Would you give up all remakes and remasters for more new games?

  • For those that don't want to make the hypothetical trade, does that mean you would accept the reverse trade? Meaning: Would you retroactively remove from existence a number of new games that you've played, and for each one that is removed you gain a remake or remaster that would not have existed otherwise? I think if you answer 'yes', but where you are only willing to give up mediocre and so-so new games, it would say something about the value of remakes in a different way.

  • @chocobop

    I can safely say that I would give up every PS4 exclusive except for maybe Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, and Yakuza 0 in order to get a remaster or remake of my PS2/PS3/PS1 library of favourites.

    It's not even a hard question for me. I'll trade Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro for Smackdown vs Raw and Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain playable on PS5.

    I'll trade Spider-Man, Lost Legacy, The Last Guardian, AND God of War for SOCOM II Remastered on PS5. Hell I'd trade those for Sony to just flip the switch so I can play online on PS2 again.

  • I would agree to delete every game that I don't love for the older games' remakes that I love so dearly.

  • @chocobop said in Would you give up all remakes and remasters for more new games?:

    For those that don't want to make the hypothetical trade, does that mean you would accept the reverse trade?

    I might accept individual trades, but generally I would say no. I love looking back every once in a while, but I would not let myself stumble on something and fall down to do so, y'know. Also, I don't really want to give up only mediocre new games, because like I said before I can take away many things from a game even if I don't really care for it.

  • As long as the new games don't have to be new IP, then yes. There's lots of games I'm waiting to come back, and very few of them do I want in a Remaster / Remake format. Just give me a new entry.

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    I would trade every game in the Games as a Service/Live Service "genre" for full HD remakes of Treasure's entire back catalog.

  • On the note of remakes and remasters; I wish sports games got remastered too. Don't touch it up too much cause I want that PS2 medium-low poly model of Allen Iverson, but I'm so over NBA2K, Madden, and NHL. I'd love to just freshen up NHL 2001 with the stacked Colorado Avalanche, or NBA Live 2004 with Kobe, Shaq, AI, Tim Duncan, etc in their prime.

    The gameplay was actually better in many ways back then. The pace of those early NBA games were so fast and fun. I'll trade the entire NBA2K series from 2013-present to get a remaster of NBA Live 2004 or 2005.

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    @dipset You don't want to know what I'd do for a proper NFL Blitz remake.

  • @el-shmiablo

    If I recall correctly, EA purchased the Blitz IP then made a shitty PSN version of NFL Blitz that completely misses the point. I don't think NFL would allow it in this post-CTE world.

    I would die for a spiritual successor with legally different enough "NFL" franchises and a lot of that RPG stuff from Blitz The League where I can choose to give a player steroid injections in his knee or not lmao.


    Hot off the presses but my partner's workplace is getting rid of some old CRT's in June so I might FINALLY be able to get a CRT so I can play my old games (NFL Blitz being one of them). I can't wait. Might not want all of these remasters if I can just play them as god intended on the CRT.

  • @el-shmiablo Ding, ding! This thread over! I'd trade in for that or, nearly every Western-lootbox-live-service garbage for more quality AA and smaller/indie games. Those games get physical versions too, unless they have them already.