks based on how long you’ve played the game as opposed to how good you are. So you have terrible level 100 players and the sense of competition has looooong gone out the window in regular matchmaking.

    On top of it all, the influence COD had on the industry paved the way for ‘progression’ in multiplayer which can make or break a game these days. This has nothing to do with ripping off COD anymore but it’s still a remnant of the COD cloning over the years. Back in the day, you’d play an MP game because it was fun and you’d play to win. But since all of the XP grind games that copied COD, now every game needs new unlocks, new cosmetics, new stuff to reward you for playing. It’s like games focus on the wrong things these days instead of just being fun at its core. Again, this last tangent has nothing to do with COD ripoffs at this point and time, but these current trends all stem from the massive popularity of COD and every single damn game trying to clone ALL of its features.

    If I had to pin point one thing, it’s the democratization of Aim Down Sight (ADS) in FPS games that annoyed me the most. ADS was a unique feature to COD and not every single FPS needed it but you saw it appear in almost every major franchise since COD: Resistance 2, Halo 4/5, Medal of Honor, and more. Some games use it to great effect (R6 Siege) while others lose the identity of their franchise by shoehorning ADS in (Halo).

  • Pretty sure Resistance 1 had ADS for all of it's guns, but it's been awhile since I played it.

    Anyway I'm tossing everything from Bloober team, everything from them feels like a different flavored rip off of P.T. which is kinda sad that thier whole catalog is a ripoff of a concept in different skins.

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    I recently replayed it and some of the guns do have ADS but not all. In R2 they really went for it where ADS was the main way to aim. Exactly like COD. Whereas in the original ADS was more for long distance aiming only and most of the game was played with the crosshairs like Half Life.

    ADS is just one thing among many that R2 and other games started to copy from COD around that time.

    Just bothers me a bit looking back.

  • @bam541 The closest thing to a Vanquish clone is Remedy's Quantum Break. It plays like a discount Vanquish in certain, Ironic, because Vanquish itself is a Japanese take on the Gears of War formula, but done better and more insane. Even more ironic, because Wanted: Weapons of Fate plays like a prototype Vanquish in a weird form.

    The Ninja Turtle clones: Batteltoads, Ninja Kids, and Ninja Baseball Batman. The third game I mentioned is actually better than both Ninja Turtles Arcade Brawlers from the 90s.

    You ever noticed how everyone started copying Bayonetta's dodge mechanic around 2013? With DmC (2013) being of the first with its Demon Evade.

  • The game Ash of Gods: Redemption is the most blatant ripoff I have ever seen. It looks exactly like the far superior Banner Saga. Here are some screenshots for example:

    Ash of Gods: Redemption
    alt text

    The Banner Saga
    alt text

  • I'm going to say ME: Shadow of Mordor which is basically Assassin's Arkham.

  • @scotty
    Don't you mean Arkham's Creed?

  • @el-shmiablo I go back and forth on this. I think Final Fight CD is better than Streets of Rage. Final Fight 2 is an awesome game but Streets of Rage 2 is the best out of either series. Then while both 3's left much to be desired, SoR takes that too. I have yet to play SoR 4 but have only heard good things. I just wish Capcom would make a Final Fight 4 after seeing the success of Streets of Rage 4.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern The original SOR is better than the SNES version of Final Fight and most of its other lousy home computer ports. But that was already an arcade game, so that's a no contest. Streets of Rage was made for consoles in mind. the only advantage the first game has over the original final fight, is that you can do back attacks. Otherwise Adam, Axel, and Blaze mostly played the same only with some slight variations with their grapples. They're strength and speed differed to, but that was about it.

    I wish Capcom would do a force final fight game. A proper and true sequel and not that crappy StreetWise. with all the good endings final fight characters have been getting in Street fighter, who knows. Cody is out of jail and finally mayor of the city. I'm truly happy for him.

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    Sure, that one too.