Favourite Videogame Slides

  • Slides are fun to descend down and anytime I get to experience a sliding descent in a videogame it's so breezy and cool-it doesn't matter whether I'm trying to stave off enemies, I just love letting the surface beneath me take me downwards. I think Binary Domain had some slide sections in sewers but I can't quite recall them-do any of you have a favourite section of game where sliding is involved?

  • Not the best one there is but I liked the ones from SWJ: Fallen Order. But just the intro, the ones from the later levels were not fun at all and just annoying.

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    @scotty Are we talking purely about sliding sections? What if sliding is integral to the experience, like with Tribes or Vanquish?

  • I remember playing the Scotland section in Uncharted 4 for the first time and being blown away by the rocky hills that you can slide on. Seeing the rocks slide down as you hit them on the way down is super neat. There's a ton more sliding sections in the game, very integral part of the game tbh.

    I haven't played it myself, but I watched Huber's playthrough of The Evil Within on GT a while back, and there's a sliding section in the beginning where you slide down a bloody sewer right into a pool of blood. It still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, so disgusting!

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  • Vanquish tops all. What's best is that you get to do the rocket sliding yourself. Sliding in Bulletstorm and F.E.A.R. are great too.

  • @el-shmiablo Do Vanquish and Tribes have descents? I'm not talking about slides in terms of physical movement, I mean the fun kind of slides where gravity pulls you down.

  • Obviously Mario 64. Been playing Monster Hunter Rise, and the sliding in that can be pretty satisfying as well. However, I'm going to cheat and say the entirety of Snowboard Kids 1 + 2, because snowboarding is basically just sliding.

  • X-Games Megaramp in Skate or the Mega-Compound Megaramps in Skate 2.

    We're talking an easy 20+ hours on just ONE obstacle out of an entire open world game with hundreds of obstacles. Getting wrecked is fun. Landing is fun. Making a line is fun. Trying insane combos is fun. Endless fun.

    People to this day are still finding new lines to take in Skate 2's Mega Compound. I saw a NBD (never been done) posted online a few weeks ago. People take that as a challenge and still somehow manage to find ways to bend physics and reality on that ramp/park.

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    Youtube Video

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    @jdincinerator Tribes is literally all about that. A truly good Tribes player has mastered skiing down slopes and hitting their jets at just the right time to launch off at maximum sanics.

  • Sliding on your shield in Breath of the Wild.

  • @shoulderguy right up until it breaks