Returnal - catch all

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  • Spent about 4 hours with it. Been enjoying it so far. live, die, repeat with some really fast combat, almost too fast at times depending on the enemies you run into. Will say the game desperately needs a double jump but I assume that it's a upgrade at some point.

    Also loved the resogun human hidden on the ship.

  • @dmcmaster

    Is the story thin or there are enough cutscenes to get curious and care about it so far?

  • @scotty Audio Logs (but more interesting than that sounds) with the occasional seemingly randomly timed cutscene for a little more flavor and then major cutscenes when you hit major milestones in the game or find the house again.

  • Could this be baby’s first rogue-like?

    I’ve only played until like the first or second screen of Splunky and strongly disliked it and never played another game like that since.

    But Returnal looks cool and I’m intrigued.

  • @dipset No, this game can be pretty unforgiving. There's many much easier rogue-likes out there. You don't get to keep or build up as much between failed runs in Returnal.

  • @mbun

    Yeah, I saw a bit of audio logs' kind and liked it. Thanks for the answer.


    You know, it was one of the first games that I've tried when I got the console just because I didn't feel like starting a big thing then. It was what people expect and like probably but I didn't care much and definitely didn't like the "rogue like" of it.

  • @mbun
    Maybe I'm the odd one out but I generally hate Rouge-lite stuff. Hell I honestly bought this because I loved all of Housemarque other games, but I do find the general flow of the game. Combat has this right mix of flow to it. Running into a room guns blazing, jumping dodging slashing, all kinds of crazy particles flying around (best effect I think is fog dispersing from your melee attack)

  • @dmcmaster I guess I could see the graphics selling some people on a style of game they're normally not as into.

  • @mbun

    Yeah, it definitely happened to me before. I also like it that story continues both in this and Hades. Although this one doesn't have a feature where story continues even if you die right? Unlike Hades.

  • @scotty said:

    Although this one doesn't have a feature where story continues even if you die right? Unlike Hades.

    Not every time, but sometimes when you die again you get a bit more, but it is WEIRD. Not quite the same as Hades.