Best Academy Award Best Picture Winners/Nominees

  • What are your favourite Academy Award winners and nominees for Best Picture? Some of my favourites are The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Parasite, 1917, Joker and Mad Max: Fury Road.

  • Released almost 20 years before I was actually born, I have to weigh in on the great debate between Rocky and The Network. Rocky is one of my favourite films if not my favourite so obviously my nod goes to the choice the Academy made with Rocky's victory.

    In discussions over the years, lots of people say how The Network was robbed and I just have to disagree. I think The Network has a great script and is well executed in pretty much every single way, but you can say the same about Rocky too.

    Rocky throws out most traditional script conventions and spends 50% of the movie just endearing you to Rocky Balboa instead of putting forward any significant conflict. It just works so perfectly and I wish more movies took risks like that.

    I think it was rightfully awarded for taking massive risks with it's budget, story, and filmmaking techniques. Imagine a world where Rocky didn't exist? So many films were influenced by it's characters, the unconventional fight choreography, and the unusual storytelling.

    Not to many films take massive leaps like Rocky did, let alone indie films. I love this special feature that you get on the BD/DVD box set of the series:

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