Controversial Kyle Comment

  • I don't really want to sass Kyle at all so if it comes across like that I'm sorry. However I've got to be honest- Kyle leaving Easy Allies has forced me to have nearly no interest in him whatsoever. The reason for this is his main interest is in streaming games and little else. There's nothing wrong with streaming, but only doing this makes Kyle so ordinary. I love Kyle's analytical videos because that's where his treasure trove of insights shines through and he's so entertaining with those videos as well. Do you guys feel the similarly to me or am I alone here?

  • Generally speaking, streaming is what I call the "minimum viable product" when it comes to content creation and I have absolutely no interest or respect for it. I get people enjoying the company, but from a content creation perspective I don't get it.

  • I couldn't care less about streaming myself. Why watch a game you could be playing, saying that my kids would rather watch a stream than a TV series/show. Think it's just a generational thing. Kyle seems to be happy & doing well with a dedicated following. Good luck to him.

  • I don't watch many solo streams. But I did watch some of Kyle playing Avengers and Monster Hunter with the Allies. Those were fun streams.

  • Easy Allies were the first people to help me “get” streaming. Streaming was something that I quite literally didn’t understand and I’m sure if you dig deep enough on these forums, you’ll find me in 2016 saying something like, “I don’t know why I’d watch somebody else play video games when I can play them myself.”

    When I watched the vibes and interaction between the Allies and the viewers, I kinda started to get it. Especially since EZA didn’t just gravitate to the latest hotness but had some really creative streams.

    I love Kyle streams, esp dumb games like Harry Potter or a classic like SSX. But I don’t have 4-6 hours to keep up with Kyle marathon streams on Twitch and I never will.

    He’s a creative guy and I love his content including his streams but ultimately I won’t be paying him much attention if he continues to stream for 6 hours.

    Silver lining here- if I quit my job and moved cities, I’d probably be less productive than him so kudos.

  • As someone who binge watches the Allies' stream archives a lot, I would love to keep up with Kyle's streams as well, especially since he's such an entertaining man to watch, but I have to admit that him being no longer with the allies creates this weird mental separation thing in my brain that makes me not as invested in his streams. Plus, his streams are so long. Right now I don't really have an interest in his multi part streams, but I'll probably check out his grab bag/random games streams if I had the time. I always felt that Kyle streams the most interesting games to me compared to the other allies.

  • I love Kyle's Streams. I would watch them religiously when he was still with EZA. Nowadays I pick and choose just because they go on for so long. I try to watch the ones I can live but I will almost always watch the VoD if I wanted to see the stream.

    One of the things that I love is his creativity.

    For example, this month he collaborated with chat to create 8 characters for a fighting game concept, which resulted in Bruised Egos. He then launched a Game Jam for people to create origin story games for any of the 8 characters. Kyle's going to stream every entry in tomorrows stream. March 3rd%2C Kyle Bosman,deal damage%2C creating powerful buffs.

    This kind of big project is admittedly few and far between, but the creativity seeps into the rest of the content. Only Kyle wants to stream How to Draw the Marvel Way, a CD Rom from 1995. Only Kyle makes fun bits as part of his streams like Praise and Scold.

    Youtube Video – [05:59..]

    The community that rose around Kyle's streams, even in the EZA days was so cozy and fun, and it continues to be so. He's the most entertaining solo streamer I've ever watched, and I'm not exaggerating.

    Like, I get if you have no interest in streaming, but Kyle left because he didn't want to be a video producer anymore, so I don't really see the problem 🤷‍♀️

  • i don't even bother watching easy allies content aside from their reaction videos these days.
    their content was better back in the GT days

  • @hazz3r Some people aren't interested in long streaming and it's something many people do. It's great you love Kyle's streams, but personally I would rather Kyle make some of those interesting videos he'd put out on his other channel because they show Kyle at his best. Streams get forgotten more easily than videos like his PS5 Reveal Hot Takeaways or the Underrated Pokemon video he did as an Ally because those videos are topical, focused and aren't long at all. Furthermore Kyle calls his stream channel a "stream dump" and that's very apropos to what the issue with streaming is-it's pretty fun if you're live and going along where you're in the moment as things happen, but they have little rewatchable value-and if you wanted to rewatch something in particular you'll probably have to click through the video to find what you're looking for-I think unless you watch live they're just hard to follow and gain interest in-unless of course there are plenty of funny and memorable moments during that stream-which I'm confident there is because it's Kyle of course.

  • @yoshi

    I've come around on a lot of the live stuff but I do miss edited videos like GameTrailers did.

    They did multiple Patreon surveys and the people spoke and said they want more streaming content so EZA has focused more on that. Again, I've come around, I like some of their streams like Hall of Greats, Mario Maker, or any off-the-wall stuff they do. But I definitely miss the old GT studio, the Retros, Level, Pop-Fiction, and all of that. Different companies, different eras, and different fans at this point.

    The EZA Podcast in both the Kyle and Jones era is definitely better than GT Time. I liked the panel on Invisible Walls back when, but those smaller podcasts just don't hold up as well today.

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    I like Kyle when he's giving his spicey opinions and hot takes. He's a wonderful IRL troll. I will probably never watch him stream though.

  • @dipset said in Controversial Kyle Comment:


    The EZA Podcast in both the Kyle and Jones era is definitely better than GT Time.

    I disagree. The GT Time set was brighter and more stylish, you always knew what they were talking about via the monitor, and with only one cycling seat, Daniel "Facts" Bloodworth was on almost every episode.

  • @oscillator

    Blood as been on the EZA Podcast weekly now but I think Kyle’s goofy approach to weekly news was pretty great.

    The current Jones and Blood duo is nice too but I think the format of the EZA Podcast is a bit more fun. Agree the GT sets were great but different times. Nobody invests in a broadcast quality studio for a website or YouTube nowadays. Especially in the network news on Zoom era.

  • This is what I want more of from Kyle:
    Youtube Video