Deacon St John

  • What do you guys think of Deacon St John from Days Gone-do you think he's a great character or is he too reminiscent of the average videogamer?

  • The guy from Day's Gone?

  • @dmcmaster Yeah

  • I thought the writing for his dialogues is pretty solid, but his voice acting performance took it over the edge for me. There's a hint of exasperation and tiredness every once in a while from him that feels genuine, and it makes him quite enjoyable to watch, even if he's not the morally best person around. Great performance from Sam Witwer.

  • I haven't beaten the game but I found him pretty unremarkable. Not bad, but I'm not going to write home about him.
    I find that Sony has that problem in a lot of their games. Absolutely incredible gameplay with boring heroes. Aloy in Horizon is sooooo boring imo.

  • @el-shmiablo I can't help but agree the heroes and heroiines in SONY's triple A games are quite boring-I find there's too much emphasis on emotional storytelling too.

  • I'll report back when I finally try Days Gone. I just remember being extremely turned off by the GameInformer alpha build preview of a mission in 2018. There was this Rockstar-like motorcycle interlude with Deacon and his buddy driving around and talking and quite literally every other line of dialogue was, "fucking motherfucker, sunnovabitch fucking fucker!"

    I immediately thought it was typical video game nonsense writing and never gave it the time of day.

    Time has passed and a lot of people swear by Days Gone being a good time so I'll definitely try it but I'm not holding my breath that I'll like the characters here.

  • @dipset You probably shouldn't hold your breath. I've greatly enjoyed my time with Days Gone, but it had nothing to do with the characters or story.
    It's a great survival experience (especially on higher difficulties) and the tech driving everything is incredibly impressive, but your mouth won't be agape at any story revelations of character developments.

    Some times they absolutely hit it out of the park with their characters, like with God of War or The Last of Us Part 2, but most times with Sony exclusives I'm just playing for the enjoyment of playing and not because I'm particularly invested in the person I'm playing as.

  • @el-shmiablo I'm curious, what do you find boring about Aloy? I feel pretty mixed about HZD's present time story in particular, but I was able to enjoy it because I really enjoyed playing as Aloy. I just really like her skeptic and tough yet caring attitude towards pretty much everything around her. I think she's the perfect kind of character to play as in Horizon's post apocalyptic world. Solid performance from Ashly Burch too.

  • @bam541 Don't know what to tell you my dude I just thought she was barely there and totally lost interest in her as a character. Thank goodness the entire rest of the game around her was incredible.

  • @bam541

    I'm still kinda lukewarm on Horizon but I have to go back and finish it once and for all. My partner watched me play the first four hours-ish of the game and she was off put by some of the things I didn't like which was kinda assuring because she doesn't know much about games. Mainly the stiff face animation and Aloy's kinda spacey delivery.

    I felt like her presence in missions was just to serve the fetch quest and her constant babbling to herself in-game was just to remind me that something is happening. Definitely didn't think the writing, acting, or facial animation was anything to write home about.

    I've been hot and cold with Horizon and I'll probably get back to it before I try Days Gone.

    I gotta go through all the PS4 open worlds to finally say I've played them all.

  • @dipset yeah the facial stuff is definitely not the best in Horizon. It didn't really bother me personally though.

    Also, gotta give props to you for trying these games out, I know you have said many times before here that open world games aren't your favorite.

  • @bam541

    I wouldn't play them if I was torturing myself. Life is too short to play games just because they reviewed well. I'm actually pretty intrigued by them all, even Days Gone to an extent.

    I just wish Sony 1st party didn't go all in on AAA open worlds. Even God of War had a semi-open world and weapon XP grind.

    Spidey = side missions for upgrade tokens to make combat better
    Horizon = side missions to upgrade skill tree to make combat better
    GoW = XP to upgrade weapons so the pace of the game picks up and combat becomes better
    Days Gone = money to upgrade motorcycle

    I understand that starting weak and improving is a common tried and true video game design choice, but I just don't appreciate how the open world of Spider-Man or the combat in God of War only become bearable once I'm very upgraded.

    I feel like I only warmed up to both of those games about half way through when I was upgraded and the game felt more fully fleshed at that point.

    Anyways, I don't have much more to add about Days Gone until I play it so I'll keep on topic after this.

  • I liked Deacon more than I originally thought I would. He's a tough guy, making tough choices, dealing with the consequences. A character like many others but it's a good performance.

    I feel like his character shows more of his personality in the flashback scenes. He is more of a likeable dork in those scenes, while he's mostly just a gruff biker dude in the present day.

  • @shoulderguy I forgot about those flashback scenes! There's some endearing character moments there for sure. There's also some really beautiful environments during those scenes, like the night time one in the forest.