Genres in 2D vs 3D

  • As someone who grew up playing 3D PS2 games as my first kind of games, I always had a much lower interest in 2D games compared to 3D ones. Not saying that I don't play 2D games at all, I just have to be more convinced to try them out. It's a part of the reason that I didn't get too invested in certain genres. My questions are: what is your preferred perspective in games, and does it affect your enjoyment/interest in any genre of games?

    One of these genres for me is metroidvanias, where I felt like most of the games that people revere are 2D ones like Symphony of the Night and Hollow Knight. It's only up until Control that I got to experience what a 3D metroidvania would feel like. Surely there's other 3D games that have metroidvania influences, but I never felt it so strongly like in Control.

    Another one is Bullet Hell shoot em up games. I was watching some of the gameplay from the recent previews for Returnal, and boy I'm so excited for it. I have played and enjoyed 2D bullet hells before (used to waste a ton of cash on them back in the days of the arcade), but seeing those bullets in a 3D space just makes something really click in my brain.

    I also have a preference of persepctive for fighting games, but on the 2D side this time. 3D fighters like Soul Calibur and Tekken are just too complex for me to learn. They're still fun of course, but I only try to seriously learn 2D stuff, most recently Street Fighter V, which I came back to after not touching it since near launch.

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    I'm not sure I have a preferred perspective.
    I love well made 2D and 3D games. Viewing a game from a certain angle doesn't really change my level of admiration towards it.

  • I'm glad both are still around. During the ps2 generation 2D games became more niche on consoles but this is not the case anymore. 2D games have a lot of advantages. In general they are much more tightly designed. Controls are simpler, no camera issues, enemies can not be avoided so easily, the level design is more clear,...
    But 2D design is of course much more limited. Thankfully there is room for both in the world.