Most Surprising Games

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    Creating this thread as a sort of bizarro version of the "Most Disappointing Games" thread. Just talk about games that ended up surprising you and why.
    Also SHOUTOOOUUUT to JDINCINERATORfor basically singlehandedly keeping these forums alive with the interesting topics he posts.

    Anyways, I'll start.

    Marvel's Avengers
    Bought it for 30 and have been loving every second. My love of capeshit helps me look past the problems, but there honestly aren't as many as I had been lead to believe.
    Kamala Khan is probably one of the most endearing characters in a videogame I've played in a long time.
    The combat is actually pretty fun and engaging. You'll get your shit rocked if you aren't actively dodging and utilizing your skills.
    I have yet to reach the endgame though, and that is where I hear a lot of the problems lie, but apparently there will be a patch in June that is going to rework a lot of the meta, accompanied by the Wakanda expansion that will introduce Black Panther.
    So yeah, even if I end up being disappointed by the endgame, I think I've got my money's worth. I can totally understand people who bought it at full price at launch not being satisfied though.

  • @el-shmiablo I appreciate the shoutout so thanks. As for most surprising game I have to say Huntdown blew me and my friend away last year and were dumbfounded by how little notoriety it received. Gotta thank Don for letting us in on that absolute gem.

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 is my most surprising game of 2020.

    Yes, it's a remake of two all-time great games, but after Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD and THPS 5, I had zero confidence that Activision could make another great game in this series.

    That's why playing through all of THPS 1+2 was such a pleasant surprise. Not only did Vicarious Visions do a masterful job of recreating the look and feel of those first two games, but they also improved upon basically everything about them. This is the best sports game I've played in a long time and also one of the most fun games I've ever played.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Desperados III
    Streets of Rage 4
    Microsoft Flight Simulator
    A Plague Tale: Innocence
    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    What Remains of Edith Finch

  • I sold a bunch of my old games at EB Games in 2007 (like an idiot) so I could afford PS3 games. I bought Uncharted and Warhawk with no knowledge of either.

    I absolutely loved both but Warhawk blew me away. I was kinda into Battlefield Modern Combat on PS2 prior to this, but Warhawk was like Conquest mode on steroids. I had no expectations and in some ways it ruined other multiplayer games for me because it was so good an scratched this itch that no other game was offering.


    One of my first PS4 games was Broforce and my roommate and I played through the whole game split screen. That game has no business being as great as it is, but between the physics based level destruction, the RNG, and the story progression that hilariously introduces new parody characters and bosses, I was pretty surprised.

    I still think its a Top 10 games of the generation tbh.

  • @shoulderguy said in Most Surprising Games:

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Kingdom Come Deliverance is the type of game that is a miracle it exists and works as well as it does.

    Imagine them pitching this game: It's like The Elder Scrolls, but it has no high fantasy elements and is a historically accurate medieval simulation. You can die from blunt force trauma as well has eating rotten food. You play as an amateur blacksmith with absolutely no life skills other than that.

    It's weird cause it's not so much of a sim that it caters to the hardcore sim crowd, but it's not so fantastical that it caters to the Skyrim crowd either. It's just this sweet spot right down the middle and it works so well.

  • I shouldn't have surprised me because of the rave reviews but ori & the blind forest was a revelation. That game single handely made me fall back in love with 2D games & Metroidvanias. The sequel a masterpiece.

  • Hollow Knight. I went for it with the expectation of being a game I would like but not more than that and it ended up being one of my favourite games ever.

    Outer Wilds. I saw Danny O'Dwyer saying to check it out, I noticed it was in Games Pass so I decided to give it a try. I knew absolutely nothing about the game. When the first loop happened I was confused, even thought that the game was broken, but when the second happen I started to realise what was happening and from there it was just the most incredible sense of discovery and unguided exploration and an achievement of game design. I wish I could erase that game from my mind and play it for the first time again.

  • There's actually two big surprises for me from last year: Ghost of Tsushima and The Pathless. If you told pre-2020 me that Tsushima would be not only my favorite open world game ever, but also my favorite game from last year, I would call you a crazy dumbo. As for The Pathless, I did not expect it to make me feel like I'm playing a game directed by Fumito Ueda, and the game just resonated on a much deeper level for me than I would have ever expected.

    Speaking of Fumito Ueda, I already mentioned in this forum before that I recently played Ico for the first time, and considering my expectations from what people said about the game, I certainly didn't expect that it would immediately become one of my favorite games ever.