Neir Replicant

  • I bought a copy of it. I'm coming in fresh. I haven't played either NieR game.

  • @neocweeny
    Welcome to the nut house, get some tissues on hand when you start your second play thru.

  • Had ending E spoiled to me because of nap roulette after work. Woke up to it playing.

    That said

    It's awesome to see the short story adapted into the game, and fleshed out a bit more to help it connect to Automata.

  • To anyone that has played Nier, how "bad" is the pursuit of the final and proper ending(s)?

    Ben wrote:

    Accessing all of the endings is unintuitive to say the least, not to mention tiresome, requiring the collection of 33 weapons and repeating a lot of the same content. Many of the side quests can be dull affairs, and although there are definitely ones that have worthwhile stories, the act of actually doing them often means the same sort of monotonous fetch quests again and again.

    And it isn't that I question him, but people said the same sort of thing about Automata and I found endings A, B, C, D, E to be really straightforward affairs: Beat it as 2B, beat it as 9S, beat the new part as A2, make the choice, reload, make the other choice, get the final ending. It sounds more complicated than it really is so I wonder if the Nier Replicant endings are also more complicated at a glance or if they are in fact a complete pain in the ass to achieve?

  • @dipset I've yet to play Replicant, but I found people's feelings towards the original version to be rather exaggerated in its cumbersomeness. You might have to follow a guide though.

  • Has anyone got some of that Nier Repellent? I might need some.

  • I'm about 5 hours in. I'm enjoying it eventhough it's a bit slow and has a lot of backtracking (not in a good way).

    The music is absolutely outstanding... goddamn.

    @dipset said in Neir Replicant:

    To anyone that has played Nier, how "bad" is the pursuit of the final and proper ending(s)?

    I also worry about this. I've played Drakengard and did not enjoy getting all the endings there.

  • @neocweeny
    The original game, for the final ending you needed to get all the weapons and max all of them out, one of which I recall being missable in the first half (the sword called faith I think)
    Beyond that if you do all the side quest (especially the fishermen one) you'll be able to make enough money in a hour or so to buy damn near every material you need and pay for the upgrade as well.