I Just Wanted to Play Peggle

  • Hey Allies,

    Just felt like sharing this story just because. It isn't necessarily a thriller but I think a lot of us have been through customer support hell and can relate somewhat. So this story pertains to my experience with EA Customer Support Chat this weekend. I was inspired by this Kotaku article from 2018. I read the article at the time and was quite surprised because my experience with EA Support was fantastic in the past.


    2007-2009 - PS3 Era

    I owned a PlayStation 3 and played A LOT of EA Games back then: Skate, Skate II, NHL 09, Fight Night Round 4, BFBC, and more.

    You might recall, but every EA Game made you register an EA Account (EA Network might be the new name for this) to use online services. To this day, I barely comprehend the reason for this checkpoint. Why does EA require me to log into their proprietary service through PS, XB, and PC just to play their games? It offered me absolutely nothing extra and just became a handful in the future. In 2021 they have the EA Play service so I understand a lot more now but back then, I suppose they just wanted to track my play data?

    Anyways, so I have an EA Account registered with my PSN ID around this time. Let's call this EA Login PS3.

    2010 - 360 Era

    So my buddy sells me his Xbox 360 and I join the dark side. I start playing NHL 11, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, and likely a few others. Same story as before, but now I am on Xbox Live. A free trial at that! So EA links to my trial Xbox Live gamertag so I can play my EA Games. Likewise, I couldn't use my pre-existing EA Account because I changed my PSN email and EA didn't like that I was logging in with an email it didn't understand, yet, my old email wouldn't work. So now lets just call this EA Login 360.

    2011 - Origin Era

    So Battlefield 3 releases and EA Origin is the new service here to stay. You gotta use it to play EA Games. So I register with my main email (same as my PS3 email). No issues. I play Battlefield 3 for a few years with no issues. We'll call this EA Login Origin

    2013-2018 - Origin Meltdown Era

    All of a sudden, I start having so many issues with EA Origin giving me shit about my email already being registered to another EA Account. If we're counting, I guess we have (3) EA Accounts at this point, but Origin isn't supposed to be it's own login. It's supposed to be the same as your other accounts and I think that's why it suddenly realized there are two EA Accounts with the same email (Origin and PS3).

    So this is giving me absolute shit off and on when I play games on PC, PS3, and PS4 for YEARS. I cannot play the games when it's giving me shit like this. Thankfully, EA released 99% garbage during this era and it didn't really bother me much, but my god was it annoying. Somewhere along the line here too, EA sees I have the EA Login 360 too and it's confused about that as well. Basically, it's somehow aware of my different accounts they forced me to make over the years and is upset about it.

    2018 - 1st chat with EA Support**

    I decide I want to play Battlefield 1 and have had enough of this EA Origin giving me shit every time I try to play games. I owned a few Origin games up to that point and it's arbitrary when they will or will not work. Same goes for my PS4 EA Games.

    So I contact support with the intention of unifying all of my accounts into one login.

    And you know what? It was BY FAR the BEST customer support experience of my entire life! Yup, you read that right- B E S T!

    I explained the issue, the support staff understood what I was saying. He asked for my consent to merge the accounts. Bing Bang BOOM! Done! 30-40 mins. I have lived in 5 apartments since moving to the city in 2013 which means calling the Hydro company, phone company, movers, banks, IKEA, the list goes on. I have gone through customer support hell with all of them (IKEA takes the cake, FYI) so that is why I safely say that EA was so so great and easy and I would tell people that. You'd be surprised how fantastic they were.

    Ironically, this is when Kotaku put of the article about their nightmare experience so I was quite surprised to read that.

    2021 - 2nd chat with EA Support

    I just wanted to play Peggle!

    I now have Xbox Game Pass for PC and as of recently you can access EA Play though Game Pass. All of my buddies have been doing it and that's what kickstarted our recent Battlefield V binge (I already owned the game prior to Game Pass).

    This weekend I look through the available library and see Peggle. I used to love playing Peggle in high school so I go to Install it which then leads me to the new EA Desktop App (yes, there is now Origin AND EA Desktop). And I get a message telling me that my EA Account is already linked to an Xbox Live account on an old email (the one that was merged into my current account back in 2018).

    So I Google some things and follow the steps EA suggests I take. They say I have to unlink my Xbox Live accounts from my EA Account. Okay no problem.

    0_1618246736799_Xbox Live Unlink Page.png

    Where is the Unlink button for Xbox Live?

    Ok. Time to chat with support....

    0_1618246942873_EA support.png

    Okay... off to a great start...

    0_1618246998576_EA support 2.png

    So I tell them that I cannot unlink my accounts and he tells me he can fix it. We go back n forth for a bit and we land on this problem. He can only unlink one account per 6 months. So I ask, can you unlink both of those accounts that are linked to Xbox Live or just one of them? He tells me he can do both, but he cannot link my current Xbox Live account that I use for Game Pass. I ask why and he then proceeds to claim that you can only link or unlink one Xbox Live account per 6 months and he nor anyone else at EA can help me do that.

    FYI, it took about 30 minutes to even reach this information.

    I just wasn't satisfied with that. I pay for the service and he's telling me I can't use it. It doesn't make sense. So then he tells me to make YET ANOTHER EA Account so I can link it with Xbox Game Pass.

    I tell him that is ridiculous because the whole reason we are in this mess is because there are too many EA Accounts flying around and this is an error leftover from my account merger back in 2018. He says, the only solution is to make a new EA Account for Xbox ONLY or to wait 6 months and link Xbox Live then. I am tired of listening to his nonsense so I just ask him to unlink the old XBL accounts and I'll link in 6 months like he says.

    So keep in mind, I cannot use EA Play for 6 months despite the fact that I pay for it with Game Pass.

    He finishes and out of curiosity, I try to install Peggle again. In which I get this NEW message:
    0_1618247416115_EA 3.png


    Minutes ago he told me once every 6 months I can link or unlink an Xbox account and now EA is saying ONE PER LIFETIME!

    Good GOD!

    EA support chat also said I could save the transcript but because I filled out the survey afterwards, it just booted me out with no option to save the transcript so I don't even have proof of this exchange.

    It's just so infuriating because it is EA who insists I use their login portals yet they don't track the different changes I might make through PSN or Xbox Live and those emails associated with them. For example, the GoTacoHD account is the exact same account with the same email as my current Xbox Live gamertag. But EA can't comprehend that.


    All in all, EA went from top tier support to bottom tier for me.

    I'll try again in 6 months and see if what the EA Support Chat said was true, but according to the pop up message, I am SHIT OUT OF LUCK. Hopefully this is resolved by the time Battlefield 6 comes out.

    I guess I won't be playing Peggle anytime soon...

    Any customer service nightmares of your own? I know the user R.F. Switch on here just went through heck with Sony.

    I guess this is the all digital era we live in. Just not sure how to resolve it without having 2 EA Accounts or just not playing EA Games.