Influential Games of 2013-2020

  • @paulmci27 said in Influential Games of 2013-2020 (PS4-Xbox One Generation):

    Gone Home seems to have been influencial as the first really big walking sim that got a lot of buzz. Now it's a popular staple in gaming for better or worse depending on your preference.

    Gosh no. Dear Esther was the one that kicked that whole thing off.
    I don't actually like putting Gone Home in the same category though because the game is way more interactive and involving the majority of so called walking sims.

  • @jdincinerator Although I struggle to get on with Breath of the Wild I appreciate and love what it is-same with Bloodborne.

  • @sheria Yeah I know Dear Ester pre-dates Gone Home, but I can't remember it making as big of a splash or winning many rewards. I may be misremembering though.

  • Banned

    Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon

    You don't become the best selling racing game in US history for no reason.
    And it's pretty amazing just how popular Splatoon has gotten since it was a new ip on a console with a tiny install base, to Splatoon 2 now selling 12 million copies worldwide.

    Can't imagine how well Splatoon 3 will do.

  • Bayonetta with its Witch Time. A lot of melee action or adventure games started copying or doing variations of this mechanic.

    Hard Reset, Wolfestein: New Order, Shadow Warrior (2013), Doom 4, Eternal, and many other old-school style shooters flooding the market to a new golden age. Especially on Steam.

    Hotline Miami still has games that copies its you and everyone die in one hit. Fast reload checkpoints. All about being quick, efficient, and stylish.

    The TakeOver, Fight n Rage, River City Girls, and most importantly, Streets of Rage 4 brought back the 2D Brawler genre! Proving they can thrive in a modern market, and proving "professional" critics and anti-brawlers fans how full of shit they always are.

    Street Fighter IV's success brought back fighting games on the map. New and old.

  • @brawlman I'm so happy that SoR 4 end up being successful. The Beat Em Up genre gonna be even bigger this gen, starting with that TMNT game.

  • Destiny.
    Sure there were MMO-Lite games before it but I think Destiny really kicked off the whole games as a service thing.
    Few have managed to come close to that perfect loop Destiny achieves though. The absolutely incredible gameplay combined with that addictive loot grind is just something else.

  • Doom and Doom Eternal by far. best games of decade and return FPS into true form as a result both becomes a masterpieces.

  • I think Red Dead 2 is going to prove to be very influential, particularly in the AAA sphere. I think it's the first game, aside from perhaps BOTW, that truly captures the "living, breathing world" that so many games try to capture, so I think it's influence will be felt quite a bit in the coming years. I think we've already seen some of its influence in AC Valhalla.

  • I don't think that there are/will be very influential games, because we are now much more focused on diversifying gaming experiences. Sure, some games will keep taking pages from some previous games, but I doubt we will see everyone copying something. Battle Royale became the biggest new thing a few years ago and numerous competitive games are still released without this mode.