Favourite Ally?

  • First I've got to say thanks to @Scotty for making me realize what a strawpoll is and so I'm asking you to vote for your favourite Ally and here you can explain why. I don't want to play favourites with the Allies because they're all amazing and spectacular in their own ways, but I'm sure our connection with each Ally is different, some we may agree with more, or we like a particular Ally's personality more than the rest. It's really tough but for me I just can't say anyone else other than Brandon Jones because he's been the videogame critic and voice I find so inspiring and iconic. Here is the strawpoll:

  • Huber. Reason: His passion for some games that I also love so much is incredible and so enjoyable. I still watch his reactions to The Last of Us Part II teaser at PSX 2016 and gameplay video at E3 2018.

  • It's also Huber to me. I just never seen someone who is so infectiously hyped and lovable. Love all the allies though, I've only been following them relatively recently and I'm very excited to support all of them in the long run.

  • I relate a lot to Ian and I've found a lot in common with him over the years.

    That said, I love them all. Blood and Damiani are great writers and I think Damiani doesn't get enough credit for his journalism and insight on the industry. They're all good and they've all taught me something new.

    Ian got me into some good movies, Huber got me into Resident Evil, Ben had me playing JRPG games which I hadn't played in years, Jonas has taught me about editing, life, and work insights, Blood has a ton of knowledge about gaming and is a fantastic writer and editor, Don is an extremely unique person who taught me to find joy in some simple things in games, and Brad also is a great advocate for just enjoying yourself and appreciating games.

    I really like them all.

  • Isla, followed by Ben. I am not justifying my decision.

  • Voted for Damiani. I've noticed that whenever he is happy then I'm also very happy. And in these few recent return-to-studio group streams he's been extremely happy. Love his big laugh. :D

  • This one.

    @JDINCINERATOR In the future, please use the original Straw Poll instead of the dot com knockoff.

  • @mbun I'm not familiar with the original.