What Would You Improve About Easy Allies?

  • Easy Allies are fantastic just the way they are but how would you improve Easy Allies? I'd only go as far as putting forward new shows like one based around the community's interests-where the community can submit stuff they want the Allies to watch, listen to or play and then respond to it-can just be one Ally at a time but I think it'd be a great way to show the Allies new stuff based on your interests but they may find stuff they really dig.

  • I would like them to be less trendy and fanboyish. They focus too much on mainstream stuff so their content and opinions are very predictable. Ian could be the guy that brings less obvious stuff to the conversation, maybe create an indie show.

    I don't know, I feel this kinda hurts my interest in them and makes me progressively less engaged with their content because I know the chances of something catching my attention or surprise me are slim.

    I still like the group and their different personalities, it's just a bit too vanilla.

  • @phbz I see exactly what you're saying-they do often go for mainstream stuff and I can often tell what games they favor. I also think they bring predictable games to Frame Trap most of the time. It was great when Huber promoted Wintermoor Tactics Club last year though because that game is a cozy Christmas-y cracker. I think the Allies are fanboyish in a sense because they're really passionate about the games they play and the franchises those games are apart of.

  • @jdincinerator My girlfriend jokes that they seem like they're from the same family, because - except for Damiani - they all look alike and I think that kind of extendes to their opinions too. For the most part they share the same tastes and I guess that's just a byproduct of their lack of diversity.

    It is what it is, I'm not saying they should hire someone just for the sake of diversity, that's just how the group is, extremely homogeneous and that results in a reduced range of tastes and opinions. I think Kyle did a good job by being provocative and trollish disrupting things and throwing people off balance.

    Maybe they should get more guests to spice things up. And make an effort to try and talk about non obvious stuff.

  • They definitely need a provocateur like @Phbz said. Kyle did that naturally and Damiani sometimes can do that but it's different.

    Honestly, I just think since they've gone away from most of the GameTrailers shows and are now streamers/podcasters, it's hard to say. I like EZA because I like them as people, but I used to like all of their shows first and foremost.

    I'd say lean more into what they are known for. Huber should honestly be a big ambassador for Resident Evil. I know he probably doesn't want to be pigeon-holed like that, but why not become the go-to outlet for Resident Evil? Damiani is already a known person in the Nintendo community so keep pushing that.

    Blood and Damiani have strong journalistic skills and I'd love for them to try and do more news or get more scoops. Damiani's research for Project Athea was fantastic. Blood doing the interview with the Ori composer was also fantastic. Just more stuff like that.

    Keep leaning into strengths. Ian and Ben with the tabletop / improv stuff.

  • Also, their studio is fantastic which will make their workflow for streams and podcasts so much better when they get more uninterrupted time to utilize it.

    So with that said, they need to get more guests on the EZA Podcasts and try to get more industry individuals either streaming with them on the couch or interviews at the desk. I feel like this is essential moving forward. Otherwise EZA will continue to grow insular.

  • Their content has went downhill lately.Less streaming more produced edited shows. They've been stale for at least a year. None of their Podcasts have evolved since 2016 zero production values and they Dont take advantage of the studio. Reviews come out way too late resulting in them losing 1000s of views. Most of their content is pretty shallow. They've been losing Pateron money steadily each month and views are down on their flagship shows. I hope they turn things around or I could see them folding within the next couple of years.

  • @paulmci27 Would it be too cruel to tell them how you feel?